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19 days ago

There is hardly any shade, so make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen.

One of my favorite nearby hikes! Easy to get to and not very crowded. Watch for snakes if you bring your dog (and keep them on leash, obviously).

Did about 4 miles of this this morning with a friend. Lots of mountain bikers out. Seems like a great trail. Loved the views. We plan on going back to complete the whole loop. My friend who I was with had family coming over for her sons bday party though so we had to only do what we could in the time we had.

Nice long walk if you enjoy walking. Trail is very wide and nice views to the city. Bring a lot of water during summer.

I like how there are multiple trails in this area because it allows you to go on lots of different hikes. We did the Longhorn to Maverick trail and came back on the Mustang trail. It goes up pretty quickly in some areas. Expect snow at the top in mid April. Some people are assholes and didn't clean up after their dogs on the trail, which is why I gave 4 stars.

The first incline is strenuous but the rest is not very difficult. Good views but I got tired of stopping to let bikes pass every couple minutes. Definitely won't be back.

The trail is decent, but honestly probably won't hike again unless I do the full North loop. Great proximity to Denver, so it was very busy, and the parking lot fills up quickly. I'd say go try it out for yourself on a sunny day if you're short on time. Sidenote, most of the mountain bikers were polite, but this trail does have a lot of bicycles and a few bad apples who will roll up on your six pretty quick without warning.

Great trail. I suggest taking the south trail head 1st to this loop (versus the north). Don't let the up portion scare you, it's short and after that... the trail is nothing but gravy!


It’s close to denver and has great views. A nice trial
To hike when you just need to get outside in the afternoon.

Ok... First of all- My phone died after 12 mile mark and I was upset!! But I am glad I made it back to the parking lot since I went off trail 2x since I was not looking at the map sometime.

Second of all- It was nothing but muddy trails (60% of the trails were covered with mud!!) even 10 days past after the last snow and it has been warm days(Today was 57F). If you enjoy mud run/hike, do it! But if you don't want your awesome shoes to get filthy, don't do it! If it was not muddy, I was probably able to finish this trail before my phone died. :(

Third of all- When I went off the map, I didn't realize for about 10 minutes. Then I tried to go back to follow the map since my phone was dying and didn't want to go off the map, I had to go though a "closed" trail (didn't have a sign but had logs to block the trail, it seems) and once I started walking towards the map, the snow was getting deeper and deeper and I basically had to follow the map to make sure where I was going. Once my battery life showed 20%, I started to panic because I didn't see no human footsteps but some kind of large animal's. I ran as fast as I could, but since the snow was deep and didn't know where I was going, I almost started to think if my life is in danger. Then, I saw the "closed sign" and realized that this particular part of the trail was closed for the season.

Please make sure to follow the map or know which way to go, have enough snack and water and save your phone battery life until you're sure where your car is parked! Whew. It was such an adventurous hike(unexpected) though!

Difficult straight-up hike at the beginning of the trail but lovely vistas at the top and sections of flat trail for recovery. We went early on a Sunday and the parking lot was full when we finished. Lots of mountain bikers but everyone was considerate.

Great hike! Has a good mix of elevations with beautiful views of Denver and the mountains. There are directional signs to keep you on the right path. Saw a coyote not far from the trail. A couple other times I’ve seen deer.

Good times. We had to walk up after the first mile but had a good time and ran all the way down. It is fairly rocky and steep in places on Belcher. Sometimes rocky and sometimes steep. Not a lot of both at the same time but it made it too hard to run up. Evens out at the top before Round Up. Exposed most of the way up but shaded near Round Up.

This is a great loop on the less traveled, west side of White Ranch. I prefer to do the loop clockwise for better views and a shorter, but steeper uphill back to the parking lot.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

great place to ride if you love black diamond trails.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This is a nice trail- I did Belcher to Mustang to Rawhide, then Longhorn to the end. So a big old loop that was 10 miles. I got about 2,000ft of elevation, so a lot of uphill. It was a glorious day as far as weather was concerned, and I started around 9am. There were only a couple cars in the lot and I didn't see anyone until the final two miles. It was a solid 3 hours of pretty scenery and peaceful solitude. I'll definitely be back.

Watch out for snakes!

3 months ago

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