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Nice trail. Lots of trees and shrubs.

I have slowly fallen in love with this place over the last 9 months or so. It's a great little walk and has some incredible panoramic views of the mountains.

Nice place to jog. Not too busy. Paved and natural trails with plenty different loops.

No trax needed, couple of icy spots no mud frozen falls beautiful trail low traffic start at 9 am. First trail sign takes to cliff loop come back other way

Decent trail for walking close to the south side of Denver metro. Even if it was a sunny day, it got quite windy out there and felt the cold.

Would recommend taking a short detour walks to the outlook points - which will give you a panorama of front range mountains, Denver downtown and nearby areas.

We saw two herds (3 and 4) of mule deers while on the trail.

road biking
8 days ago

Great trail for commuting on bike. Also good for enjoyment through walking, running, and biking.

Great walk for anyone. Loved that I was able to use the stroller and still managed to be able to get down to the water.

road biking
11 days ago

Yea this is ridiculous this is not a trail this is a sidewalk next to the road. You see a sidewalk in front of your house? If so well go take a walk it will be exactly the same. There was one little spot that went up a hill and next to a small lake but besides that it is just a paved sidewalk next to the street and I was ok with that because I seen the pictures and was like ok there must be a little spot next to a golf course atleast for a little bit that will make it worth it. NOPE there is not a spot on this trail that looks like the 2 pictures with a golf course.

12 days ago

Pretty decent. Get there early for parking

Very beautiful. Easy terrain. Limited parking.

Fun. Ended up being quicker than we thought (30 min).

Great trail for a relaxing ride. Constant view of city.

15 days ago

Lovely open areas

Parked and hiked a bit, walked back and drove to the next parking spot. Hiked a bit again. Gorgeous, paved trails.

mountain biking
19 days ago

Riverwalk very well maintained and an amazing trail. Could not believe it was not busy on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Some of the trail had tree cover, sunscreen optional.

There is more parking at the end of the trail-head east-side part, and also in the middle area.

If you follow the exercise stations, the trail follows along the Arkansas river. The other trail goes through a wooded area.

AllTrails does not have a way to communicate with other outdoor enthusiast, I can be reached on Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about this trail.

Yaktrax were needed. The falls are still frozen but was a great hike.

Nice open space, wide path, views of the city.

Combination of paved and gravel trails surrounding and through the park and gorgeous rock formations. Not terribly crowded on a chilly February morning, but the views would be worth a visit even in the busier summer months.

25 days ago

Mild trail, but so pretty with snow! Frisco always seems a bit windy so outside the protection of trees there were some big gusts of wind, but totally worth it. Well snow packed for snowshoeing. Our dogs had a great time! Met lots of friendly people on the trail also.

great place to have fun and camping

1 month ago

A beautiful hike with a lot of changing scenery. End is close to the highway but the rest is fantastic!

trail running
1 month ago

Starts out paved near Sky Sox stadium, moves to packed dirt north of Stetson Hills. Tunnel underneath Dublin tends to have some water over trail, not too deep unless there’s been rain...Trail continues all the way to Woodmen...elevation change is a pretty steady climb! I run this 2-3 times per week, it’s never been overly busy!

paddle sports
1 month ago

I am writing a review after so many years past but here I go- I did paddleboaring around the reservoir and it was okay. Pretty crowded parking lot and also a line to get in since you have to pay to get in. Get there early.

Lovely and pleasant 2.5hour walk through the forest, so quiet and peaceful. Didn’t come across too many people. Path was mostly good although some areas rather icy - we managed with good walking shoes but would recommend stabilizers. Not that strenuous, but a good bit of exercise!

good hike, yaktrax helped a lot with ice

What a fabulous trail. Water, nature, Mountain View’s, mixed terrain and other people here and there. It was a fabulous 4 mike hike (3 times around) ...sunny and blue skies in February

trail running
1 month ago

It was nice snow trail run day! I would not do this trail in the brutal hot summer but nice to get another trail knocked off quickly.

1 month ago

Great place for a relaxing bike ride

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