Looking for a great trail near Silver Plume, Colorado? AllTrails has 13 great hiking trails, trail running trails, views trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Eldorado Canyon State Park or Golden Gate Canyon State Park, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area. Ready for some activity? There are 8 moderate trails in Silver Plume ranging from 2.1 to 6.8 miles and from 9,156 to 13,832 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!



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Silver Plume, Colorado Map
cross country skiing
17 days ago

For a cross country / nordic ski trail, this is hard to beat.
First, it is fairly close to Denver, so even in heavy winter I-70 traffic the driving time is not too bad. Second, the first 3 miles up you can hear I-70 noise, but if you take a right where the chimney is, that is a lovely trail that leads to Leavenworth Creek Rd in about 1 mile which you can take for longer. The traffic noise stops as soon as your bear right at the chimney.
Third, it is not a very difficult trail with skis. It is way better with skis than walking. (For an easier ski trail in the area, the Bakerville Loveland trail is quite easy.)
Fourth, the snow retention here is decent. Driving up, there was no snow until right before it, and I was expecting to have to drive by to higher elevation, but suddenly the snow volume increases right after Georgetown. I was glad I stopped here because there was enough

Great easy winter hike 12/16/18. I put microspikes on at the ice slick right before the first building, and they were nice to have for the trails above although you could survive without them. The shady areas were packed snow and the sunny areas were dry. Beautiful views, interesting history via the QR code stations as you catch your breath on the way up, and tons of mining ruins and equipment strewn about. There is a great coffee shop in town to grab a warm drink or refreshing kombucha before or after your hike. Had AT&T signal and you can see and hear I70 most of the time.

I'd put this on easier side of moderate, parking is kind of sketch

To add to the driving instructions: heading west on I-70: take exit 216 for Loveland and prior to the end of the exit, you will see a dirt road on the north side of the exit. Take that and it will run you back east to the gate where you will park. From there, the trail is well marked to turn off into the woods to the crash site.

The trail through the woods had packs of snow so wear shoes/tracks accordingly.

4 months ago

Good route. It follows the Bard Trail for almost 3 miles to where it crosses the south ridge of Mt Parnassus. You then turn left (north) and head up the ridge to the summit of Parnassus. The descent follows the Watrous Gulch route for Parnassus.

Very steep path off the road and up to site of plane wreck. About 150 yards up the side of the mountain and very difficult. Not maintained at all.

5 months ago

So. Much. Road. Noise. Aside from that it was a pretty hike with interesting mining landmarks, low foot traffic, easy to find and a few good views

DO NOT DO THIS HIKE! The directions to the 13er are not clear at all. We thought it would be obvious or there would be a sign. But you’re apparently supposed to know which mountain it is and scramble off trail. That is very unsafe! We realized we passed it up but thought we could do a full circle and got terribly lost. We ended up hiking all the way to Georgetown (18 mile trip total) and calling a taxi to get to our car. What a cluster. I’ve never had a hiking experience like this but the directions are NOT clear on this app nor was it in my book. I would recommend hiking until your pedometer hits 3.5 miles then turn back.

went this morning and arrived in the parking lot of the URAD valley mining area at about 9:30. Had no clue what was a trail so I had just hiked up behind the gate that said you could hike, but also said danger avalanche area. I went solo and it took me about an hour to 1.5 to reach the base of Mt. Parnassus. I had hiked straight up the side and reached the top at about 11. not a soul was on the small 4x4 road I walked up nor in the parking lot. descended but lost the road I was on and ended up steeply hiking down a gulley trying to follow the creek until I found it again after about 1.5 miles of alpining down. got down in 30 mins. either way this is recommended.

5 months ago

Great trail! Aspens about half turned. Got there yesterday at 6:30 AM and trail head was basically empty. Does get a bit strenuous around mile 1.5. You stop hearing I-70 around then as well. The trail splits about mile 2. I took the trail to the left which takes you up a pretty steep incline, which is definitely off the AllTrails map, but it was worth it because you get an amazing view of Torrey’s Peak. Wandered east to get back on the trail and headed to the end of the trail where there is an amazing view. If you stick to the right when the trail splits around mile 2 you’ll follow it based on this map.

5 months ago

You will not get away from I70 noise and that is not why you do this hike. You do this this hike for the history! Park outside the coffee shop and walk up Silver street to the trail. You will not regret it, this hike is cool.

