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Backpacked this Saturday night and stayed at that little lake above Rogers. Parking at the TH was busy per usual. We counted 10-15 total tents around Rogers and Heart and that was probably inflated due to the meteor shower that night.

Overall, busy trail but can find some solitude the further you go. Many fish (cutthroat) at Rogers.

I love that this one includes a little history with the beautiful scenery - we'd visited the West Portal of the Moffat Tunnel last year and had been curious about where the tunnel emerges on the east side, so we didn't need much of an excuse to do this hike.
This trail is not ideal for anyone seeking solitude; rarely was there no other group in sight, especially on the Rogers Pass trail before the turnoff to Crater Lakes (though plenty of people were also heading up to/down from Crater Lakes, often with backpacking and fishing gear). Thankfully, the trailhead parking lot holds a hundred or more cars, as it was at least half full when we arrived before 9 on a Sunday morning and even more so on our return.
I had not studied a topo map or elevation profile well enough before our hike to realize how sharply the grade increases around mile 2, when this trail starts snaking up towards the lakes. We felt every pound of the toddler that we were carrying, but the ability to dip our toes in the shallow water at the top was worth it. We didn't find the loop (but we didn't really look for it either); I suspect there's some bushwhacking involved. Fun day out - enjoy it!

is this trail ohv allowed? I know some trails allow 4Wheelers but i don't want to get all the way up there to find out the answer is no and waste time and fuel. thanks

20 days ago

2 hour slow drive from Fraser, pretty, but faster access by taking Corona Pass Road off 40.

off road driving
20 days ago

Some of you must be smoking some good stuff and not sharing, because I drove up this trail for an hour and never even considered putting it in 4wheel drive...
the point I said enough is enough was when I saw a speed limit sign.
how this is rated a 4wheel trail at all, let alone a hard trail is beyond me...
yes it's bumpy, yes there's pot holes, it was pretty, it was a nice drive. by no means was it hard, not technically challenging in the slightest.
there were some nice camping spots, but again, if I could drive a Honda accord up this, it should not be listed as a "hard" trail....

Beautiful hike that is not too far from Denver and a great option for a quick overnight camping trip. The dog and I got the trailhead around noon on Friday and found a moderate amount of cars in the lot. The road leading to the trail was also easy to navigate even in my low clearance sedan.
The hike starts as a gradual incline on a mostly wooded path, but picks up elevation quickly once you turn off for Crater Lakes. The lakes were absolutely stunning, especially at sunrise when the sun just hits the peaks of the surrounding mountains turning them bright orange.
There weren't too many people on the trail Friday afternoon and only about six groups stayed overnight giving us a decent amount of privacy. Good camping spots were plentiful and we enjoyed sleeping in our little space in between the two lower lakes. However, hiking out Saturday morning, the flood gates opened. Had to hike around a group seemingly every 20 paces or so with plenty of them looking like they were spending the night. Just a fair warning...
Would highly recommend this hike to anyone looking for a heart thumping day hike or quick overnight trip. Would be a great 2-day trip, hitting Heart Lake on night two. We will be back!

Great hike, especially rewarding the last stretch. We stopped at Rogers Pass Lake due to incoming weather which brought hail and rain and lowered the temperature considerably. Check weather before you head out. This hike offers a rocky-ish trail, waterfalls, streams, lakes, and stunning views - the wildflowers were Abundant as if the area was landscaped. Be aware that there is an abundance of mosquitos on the trail and at the lakes.

1 month ago

It was a lovely hike, but the road to access it, is no longer accessible. So, you need to hike basically from behind the Lakota development. So, we did not make it to the lake, but the hike was lovely all the same. Watch out for the beautiful coral orchids!

Trailhead was packed with lots of cars at 9 am on Saturday but there is plenty of parking and space to accommodate. This trail is most beautiful in spring with the lush green vegetation and wide variety of wildflowers everywhere. Two lower lakes are great. To find the trail to upper lakes... find the trail along the northern lower lake along the steep hillside going up to upper lake and the trail will get you there along some steep switchbacks. Upper lake is awesome too!!

The main trail is great. It’s a steady climb but enjoyable and filled with wildflowers. We reached the first and second lakes easily but were unable to follow the trail to the third (going clockwise on the loop). Basically, there was no trail so we had to backtrack. Treat this one as an out and back.

