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Only went in the first mile or so. Steep so very challenging Parking is sketchy. We overnight camped on the first flat area in which was very nice with a great view.

My home lake... a nice gentle walk around the lake... beautiful scenery!!

9 days ago

Wel groomed trail. Dog loved it. Lake very beautiful. Not sure how you get around all of the lake but it was very nice to hike. Rained a bit on us which was also refreshing.

10 days ago

water looks gross!

closed due to logging

off road driving
11 days ago

Not so good with a dirt bike. Narrow rocky trail makes it tough to ride. Great for a hike though. Very nice area

lots of loose rocks since it is ATV trail but nice scenic views.

23 days ago

I have hiked this mountain from two angles and it is my favorite mountain hands down. This particular trail is breathtaking. You will never forget this hike!

Trail is closed, but as we were getting ready to leave a logger gave us permission to use the trail, it has been logged but it’s still a nice hike and the view is certainly worth it. Also it’s a nice breezy 80 degrees up here vs the 105 temps down in Pueblo. I suggest going to bishops castle as well, if you are already in the area.

27 days ago

My review is based on fond and strong memories of hiking this trail four times, the first in 1963 and the last in 1984. So, I cannot comment from firsthand experience on the current condition of the trail. I was very sorry to read that the Forest Service no longer maintains this trail much, if at all. (Technical note: I've learned that the US Geological Survey has added 5 ft to at least some of the elevation numbers in this area. So, I've added 5 to some numbers from my old topo map.)

I usually had to look around a bit to find the continuation of the trail after it last crosses the creek and heads toward the North Peak. The part of the trail between this point (elevation about 8800 ft) and timberline (about 11,600) is unlike any other from the dozens of hikes I've done in Colorado. This stretch involves over 20 switchbacks, a seemingly relentless upward slope, and only one small opening in the trees along the way. This long steep trek in the forest might be boring for many hikers, but for me, it encouraged a sort of meditative experience.

On reaching the saddle point (12,045+), you suddenly get a fine view of the northern Sangre de Cristo mountains, the nearest of which is about 25 mi away. Pikes Peak is about 60 mi to the north, and the well-known twin Spanish Peaks are about 30 mi to the south.

The trail continues over the saddle point, then descends the west side of the mountain. So, from the saddle, you pick your own way(s) off-trail to go any higher. (See the topo map.) I'll mention three good options, each of which I've taken, for hiking to higher points and peaks: (1) Greenhorn Peak (12,352) is about 1 and 3/4 mi SE of the saddle. (2) North Peak (12,225) is about 1/3 mi NE of the saddle. (3) A pair of unnamed summits is about 1/2 mi SE of the saddle. The lower one (12,205+) is about 1/4 mi SW of the higher one (12,242), with a small dip in elevation between them. I remember this third option, to two points without names (at least on the maps I've seen), as an especially pleasant and relaxing walk above treeline.

Many other mountains are higher and get more attention, but I prefer Greenhorn, for the hiking and for the views of both Greenhorn and the mountains around it.

An alternative use of the trail, for people who prefer to hike only above timberline: Drive the forest road to the west end of the trail, high on the west side of the mountain. This road was in pretty good condition when I did it years ago; see elsewhere for directions. From the west trail head to the saddle point, the elevation gain is 570 ft, and the walking distance is 9/10 mi. I have never hiked this part of the trail myself, and do not know the current condition of it. (Also from this high road location, you could walk along the west end of the Bartlett Trail toward Greenhorn Peak, then scramble the remaining 700 or so ft up the peak on a route of your choosing.)

30 days ago

Great views of forest to start, after a decent downhill walk, it takes you to some more open areas. This is starting from the Highway 78 side to the North. Even a relaxing night hike if you don't mind using moonlight.

The trail was very nice for us on our horses, although rocky in places. Shoes would be a necessity. Once you climb up about 3 miles or so you enter a very pretty aspen grove.
The parking situation, however, was pretty scary. The pull off is immediately past the turn to Mears Junction on the west side of the road, and east to miss. However, the turn out is between blind curves from both directions. Our horses are used to traffic but it was still concerning. I chose to continue further south to Poncha Pass to turn around vs attempting a U turn.
It appears the trail goes both east and west of the highway, but we followed the trail to the east thus necessitating crossing the highway.

Fun with son

1 month ago

Beautiful lake great for children

1 month ago

Nice hike. 2700 vertical is a good indicator of the difficulty. I would rate it more on the strenuous side. Lot of bears too.

