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Hiked this trail as a kid with my family and now as an adult it is still a favorite. Such a great combination of tree cover and open space with a couple little water crossings. You can make it more difficult by picking up your pace but it’s great for all levels.

Challenging (moderate/difficult) to Surprise Lake and a more moderate second half to Upper Cataract Lake. We left the TH at 6:30am, arrived at Upper Cataract shortly after 9:00am. We fished with small spinners and spoons and caught four brook trout. Great hike, we will be back to camp at Surprise Lake!

Nice easy hike around the lower lake. Tried fishing, but didnt even see a fish. Very busy trail. Perfect for families.

3 days ago

Always a family favorite. Great for little ones. Saw a big bull moose about 20 feet from us. Amazing!

It says easy, but it was a little tougher than easy. The beginning heads straight up, makes you wonder early, stick to it and keep going. Nice view of Dillon Lake near the beginning. pretty Ricky in places and tree roots along the way make it more difficult. If you are a novice pretty tiring. The lake is very pretty with nice mountain views. The trek back in was easier.

Not "EASY" unless you're acclimated! Still very beautiful, but I feel this is mislabelled in the AllTrails

The views down by the lakes were incredible. The beginning of the hike is not as scenic, but was worth the wait.

8 days ago

Decent trail. Hiked it again after previously hiking it about 6 years ago. Lots of dead trees around the trail which had hardened the beauty of the trail, but still a decent hike.

10 days ago

Many of the views are very beautiful. However, with all of the pine beetle kill, there are hundreds of downed trees that cover portions of the trail, particularly between the trails near the Cataract lakes in the north down to Boulder Lake. There is evidence that the Forest Service has tried to clear the trails by chainsawing out the dead pines that have fallen onto the trail(s), but they can't keep up with the blowdown.

There is plenty of water, and you never walk more than 2 or 3 miles between decent water sources.

Took the Rock Creek Trail for about 1.2 miles before a fellow hiker told us we were taking the much longer route with lots of bush whacking. Decided to turn around and take the Gore Trail instead. This trail was about 6 miles round trip from the trailhead to the lake. The trail itself wasn’t exceptionally interesting but the lake is well worth the trek. Beautiful views!

Sweet, simple, and to the point.

Fantastic hike and very doable for kids. We had ages 3-13 with us and all had a great time. I do think it’s important people know this isn’t an easy, flat walk through the woods- it does have some pretty good hills throughout.
We are also up from the front range and are acclimated to the elevation. If you are visiting from somewhere lower this could be a bit tougher for you, although if you’re in pretty good shape I still think very doable

14 days ago

We are 60 and in good shape. We thought the difficulty level was easy to moderate. We were not 100% acclimatized, being flatlanders and been here 3 days. Rocky trail. Great view of Dillon Lake near start. Then forest. There is a lily covered pond at the end. That is not the lake. About 100 feet north of the pond is the lake, but if you don’t walk there you may miss it. I think some people actually missed the lake because they thought the lily covered pond was the lake.

14 days ago

Great hike. Due to slight inclines, rocks and roots in the trail I'd rate this more moderate than easy. However it was a very enjoyable hike and the lily pond and lake at the end were beautiful. A nice place to rest before heading back.

We took our three kids (ages 6, 6 and 5) and really loved it. A bit rocky and definitely some incline but worth it. We saw elk, grouse, chipmunks and ducks! The reflection on the lake was beautiful too!

16 days ago

If you enjoy hiking in the forests of Appalachia, you will feel at home on this hike! It does not get above treeline so don't be disappointed when there are no sweeping views at the end. Many dead and downed trees that were somewhat depressing, lack of other hikers, and lots of creepy forest sounds made this hike feel like the old abandoned amusement park of hikes. The lake is pretty but filled with grass and lily pads, and there is a nice view of mountains when you get off the trail and stand by the lake. There is also an epic picture spot on a log bridge that crosses the stream (near the beginning) and has a postcard worthy vista behind it. We ventured beyond the lake for a bit but there was not much to see. One thing about this hike that was troubling is that never once did we see a sign that mentioned Kettle Pond; the AllTrails app showed we were on the correct trail but all signs said Gore Range. Check out this hike if you like to be in the woods and breathe in that rich forest air!

