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22 hours ago

This was a fun and beautiful trail! We hiked 3.5 miles before we decided to turn around. We were hiking with our kids, 4 and 7 and they loved all the streams! It would be fun to do the full hike some day and see the lakes.

Nice hike with great views of Dillon. Great hike to get yourself acclimated when coming from somewhere like Texas. Easy enough hike, but it does intersect with a few others so make sure you know which trail you’re on.

2 days ago

Trailhead is very easy to find. Not a difficult trail by any means, but very nice and wooded. Went on an overcast afternoon and didn’t see too many people. The lake was so full of lily pads and flowers since we went in July. It was beautiful! Even some ducks at the larger lake. The chipmunks at the lake come right up to you and follow you around expecting food. Even though they’re cute, please don’t feed wildlife!

Good acclimation hike. Some spots worth stopping to take pics as you can see more mountains and aren’t completely surrounded by trees. Some cool stream spots too. Easy to find the trailhead and parking. I’ve hiked this a few times and it’s generally got a fair amount of people on the trail at all times.

There are 3 ways to get to th falls, and this is the lowest mileage but ALOT of elevation changes due to abrupt downhill rocky trail near the beginning... not too fun walking up at end of hike.
Took us 3 1/2 hours total. which included about half hour at the falls.
Beautiful and worth it!

Nice trail and is easy to follow. It was a great 2 hour hike with breaks. The trail is quite narrow for most of the hike, so it may not be good for young children. There were hardly any other hikers so it was nice to have the trail pretty much to ourselves.

4 days ago

Worth the rocky first .5 mile by a long shot

Second half is completely burnt out don't hike this until its restored

5 days ago

Great family hike. Nice easy terrain with only a little change in elevation. My kids made it without much issue, ages 4, 7, and 9, although 4 yo ride in on my back much of the way. Nice pond and lake at the end to reward your efforts. Lots of beautiful wild flowers still in bloom on July 12, and lily pads were still in bloom. Lots of other people along the trail (families w young kids, elderly, dogs on leashes, trail runners), so if you want seclusion, this isn’t your hike. Totally recommend it for a nice leisurely hike, especially with younger kids.

Spectacular views, tons of variety in the landscape (valleys, mountain surround, waterfall, wildflowers, pine and aspen forests) and worth every bit of a trip to Colorado. My family including 3 kids ages 11, 9 and a very strong 5 year old made it around in about 3.5 hours with lunch, snack and several rest stops. There’s a lot of sun and some bugs, but neither were too bad.

There was a slightly tricky part for our 5 year old while climbing (2/3 of the way, we went left along the creek at the beginning) where there were lots of stones and roots to step over along a high, narrow ridge. If kids are young, timid or too rowdy, it would still be a worthwhile hike to turn back shortly after the waterfall.

Great easy trail with nice water features close to silverthorne. There are still spring flowers on trail. Suggest walking past Lilly pad pond a little. There’s a great vista of Frisco and Lake Dillon.

Great hike basically right out of Silverthorne. This was early June, and we hit some snow about halfway up to the boulder field and ended up post-holing for a bit; we had skis on our back though (headed up to ski Silver Couloir) so didn't phase us. Beautiful views up top and a few mountain goats curiously greeted us near the top of the couloir. If you aren't used to boulder fields this hike can be difficult, though I wouldn't say it's especially so when compared to other similar trails. You also get a bit of a respite from the larger rocks and it mellows a bit once "cresting" the main steep section of the east face of the mountain. Ski down was terrific!

I’m not sure how these mountains are rated by difficulty, but I’d definitely consider it moderate. If you continue over the saddle to the other side, it gets a little more technical in terms of scrambling. Overall, really nice and calm hike. We started at 6am and had the entire mountain to ourselves until around 9:30. Still not a ton of people for such a prominent mountain in Summit County. Was expecting more hikers for sure. You get to walk through the eerie burn area, and can get a bird’s eye view of it from higher up. It’s insane how much burned and how quickly it was put out!

very good HIKE for those fit and ready to scramble at the top. 9.4 total miles. 5 hours total hiking time.

