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Beautiful views, varied landscape, good workout.

This is a hike worth doing for sure. Multiple trails you can take to get to Windy Peak. So you can customize this and make it as long as you want. It does have good elevation gain, but nothing too difficult. Especially if you are local and used to the altitude. Views at the top are great and there are several other good spots on Burro and Mountain Lion Trail to keep it interesting. I would do this one again with more snow to change up the scenery. Just if there is snow make sure you have spikes/snowshoes just in case.

Awesome trail, great workout.

wasn't too busy until i reached windy point. several people with dogs off the leash- not ok. everything else was beautiful

Great day on a well maintained and well marked trail. The Aspens were just about at the end of their colors but the we’re still a few out there.

This is the first time we took this direction to Windy Peak. We usually leave from Nott Creek TH but there was a trail race and the parking lot was packed. Burro up to Windy Peak is a steady climb with some nice view throughout. Windy Peak never disappoints. Very crowded today with the trail run and lots of people looking at the turning leaves. Generally this one is pretty quiet.

Great trail! Gorgeous views throughout the hike and super rewarding at the top of windy peak. My Garmin said we did about 8.5 miles so bring lots of food and water! The incline was gradual and we only had to stop a few times on the steeper parts. We brought two dogs and they had a blast the whole time!

Great hike, being from Ohio the views were spectacular and the elevation change was challenging. Trail was well marked and maintained. Saw lots of chipmunks. Very rewarding view atop Windy Peak which was only a mile or so up from Burro trail. Bring plenty of water. Was busy when we hiked saw quite a few people starting on a Sunday late morning/afternoon.

great hike up to an old historic cabin with a lake.

Awesome hike with lots to see! Bridge Creek was completely dry while we were there. The trail is steep in some sections, with some loose rock. Watch your footing on the way back down. Got to the summit of Windy Peak, just in time to watch the clouds move in, and cover the entire valley. The meadow section of the trail is full of wildflowers right now. We hiked on a Wednesday and only saw 2 other groups. Will probably do this again as an overnight, and stay at one of the backcountry camp sites along Mountain Lion Trail.

What a great trail! I did a solo hike with my two dogs and I was totally amazed with how clear the trail was for a Saturday morning. We started our hike around 945 and maybe saw three other groups on the way up but 98% of our hike was alone. If you are looking for the weekend, definitely go early if you want to avoid crowds! On our way down we probably saw 15 groups going up around noon. Despite that, this is a gorgeous trail with a lot of diverse scenery. It was nice to have a versatile change of up and downhill on the way up and down. About the seven dollar fee… Make sure that you pay that at Nott Hill about 2-3 mins before you get to the trailhead. I made that mistake and had to drive back. Have fun!!

Very nice trail system that is well-marked. There’s a decent amount of climbing but well worth the views at the top. Beautiful wildflowers, butterflies. Saw numerous chipmunks, and a few deer. I hit the trail around 0730 and there were only a handful of cars in the lot. As others have said, don’t forget the $7 fee!

Bring $7 cash with you there’s a drop box about a mile before the parking lot on the left. The hike was beautiful, changing scenery and enough shade to keep you cool. Going clockwise and following Burro trail, it starts easy and has a steady incline, if you keep pushing through the steeper parts you’ll get rewarded with a shady flat path to catch your breathe as you keep on truckin’...Took me an hour and 30 mins to get to the top of windy peak at a steady rate, no breaks. Took me about the same to get down since I rolled my ankle on some loose gravel on the way down so be more careful than me! Lots of butterflies in the meadows, didn’t see any animals but at the very end I saw a cool looking snake. Not a rattle but still a snake. Only ran into 4 people the whole hike!!!

Beautiful hike to Windy Peak. Bring lots of water - limited shade covering in parts and incline can take a toll. Park office on the way to the trail head where you can purchase a day or year pass. Shade and picnic tables near the parking. The drive in past Golden to the park is absolutely gorgeous. ~10 miles of newly paved road for an incredibly smooth climb up.

So hard but so worth it!

Great hike, well marked trails, awesome scenery. Challenging and fun!

Great loop trail to Windy Peak (which is very aptly named). Lots of signs to keep you on course. It’s a fairly steep hike but there is also plenty of shade. Be prepared to pay $7 due to Park fees. Was very low traffic for a Sunday. Also plenty of picnic tables are the trailhead to relax once you finish.

