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Nice hike with great views of Dillon. Great hike to get yourself acclimated when coming from somewhere like Texas. Easy enough hike, but it does intersect with a few others so make sure you know which trail you’re on.

1 day ago

Trailhead is very easy to find. Not a difficult trail by any means, but very nice and wooded. Went on an overcast afternoon and didn’t see too many people. The lake was so full of lily pads and flowers since we went in July. It was beautiful! Even some ducks at the larger lake. The chipmunks at the lake come right up to you and follow you around expecting food. Even though they’re cute, please don’t feed wildlife!

Good acclimation hike. Some spots worth stopping to take pics as you can see more mountains and aren’t completely surrounded by trees. Some cool stream spots too. Easy to find the trailhead and parking. I’ve hiked this a few times and it’s generally got a fair amount of people on the trail at all times.

Nice trail and is easy to follow. It was a great 2 hour hike with breaks. The trail is quite narrow for most of the hike, so it may not be good for young children. There were hardly any other hikers so it was nice to have the trail pretty much to ourselves.

4 days ago

Great family hike. Nice easy terrain with only a little change in elevation. My kids made it without much issue, ages 4, 7, and 9, although 4 yo ride in on my back much of the way. Nice pond and lake at the end to reward your efforts. Lots of beautiful wild flowers still in bloom on July 12, and lily pads were still in bloom. Lots of other people along the trail (families w young kids, elderly, dogs on leashes, trail runners), so if you want seclusion, this isn’t your hike. Totally recommend it for a nice leisurely hike, especially with younger kids.

Spectacular views, tons of variety in the landscape (valleys, mountain surround, waterfall, wildflowers, pine and aspen forests) and worth every bit of a trip to Colorado. My family including 3 kids ages 11, 9 and a very strong 5 year old made it around in about 3.5 hours with lunch, snack and several rest stops. There’s a lot of sun and some bugs, but neither were too bad.

There was a slightly tricky part for our 5 year old while climbing (2/3 of the way, we went left along the creek at the beginning) where there were lots of stones and roots to step over along a high, narrow ridge. If kids are young, timid or too rowdy, it would still be a worthwhile hike to turn back shortly after the waterfall.

Great easy trail with nice water features close to silverthorne. There are still spring flowers on trail. Suggest walking past Lilly pad pond a little. There’s a great vista of Frisco and Lake Dillon.

Beautiful hike around the lake. Bring bug spray!!

This hike is beautiful and fairly easy. I would suggest bug spray, the mosquitos are ridiculously abundant and hungry.

10 days ago

Beautiful trail and scenery and pretty lake at the end! Be sure to bring bug spray, though! Lots and lots of mosquitos along the way!

11 days ago

Beautiful views!
The trail wasn’t well maintained but it was easy to keep track of where you were going. We got an early start and only saw a couple of people on the trail. Take bug spray. We were eaten alive by mosquitos.

12 days ago

Pretty awesome. Met a Moose and her little calf about 15 feet in front of us on the path today. We were both calm and they just moved on to graze. Trail was very clean. Trail had lots of trip hazards and a lot of opportunity for improvement. There were way too many dogs, many hikers had multiple big dogs and a number of them ignored the lease law.

13 days ago

Great aclimation hike. If you get a chance have someone drop off at trailhead and hike to Lily Pad lake and then instead of returning continue all the way down to Frisco at Meadow Creak Trailhead. After Lilly Lake the crowds disappear and the downhile hike is filled with meadows, aspen groves and Meadow Creek stream with great views. Only downside are the crowds on the way to Lily Pad Lake and at the lake as well as I-70 noise at the endpoint of Meadow Creek Trailhead.

great trail. beautiful views with amazing wild flowers; there was a section of a field full of Columbine flowers.

Great trail, not tough at all and a great distance. Gorgeous views of the lake and lots of wildflowers... they were beautiful! In the wooded area there were a lot of mosquitos so beware of that. Great trail and I would highly recommend it!

Excellent for beginners and kids. There was a pretty steep incline in the beginning (Meadow Creek Trailhead) but it mellowed out. There are two beautiful lakes at the top.

18 days ago

6/28/18. This trail was perfect to hike while adjusting to the altitude (visiting for the week from NJ). We tend to hike moderate trails in NJ, but decided not to press our luck our maiden voyage in Colorado. This trail provides a little bit of everything. Wild flowers, boulders from an avalanche, lakes, lily pads, elevation, bridges and rocky paths. The lakes are beautiful. Quite a few very well behaved dogs were fun to watch swimming/retrieving in the lake.

Beautiful day in Dillon for an easy-ish hike (I'm a fat flatlander) with great views of the reservoir and surrounding areas. Was surprised that you could see both Breck and Keystone runs in the distance from the bench near the end of the trail. Parking is tight but we did ok in our truck.

Beautiful hike! The flowers are in bloom and gorgeous!

20 days ago

Best part is the constant view of Lake Dillon and all the Summit County peaks. A lot of deadwood and powerlines at the end. Uneventful ending and not truly the top. We came from the parking lot where Oro Grande also starts. We were three of the five pedestrians and the remainder of the folks we saw—about 4– were mountain bikers. Since we started at 5 PM I appreciated being on the western side to get sun all the way up and back again.

on Lily Pad Lake Trail

20 days ago

Lovely hike with the kids. Gentle grades, so it’s great for any level. Two beautiful lakes at the end. One couple saw a moose and baby but we just missed it. We saw a beautiful deer bounding through the trail. We will do this one again one day!

Good hike to mountain lake and nearby Lilypad lake. Great viewpoint about 1 hr up trail looking at Lake Dillon and towards Keystone
Caution advised near trailhead as many dog owners think it acceptable to leave their plastic bags filled with dog poop next to the trail map/information kiosk for others to pack out. Watch your step.

Beautiful views of Silverthorne and the Gore Range. Steep parts alternate with more gentle sections of the trail. In mid June, the wildflowers were beautiful.

Gorgeous, baby ducks at the pond. Lily pads in bloom. Overall easy trail, did it with my 4 yo son.

Definitely 5 stars if you come at the lily pad blooming season. Otherwise the lake is a little boring. The tail itself is good.

27 days ago

6/18 this trail was just re-open, post fire in the area. Super gorgeous, and thankfully, not burnt. Remember, it's fire season, NO cigarettes, or any sort of sparks or fire in the natural world now.

29 days ago

Hiked on 5/26. Only muddy in a few spots. Not the best time of year for the lily pads but we did see a moose! That was the highlight of the hike. So cool.

There are way better trails in the area. It follows the road so not the best hiking trail.

Beautiful trail. Not a hard walk. Hike through pine trees until you reach wit Lily Pond lake. Super pretty view of two lakes.

The narrow trail has some rocky parts and small incline. Good for all ages. So worth the drive - longer than the walk.
The lake has folks fishing out in a kayak and from the shore. The surrounding beauty and serenity are Colorado.

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