Make sure you get the QR Code Reader or preload the site stories from the web (https://www.co.clear-creek.co.us/index.aspx?nid=846) to learn even more.

Don’t be afraid to go off trail to explore the cool old mining stuff and make sure you go all the way to the 7:30 mine, don’t just stop at the memorial (it’s not much further)!

on Griffin Memorial

5 months ago

Been wanting to do this trail for a while. we hiked up to Site 8, the Griffin Memorial. We should have gone up to the 730 Mine, which is Site 9 on this trail, but we were tired and had to catch the Georgetown Loop train. This will now be one of my all time favorite hikes. I will have to do it again. Thanks to whomever maintains this trail. I think it might be Clear Creek County. My Endomondo tracker counted the mileage to the Memorial as 2.52, rather than half the 3.7 or 1.85 listed here. We knew the elevation at the Memorial was about 10,400, so we just kept heading up until we got to that elevation and there it was, Site 8, Griffin Memorial. The monument looks like a stiff wind could blow it off. Google the history on Clifford Griffin. Very interesting. From elevation in Silver Plume where we parked in front of the coffee shop at 9,160 to the Memorial at 10,416, I calculate an elevation gain of 1,356'. This trail has everything, mines, cables, a tree marked as a "bearing tree"...something I've never encountered in all my years of hiking. Also beautiful aspens, an abundance of
Bristlecone pines, a mine entrance not yet covered with fencing, several grates to let air into the mine. Great trail!

You have to get off at the Loveland ski resort exit. Take the dirt road that runs back east, parallel to I-70. Park at the gate.

5 months ago

Got to the lot around 8:00 AM on a Sunday. Most of the primary parking was taken but there were still about 30 parallel spots available in the back of the lot.

The trail is great workout without having to kill yourself. Traffic was light - I passed two group of people on the way up and several on the way down.

Overall a beautiful and challenging hike that would be great for a range of skill sets.

I did this trail anti-clockwise and I think if you are planning to hit the Kelso ridgeline this is the only way to do it.

I found the Kelso ridgeline fairly challenging, but definitely the most rewarding part of the hike. Pretty straight forward for the most part, there is a small wall about half way up, and a knife edge towards the top before you summit Torreys. Definitely a class 3 scramble.

The rest was pretty easy and great views from both peaks.

no trail access from I70, directions won't get you there

6 months ago

Although you never lose the sound of I-70, traffic noise is faint and you do get to hear the Georgetown train, which is nice. This a is a nice little trail! It will be spectacular in a few weeks when the aspens turn as most of it is lined by aspens. I saw some golden leaves today, so it's not far off! This would be a good hike for active kids (maybe along with a train ride and/or a visit to one of the mines) since there are QR codes posted so hikers can learn about the mining history.

As other posters commented, this trail is called the 7:30 mine trail to the Griffin Memorial.

Very well trafficked trail. All uphill and the steepness starts around 5m. I did the route clockwise and made it to Grays peak moments before the clouds socked in the peak(just after 9am). As I continued to Torreys the clouds got thicker and sight went no further than 40-50 ft out. The trail up to Torreys rides the edge of the ridge to the peak. Once I was at Torreys peak the ridge that lead to Kelso was narrow and had extremely steep drop offs to both sides. With the lack of sight it made me a bit nervous so I took the shortcut back just below Grays and continued down the route I came up. It wasn't super crowded but there were a fair amount of groups out to conquer a 14er.

Great hike. if I was to do it again, I'd follow the trail to Herman Lake, then cross the river and start the real climb. It got pretty cold and windy up the top so take plenty of warm gear with you.

Stunning views!

6 months ago

Great hike with lots of Colorado history. I love exploring old historic ruins and there are a few worth checking out both on and off the designated trail. I mistakenly took the trail to the far left of town and there were a few mining ruins before I found the real trail which is actually called the 7:30 mine trail. Well marked with interactive signs. Only saw 3 other people the entire hike. If you are into haunted history then going alone to the top of the trail as the sun is setting is a must. The stories say you can hear Griffin’s ghost still is playing his violin or was that the wind? Plenty of murders and rivalries took place up that trail and an avalanche killed 10 Italian migrants who used to live up in the valley. Absolutely fascinating and surreal solo hike. You can stand at the gated mouth of several mine shafts and there are a few caves. Needless to say hiking solo I did not go more than a few steps into the open caves / shafts? Would you? Although not a rural and secluded hike, it gets 5 stars because of what is up that trail.