Went in the afternoon with the family. A wonderful hike! Forest, flowers, and a water at the end.

off road driving
1 month ago

Road is in decent shape for most vehicles, take it slow. 4 major snow-masses still, first just above Yankee Doodle Lake. Impassible in lifted Jeep just past Forest Lakes trailhead, massive snow-mass across road probably 10 feet deep on side. Stock vehicles won’t make it past Yankee Doodle lake for a least another 2 weeks.

off road driving
2 months ago

Drove this yesterday. It was pretty awesome. It’s intense and not something I would recommend for beginners. Lots of pot holes and water holes still. I got about %60 the way up before I had to turn around. Not sure it’s completely passable yet. Very rocky and muddy in the middle of the pass. Fun though!

off road driving
3 months ago

Took this trail today from the North side (Tolland, west of Rolinsville) Made it about halfway up until the snow drifts were just too big for my truck. I have driven the road before, starting at the south side (the top) and the views are incredible. Can be done by most SUVs or Trucks I imagine. You can also loop this trail with the Apex Valley Road to make it nice point to point trail from Rollinsville to an area just north of BlackHawk/Central City. Good easy trail with nice views at the top.

off road driving
3 months ago

I went this past weekend in April, lots of snow somewhat slushy, if you have a built viechle and are in a group, it is fun, but make sure all vehicles have winches if u go this time of year. only got 60% of way up before it became impassable.

the best parts were the giant puddles I got to drive through. with 35 tire body n suspension lift it was up to top of radiator . lots of fun and definitely plan on going again.

off road driving
3 months ago

Went snow Offroading, GIant puddles alot of fun, only made it a portion of the way before I had to turn back

This is a gorgeous area of Colorado. I believe this trail is mostly for mountain biking, as the route is a convoluted mess. We hiked it in snow, and it was terribly difficult to stay on the trail. Trail rests among many private properties and we were constantly worried about trespassing. Might be easier to follow without snow on ground.

7 months ago

LEASH YOUR DOGS! This is ridiculous, we all love our dogs but your dog SHOULD NOT be unleashed and free to run up to leashed dogs.

We backpacked to Forest Lake and spent two night backpacking. The beginning of the trail was heavily used and traffic lessened when you split off, I would recommend crampons for the beginning, then snowshoes or skis the rest. For us, we used snowshoes. There was no marked trail after the recent snowstorm up to Forest Lake, so we and a few others made a route up, not sure if it stayed since that time.
Besides people not leashing their dogs, be aware that trail etiquette is not common here. The majority do not practice common courtesy or understand basic concepts of the trail. Remember, those climbing up get the right if way, try not to walk through another’s camp (when there is literally miles around it and they are way off trail already), LEASH YOUR DOGS (if your dog gets attacked by a leashed dog, you have zero rights legally and will be fined or worse) and just be polite overall.
Was a decent spot for a last minute winter backpacking trip but will never be back. Definitely worth going at least once though.
Happy trekking!

fairly easy, no huge obstacles. most have bypasses, i think any truck or SUV should make it. can't say for certain as we didn't make it to James Peak since the seasonal gate was closed. you get pretty close though. took a left out of there and downhill. looking around realized we're right by yankee hill. so we went up that and did a mini loop coming down right near base of yankee. took a right downhill and headed to fall river road. if you'd like to see a video of the run i have one up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

The shown hiking trail is a 4x4 road. It leads to to beginning of James Peak Lake trail and a ute trail can be seen and followed from here (according to my grandfather), both of which are still amazing to get to, but I recommend that you 4x4 to the top and do the trail from there. Definitely look at the trails with a satellite image before heading up here.

10 months ago

It's snowing from the old miners bridge to the top about 1.9 miles. White out conditions, if you go up from this point on, have a 4x4 that has an off road package and snow tires. This road is a 4x4 with huge boulders and holes. We enjoyed the ride, the scenery is priceless. It's only 11 mi from WInter Park, but takes over an hour. You couldn't see the lake as the snow rolled in. However, the continental divide is where it's at even on a snowy day.

10 months ago

my go-to trail if I just want a quick and fun run.

off road driving
10 months ago

Went all the way to the top in a stock Grand Cherokee, was amazing. Just wish the tunnel was open.

off road driving
11 months ago

Had a great time driving up (almost) to the tunnel, hiking, and camping above 10,000 feet.

11 months ago

Pretty easy hike once you've made it up the pass. The road has gotten bumpier the last couple of years, still once you've made it, the view is well worth the drive

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

very beautiful and a Jenny creek trail is awesome.

Friday, July 14, 2017

This was a beautiful hike filled with wildflowers, numerous water crossings, and two beautiful lakes at the top. I'm surprised this hike is rated as easy because the first half of the hike is a steady incline and you gain more that 1500ft in a few miles. With that said, it was well worth the effort. The second lake was absolutely stunning.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Outstanding views but long rocky drive up

scenic driving
Sunday, July 09, 2017

We drove our Jeep up the trail and back down. Snow still covering part of the pass today. This is an unpaved 4 wheel driving road. We encountered many hikers, bikers, motocross, and ATVs. It is a one lane road with spots near the top to camp. Today the reservoir was a bit full and had some fish hitting the top.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Only a little bit of snow to the left of the first lake and between the second and third lakes. Definitely make a trip to the top one--even if a trail isn't apparent, you can tell where things are based on waterfalls. Saw foxes and marmots along the way.

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