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Drive this last weekend in my stock JK rubicon. Made it 5-6 miles in before the snow became too much for the Jeep. Definitely need to come back once it melts, I only saw people with snowmobiles out there when I went so mid November is too late in the season for my Jeep.

4 days ago

Hiked this trail on 11/10. Like the other two posts mentioned the trail is significantly covered in ice and snow with a decent amount of foot traffic. Be prepared to slide and have a few good wipeouts. The views along the trail are spectacular and I’m looking forward to going back again in the spring, summer and/or fall when the aspen leaves are changing. And yes the 30min drive on the dirt road is pretty rough, but if my Sentra can do it then all other vehicles can also.

Hiked this trail 11/10/18. The 9 mile road, like others mentioned, is pretty rough but it was well worth the hike! There’s plenty of great viewing spots on the way to the lookout station. The only thing I’d note is that it was pretty icy when I went. Many people (myself included) were sliding and took some bad falls. However, if you’re prepared for the icy conditions it’s well worth the drive for the 360 views of mountains.

Some of the best views from any trail in Colorado. Before I got to the trail head I had a bear run across Rampart Range Road in front of me, he was a light brown color. Hiked on 9 Nov 18, started about 0900, temp was 27 degrees at the trail head. Trail is almost totally covered in snow and ice, wear crampons or micro spikes so you don't fall. The stairs to the top are mostly snow/ice covered, best hang on tightly on the way up and down.

So much fun. First trail I took my Raptor on.

nature trips
5 days ago

Great views. Lovely wildflowers. Plenty of spots to stop for rest on the steeper parts. We were at Panorama Point for sunset (driving up) earlier this week and heard a mountain lion snarling!
Keep your dogs on a leash for sure! Also, if you’re going to bag the dog poo, take the bag with you! Leaving the bagged poo defeats the purpose of cleaning up after your pet!

off road driving
6 days ago

Great trail that is in between moderate and difficult. There are a bunch of spots that were made more difficult by the snow that is on the trail once you get higher up and there are a few technical spots. Luckily there are enough turn around spots because I had to turn around half way because a jeep was doing some self recovery on the trail on a snow covered rocky spot and I wasn't going to sit there and wait knowing that those things take time. I have a tacoma with 33" tires and a lift and I didn't have any issues clearing any of the obstacles.

Amazing! I agree to go clockwise like everyone else said. It was a pretty steep incline, but after that it was not bad at all. The views were absolutely stunning.

Good for a local front range trail.. some hard packed snow near panorama.

Beautiful! Relaxing, adventurous!

on Raccoon Trail

7 days ago

Gorgeous trail with a variety of different scenery along the way. Breathtaking landscapes, easy to follow, some decent hills to hike.

Great trail, due to the weather we didn't get to finish it, so it's on the list for next year.

Driven this road once, and especially through the part in Nevada marveled at how many valleys and passes you go through and up and over, so many without a single sign of human civilization. Austin, Nevada is particularly interesting.

off road driving
12 days ago

Great trail, did this in a stock jl sport s with an average of ~3-6 inches of snow. Some parts were definitely a challenge but in dry conditions.

Trail is a good mix of fantastic view points, moderate challenges and fun trail driving weaving through trees.

Wouldn’t recommend full size trucks, may be a bit tough to navigate but not an issue for 4door Jeep sized vehicles.

It had some nice views. We went at the end of October and it was pretty cold so bring jackets. Some snow was off the trail but not on the trail. Not very difficult hike.

off road driving
12 days ago

Easy trail with moderate spots. Some drops over 18 inches. Can be a little slick where there’s snow. No problem at all for our vehicle (jk wrangler with 3 1/2 lift and 35 tires), but maybe smaller tires or less clearance could be a problem in a couple spots. Great views and many spots to pull off or camp. Saw several other vehicles along the way(Saturday in October), so I would consider it moderately trafficked today. I have added this as one of our favorites for an easier trail.

Beautiful hike with lots of lakes and pretty views. Hiked this back in September. Saw mother and baby mountain goats. Not too many people on the trail, but definitely some traffic.

Hiked this 3 weeks ago and needed crampons to make it to the top. There are two ways to make it to the lake. One of them requires a rock scramble; but both are a steep climb. It's beautiful country and worth hiking it in the snow.

off road driving
14 days ago

Quick little pop in this afternoon. Was fresh snow on the ground and some icy areas in other parts. My first trail and review so I was thinking about the braking coming down. No problems in a stock Tundra. Hope to do this one again in the summer.

Absolutely loved this hike!

off road driving
18 days ago

Good trail to test your abilities. Going counterclockwise-first half of loop can be challenging, second half is much easier. Rubicon with 3.5" lift and 35" tires made it no problem. Would consider this trail on the harder side of moderate. Could definitely see stock vehicles having some troubles, but still doable.

Hiked this in spikes on 10.21.18. Great workout and spectacular views from the top. A hidden gem that isn’t heavily trafficked in off season.

off road driving
19 days ago

Taco, 2.5” Lift, 33s

Fairly narrow in spots with a few semi-difficult features, most of which have an alternative route. A stock truck/SUV would be capable enough for the majority of the trail. In terms of narrowness, it’s not narrow enough to pull in the mirrors but it’s narrow enough to add some light scratches. Wouldn’t bring a big truck in there. First 3 miles-ish are pretty slow moving, but it opens up just as you encounter a nice view.

Connects to a network of trails accessed from Apex Rd. Note: there is one small section of the trail that has been blocked off. When you encounter it, use the AllTrails map to take the shortest path around (pretty intuitive).

Not the most challenging or scenic trail, but it’s a good trail with relatively quick access from the front range. I would rate this trail as moderate, considering the alternative routes for most features.

Easy hike with incredible views. dog friendly and not busy. The 9 miles of dirt road are a little rough, but we managed in our Honda Civic.

Over the years I have now driven at one time or another over 85% of this route. The most recent section was last week from Green River to Salina. Last year from Gunnison to Green River. I have also driven much of it in the last 5 years.

Super dope! So many trails and beautiful scenery!

A nice trail, offers something different and easy to reach from the city.

Easy, family friendly...best views I’ve seen yet!

20 days ago

If you’re looking for a peaceful hike through a forest with some stunning views of peaks but don’t want to give up a lazy Saturday, this hike is perfect. Not too far from Denver and a good workout!

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