The views live up to the hype on this one. The last mile to 1.5 miles up is difficult to follow so you’re mainly hiking straight up the mountain. Poles are a must-have. Pretty lightly trafficked early morning, and plenty of parking when I arrived at 730am.

We are a family of four, from Texas, two kids ages 11 and 12. Was a great hike. It was a moderate climb, Our motto is “relentless forward motion”. We were uncertain if we had missed the monument, but kept forging ahead and it’s probably a half mile further than the map shows. The view was definitely worth the time. This took us about three hours in total we estimated it to be 5.5 miles round-trip. Many thanks to the previous reviewer; we appreciate the comments about the lack of parking. We tend to agree drove up and then drive back down I found parking on one of the streets. For those that geocache, look for an extra surprise!

6 months ago

A delightful quick hike. Got off work, bolted up and hit Herman’s Gulch with already 4-5 cars there but they went up the gulch and not the Bard trail. Had it to my lonesome so my body would of taken a few days to find if I became mountain lion dessert. But alas I did not and eventually made it up to Mt Wood. As everyone says the trail is tough to follow, few cairns, but mostly just hiking straight up. Glad I had my poles. Wind sent my pee all over my shoes and ankles but other than that, it was a blast! Took 3 hours round trip (longer than my last tinder date). Next time I will choose the right trail and head up to Mt Parnassus. Like choose your own adventures books but without dying of dysentery or getting stuck in a sewer line while hiding from the jewel thief.

Amazing. So I went left towards wood mountain and traversed the whole gulch and then went up parnassus. Mentally exhausting. Ran out of water and I brought 3L. If you’re gonna do like me and add 3 miles to bag two peaks then
Bring more than that. 3500 elevation gain with 500 flights of stairs according to Fitbit. Clocked in at 10.5 miles! 13ers are so much better than 14ers

6 months ago

Parked in downtown Silver Plume. No room for parking cars at trailhead. Just a few block walk to trailhead though. I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 5 miles round trip. Lots of climbing in the first couple miles. Lots of old mine debris along the way makes for an interesting hike. The view from the memorial is fantastic.

Love Herman Lake trail. Great views and wildflowers. The Citadel is great. Did the Citadel-Hagar Mountain traverse and that was amazing. I think the scramble is better and the views are better. Great day.

Did this route on Saturday July 21. Beautiful. Wildflowers are crazy right now.
Arrived at parking lot at 630am. Maybe 15 cars. As mentioned in other comments, most of the people are going up Herman’s. Summited Parnassus about 2 hrs 45 min later. Went slow and took lots of pics. 1 hr 30 min to get down. I cant add anything else that others haven’t said. I watched some people prematurely go straight up Parnassus where the trail disappears.. Highly recommend staying to the left of the slope, in line with saddle. Inclination is a little less steep. But still steep. Enjoy!

7 months ago

This is the steepest hike I’ve done in a while. Total scramble, not really a trail beyond the valley, but I’d recommend following up one of the tributaries. No lakes for doggies, but still plenty of water in the streams which are frequent enough. Good luck, bring poles for the scramble down.

This hike offers just about everything! except a lake. We hiked Monday - about 6 cars at the parking lot at 7:45 am. Plenty of wilderness, few people.

The wildflowers threw a party, a big one! But the finale is near the end - near and above the treeline.

The first mile of the trail is nothing special and you'll hear I70, but it becomes white noise and eventually disappears. The beauty comes after, including a stream, meadows, trees and mountain views.

We tracked the trail to the saddle at about 3.2 miles one way. At about the 2.1 mile mark (11,400 ft), the trail splits. The more obvious trail is to the left (we didn't see one to the right). We went left. At about 2.5 miles (11,700), the trail peters out. We hiked to the right and picked up a trail and continued on to about 12,300. At that point, the trail ends and you hike to the saddle.

We continued on to Parnassus via the saddle. You can cut over sooner, but it's even steeper and an experienced hiker told us that route is sketchy in a few spots. Your knees will thank you if you use poles coming down.

The summit offers a spectacular view! - Grays, Torreys, Grizzly Peak, Sniktau, Herman Gulch and so much more. With the exception of Grays, you'll see the other 3 peaks on much of the hike.

RT about 8 miles

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