1 month ago

The map says the trail goes around the lake but you have to walk next to the highway and through town to complete the circle.

Gorgeous trail! I did 3 miles in. Moderate+ After the first half mile it is not for little ones or people with health issues. Ate a picnic by the stream. Just saw a few people on the trail. Can't wait to go back!

1 month ago

Well this mountain is nothing to sneeze at! I know the map says 11.3 miles, but our step tracker said 17 miles round trip. The trail was awesome up until about 11,500 ft., where there are SO many downed trees covering the trail it is impossible to get through. I recommend heading up to the right to get around them then get back on the trail. The downloaded map from this site definitely saved us by helping get us back on it. At the end of the day, it was a great hike and very rewarding! Even though it is a 12,300 Ft. Mountain, this hike definitely rivals some of the 14ers we have climbed.

2 months ago

Can get steap in some places but plenty of rest points, quiet (Mid May) , only saw two other hiking groups. We only made it a few miles in before turning around however what we saw was very enjoyable. One person mentioned it before but make sure to protect from and check for ticks after - we found one on our bed after that, think it stowed-away on one of our packs. The breeze is cool and filters down the trail between the mountains, coming across the river helps it a little. Low snow last winter has made it less of a hassle to cross it (you will be forced to walk across it). The bridge is a new rebuild and much of the trail has been cleared of debris from last spring’s floods. Though the further you go up the less has been done. Expect a good number of areas to step over or under downed trees. Loved it, was a great hike for couples or groups alike. Pack water and walking stick.

A word of caution, if you go off the trail there are quite a few areas where the rock and dirt is loose along edges leading into the riverbed. General safety measures and you should be just fine. Did stumble across someone’s camping ground, however this is a no camping trail/area marked by the trailhead marker.

2 months ago

This trail is heavily wooded and has a bit of downed timber. Not a super easy hike, but very enjoyable none the less. The 6.5 miles in is well rewarded once you reach the creek and cabin at the end of the trail. Great place for an overnight trip, but doable in a single day. I hiked this trail yesterday in 2.5 hours round trip.

3 months ago

Can you camp overnight on this trail?

3 months ago

Beautiful area and not very busy on a Saturday morning or afternoon.

Most of the trail had tree cover, sunscreen optional.

Some of the trail near the 3 mile mark was hard to follow due to all the downed trees.

Did the trail in April and did run into some snow/ice, however easy to get around it.

If you are a backpacker, saw two camping spots, marked them both on my recordings with pictures.

AllTrails does not have a way to communicate with other outdoor enthusiast, I can be reached on Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about this trail.

3 months ago

Good trail for the kids. Not hiking but a nice walk around the lake. It still had a bit of snow/ice in the shady parts but great walk.

Used to love this trail but it has been destroyed by logging. The view at the end is still amazing but the hike up is depressing.

Loved it

6 months ago

Steady incline the whole way. I was by myself with two dogs and we all made it fine. A few hours in I noticed some mountain lion poop and got a little nervous. All in all it was a nice quiet hike up the mountain...bring good shoes (lots of snow, ice, rocks). I went middle of January and it wasn’t too bad.

7 months ago

Great trail, easy to follow. Steep for 1st mile or so, but rewarding views all throughout.

8 months ago

Nice infrequently used trail, maybe only 2-3 people per week so you'll probably have it to yourself! I hiked it 11/2017, very few down trees until the last half mile, even then it wasn't bad. It's a steady climb but trail conditions are good, not too muck rock, steepest section is the first half mile. At about 0.75 mile stay left, there's another trail/road that could be confusing. No water anywhere on the trail until you turn around, nice creek there. There is a dirt floor cabin, no door but a good roof in case you wanted to camp and it was rainy, at the trail end. Lots of wildlife in the evening, good birds and a few mile deer. Just a couple ok views, not great for that. Could be confusing if there was much snow, it's not blazed.

8 months ago

Was looking for a different trail but couldn't find it. I found Snow Slide instead. I didn't know what to expect so I only made it 1.5 miles in before deciding to turn around. There's comfortable elevation gain in that first 1.5 miles and it's a nice walk through a pretty forested area. I didn't see anyone on the trail and it was a Saturday. I will definitely come back and be more prepared to hike the whole thing next time.

This is a beautiful hike. I went in September. Was sunny and warm. Then got hit with some kind of intimidating inversion clouds at the top but they cleared up within minutes. Summitting Greenhorn is a little confusing because there's no distinct trail markers at the top and many peaks to choose from. On the way down, I experienced some rain and mild hail. All in all, a true CO hike!

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