8 days ago

Amazing views will deff be back!!

The trail starts out really nice by a creek, but then heads out into a really flat, dry stretch for almost 2 miles. The waterfall was beautiful though, and worth the hike.

7/8/18. One of my new faves. I should say - this hike is mostly uphill for the first 2.5-3 miles. We are from Boulder and in good shape and we nearly turned around but were so glad we didn’t! After all the uphill, you are treated to amazing open meadows filled with flowers and unbeatable, close-up views of the Rockies. The wildflowers were to die for right now. We hiked a little over 5 miles up to a big meadow/clearing(Eccles pass?) and then turned around. You could definitely keep going if you wanted. We were exhausted at the end but so glad we found this special place. I should also mention we got there around 10:15 on a Sunday morning and there were plenty of cars but we had no problem finding parking. Completed the hike in about 5 hours and that’s with a stop for lunch,snack, and lots of picture taking. Enjoy!

Beautiful hike around the lake. Bring bug spray!!

Beautiful hike among aspen forest (note to come back in fall). Quite a bit of beetle kill unfortunately as well. The mine itself is underwhelming but the views of meadows and mountain peaks is well worth it. A few small creek crossings as well which our pup took advantage of to get a drink.
(Likely a 4-Star rating in fall)

It rained to start out, we got lost multiple times and didnt make it to the waterfall... Still had a really great time on this trail!! Smooth and not too challenging in terms of elevation. Would definitely do again, especially on a trail run.

This hike is beautiful and fairly easy. I would suggest bug spray, the mosquitos are ridiculously abundant and hungry.

Tough but beautiful hike almost every step of the way. Steady steep incline but the views are spectacular. Creek was dry on July 4th so bring plenty of water!

11 days ago

Beautiful trail and scenery and pretty lake at the end! Be sure to bring bug spray, though! Lots and lots of mosquitos along the way!

Definitely worth hiking all the way to the falls

12 days ago

Beautiful views!
The trail wasn’t well maintained but it was easy to keep track of where you were going. We got an early start and only saw a couple of people on the trail. Take bug spray. We were eaten alive by mosquitos.

12 days ago

HARD. One of these says "moderate." Straight up the whole time. Very pretty. Bring poles and bug spray.
Enjoyed it but won't be a regular hike. I hike a lot up here. Took us 3:20 to the top (20 min feeding and caring for dogs which, is a gamble to bring but we were prepared to turn around, if needed). 1:30 min to get back. Mountain goats and killer views.

Lots and lots of downed trees on the trail, but the forest service was there on our hike out clearing. From the Rock Creek trailhead up to Willow Lakes, it's lots of up (nearly continuous), but it's a rewarding trail with very little to complain about.

12 days ago

Pretty awesome. Met a Moose and her little calf about 15 feet in front of us on the path today. We were both calm and they just moved on to graze. Trail was very clean. Trail had lots of trip hazards and a lot of opportunity for improvement. There were way too many dogs, many hikers had multiple big dogs and a number of them ignored the lease law.

The beginning is a nice "warm-up" through the burn area and then alpine trees for about a mile. Start early and finish your coffee while you can catch your breath. It gets increasingly steeper and challenging up to the boulder field. From there the hike is challenging. Try to follow the cairns as this makes the path more defined. Thanks for all those that help to keep these visible. After a tough stretch of boulder hopping there is a false peak and then one of my favorite stretches. A short hike on trail through short pines is a real relief. I was joined by one of the friendly mountain goats at this point who paced me up from there. The incline remains steep to the summit. The views at the top are well worth the pain in your legs. For an extra adventure, scramble over the narrow ledge to the true summit marked with a large rock cairn. Very few hikers seem to do this. The view is basically the same but you will have the place to yourself and the satisfaction of crossing the entire top of Buffalo mountain. From here I hiked all the way down to Frisco to the Highside Brewery on Main Street (via Lily Pad Lake trail #50...great easy hike down). My phone died and I had no choice but the beers were good and they recharged my phone so I could call for a ride!

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