16 days ago

What an amazing trail. We followed a river the whole time... my dog had a blast. No bikers, very few people - the falls at the top: beautiful

Our 4 yr old did fabulous! Beautiful hike for the family or an individual.

For a fat flatlander this was a little north of easy, lol! The trails are rocky and rooty in spots but not too difficult to traverse. There are a few log stream crossings and another larger lake after the lily pad pond that we didn't expect, very picturesque. Note it's a bit buggy so wear good bug spray and there's a few brazen, obviously well fed chipmunks that will go after your pack for food.

17 days ago

very nice trail. A bit rocky at times but very manageable.

Beautiful trail and saw a Moose and her baby! A few steep climbs and a few spots were pretty rocky. However there was beautiful streams/cricks along the way and the Lily pad pond was so neat and across he way was a beautiful lake. The lily pad pond is where we saw the Moose! Easy trail, especially coming back down, a few tough inclines on the way up. Very fun and beautiful!

18 days ago

Beautiful hike and a great one for families and dogs too!

Just awful.
1. TH starts in residential area
2. No views until 5 miles in..
3. Until you’re 5 miles in, you’re walking over debris and dead trees..
4. Steady incline with no promise of a view at the top took the fun out of it

18 days ago

Spent 5 days at Upper Cataract lake. As others have said, the hike is not exactly easy but if I can do it it's not impossible (I was clocking a 40-50 minute mile). The lake is spectacular. Especially the side that has the shear cliffs. That side also has incredible fishing. Caught many brookies, browns, and hybrids.

Mirror lake, in my opinion, is okay but not nearly as nice as Upper Cataract. If you hike to Mirror lake be sure to cross the stream that runs out of Mirror lake even though you probably won't see the trail on the other side. Don't be tempted by the trail to your left unless you really, really like making your way over a very large boulder field. Don't ask me how I know.

18 days ago

This hike is considered easy but I would say in between easy and moderate. The hike starts by walking an incline (looks like a driveway) but it’s short and the hardest part of the trail. It was good trail that is shaded most of it. And has she some handmade bridges and rocky areas. At the end is 2 ponds. First one was small with tons of lily pads and just a few yards open little larger pond to sit around for a rest. We got on the trail around 830am which was quiet and found parking. There is a small parking lot on the roads about 15 spots. People had parked on the road but there were signs saying they would tow if you parked there. Took us about 2 hours but we were leisurely walking.

Gorgeous views at the lake. Hike was tough for our 7 year old. Well worth the work to get to the lake. Not busy at all on a very nice sunday morning

Was hiking with the family and we spotted a moose! Easy hike, a few rather steep hills.

This 2.3 mile loop trail around the lake is an easy trail (only 230 feet elevation gain) that offers a view of a waterfall cascading from perhaps 200-300 feet above. The sound of the waterfall accompanied us on most of the hike. The start of the hike (8:40am) was the most exciting....we were met early-on by a skinny fox who had just caught a chipmunk. I would have expected the fox to run away quickly, but he was much more intent upon securing the chipmunk in his mouth before making his exit. We also enjoyed seeing a huge beaver dam, but...no beavers. We completed the hike in about 1-1/2 hours, stopping to talk to a few couples along the way.

this was a nice, easy morning trail - heavily trafficked with folks/dogs; as someone who took their dog with them it was great for them too

This was a great family hike! The trail was a little long for our 4-year old at times, but had lots of beautiful things to see along the way (bridges, flowers, streams, etc.) that kept our 7-year old interested. The payoff at the end was well worth the work to get there! There are lots of chipmunks near the lake also. We'll definitely do it again.

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