I started around 9 am on a Wednesday. Very few other people were there. The trail was great because it was shaded. And the ups were often paired with downs/flats so it was easy to recover without stopping. I added the Windy Peak trail at the top for a total of 6.6 miles. I got back to my car around 11:30 am. Loved this hike!

I like how there are multiple trails in this area because it allows you to go on lots of different hikes. We did the Longhorn to Maverick trail and came back on the Mustang trail. It goes up pretty quickly in some areas. Expect snow at the top in mid April. Some people are assholes and didn't clean up after their dogs on the trail, which is why I gave 4 stars.

Difficult with easy patches, making it pleasant to keep going. Lots of options for alternative trails. Many beautiful views.

Nice well maintained trail. Weren’t a lot of people and had a nice view at the top. Wasn’t to challenging but all in all beautiful area and great day.

Great trail. Originally started off with the intent of doing just Burro Trail but decided to go up to Windy Peak. Climb up to the peak was still a bit messy / with a little snow but nothing terrible. Views at the top were amazing. Definitely worth going to see. Overall great hike with lots of challenging hills. Not a ton of people out. Bring cash ($7 for park pass).

Great hike. Tough elevation gains but great views to reward you. A hike we will go back to for sure. Not too many people, trail was mostly dry with a little bit of mud and snow (no traction required). Don’t forget this is a Colorado state park and requires a day pass.

Gorgeous hike. Not too crowded. The trees aren’t too dense, so you get nice views along the way. Definitely worth the push to get to the peak, as the view is breathtaking. Took quite a long time to do the entire hike due to altitude gains.

Ok... First of all- My phone died after 12 mile mark and I was upset!! But I am glad I made it back to the parking lot since I went off trail 2x since I was not looking at the map sometime.

Second of all- It was nothing but muddy trails (60% of the trails were covered with mud!!) even 10 days past after the last snow and it has been warm days(Today was 57F). If you enjoy mud run/hike, do it! But if you don't want your awesome shoes to get filthy, don't do it! If it was not muddy, I was probably able to finish this trail before my phone died. :(

Third of all- When I went off the map, I didn't realize for about 10 minutes. Then I tried to go back to follow the map since my phone was dying and didn't want to go off the map, I had to go though a "closed" trail (didn't have a sign but had logs to block the trail, it seems) and once I started walking towards the map, the snow was getting deeper and deeper and I basically had to follow the map to make sure where I was going. Once my battery life showed 20%, I started to panic because I didn't see no human footsteps but some kind of large animal's. I ran as fast as I could, but since the snow was deep and didn't know where I was going, I almost started to think if my life is in danger. Then, I saw the "closed sign" and realized that this particular part of the trail was closed for the season.

Please make sure to follow the map or know which way to go, have enough snack and water and save your phone battery life until you're sure where your car is parked! Whew. It was such an adventurous hike(unexpected) though!

Good trail - we hiked it the first week of March and it had a good amount of snow and ice we had to hike through but not too bad even without a nice pair of hiking shoes. We got to see a moose! It did get a little confusing because there are three loops that intersect one another so if you take the wrong turn you have to back track but it was overall very enjoyable. We will be back in the spring!

The terrain varied all the way to the top (meadows, rocky crags, forest). Not much snow until last push to Windy Peak - where traction devices proved very useful. We took Mountain Like back (via Hidden Valley), which was gently downhill pretty much the entire way and gave us different scenery.

Did this trail on Thursday February 8th. There was hardly any snow or ice until the last .5 mile up to Windy Point. It was totally doable with a good pair of shoes. Nice hike, well maintained and marked.

I left my dog leash along the trail somewhere. I hope it finds a happy new home.

9 months ago

I wanted to get a hike in just in case the weather people are right and we get a storm Sunday. Not many people on the trail in the morning but more as the afternoon went on. Since it was a little cool, I was glad Windy Peak didn't live up to it's name. Mostly the trail was very steep, rocky and shady with some breaks of sunshine that warmed me up a bit. It was a beautiful day and a great work out. On the way back to the parking space I took a detour to Hidden Valley and the Tallman Ranch that was interesting.

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