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Wow this was a tough climb. After being at altitude for six days, I thought I was ready for a 14er. This hike kicked my tail but I was so impressed with the guidance from AllTrails. The pics and reviews helped my prep towards success.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike! The last mile is the steepest part of the hike and the reward at the top is a bit of heaven on earth

Awesome trail and vistas!! The last 100 yards or so... a real bummer, rocky and steep.

11 days ago

Did this AFTER blue lake so we were already pretty dang sore. Plus the end is not a gorgeous lake...it is a beautiful valley but still not the same. Not as many people so it’s worth it

11 days ago

Beautiful! Hiked today (7/6/18) and the wildflowers were in full bloom. Absolutely gorgeous being in the basin with three waterfalls, flowers, and looking up at Sneffels. Same trailhead as blue lakes, which was absolutely packed. There were two pages filled up with people going to blue lakes. Only about 6 groups for Blaine Basin. It was super quiet for the most part. Definitely would hike this one again.

Super tough but also pretty exciting!

15 days ago


This trail is very hard. It is the hardest 14er we have completed. We started from the upper trail head. Ascending and descending the gulley is very difficult. Glad we did it. One and done!

16 days ago

I have hiked the Dallas Trail several times, and always left out from the Blue Lakes trail head and hiked up to Wilson's Creek summit, and bypassing the Blaine Basin. I've been missing out. It's a beautiful spot, and while the climb is a bit tough for some folks, the effort is worth it. In June, plenty of water to be found up there.

Difficult but worth the views! Lots of elevation gain in a short distance and a lot of hiking on scree. Get ready for a workout on the way up and be cautious on the way down, I slipped on the the scree and landed on my butt a couple times! Also, be careful taking your pups on this one, the rocks can make for very sore and bloody paws! My schnauzer made it all the way up but I had to carry him the last half of the top on the way down.

My smart phone & smart watch stated 3.8 miles round trip in almost exactly 4 hours (4h, 37 total with breaks). I made it ALMOST to the top. Had to stop just after getting into the “rocks only” section due to my heavier hiking boots. I should of dropped my pack and it probably would have been fine. If I do it again, I’ll do that or bring lighter, more deft shoes for that small section.

Quite difficult but amazing trail. Road to trailhead can be bumpy and a little treacherous but we made due with a 2WD vehicle. Some definite rock scrambling, but the views were breathtaking.

1 month ago

Solitude, some gains and some spectacular views! The creek crossing was more than manageable but definitely taking boots off and putting on sandals (tevas, keens, etc.) will be necessary. Didn’t need any extensive gear other than the change of shoes. Last mile up to the basin is the most challenging and WELL WORTH the views.

1 month ago

Definitely worth hiking to the top, throughout the hike is mainly forest but once you get to the top there’s a creek and a lot of wild flowers and a good view of the mountains.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great mountain biking trail system. It can be hiked but is designed for biking so be careful. These were well designed and allow for some great descents. Lots of cactus so be prepared to repair flats.

2 months ago

Great walk, paved trail. I do this almost daily with the wife and dog.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Great for mountain biking. Can link together several trails for a fun loop

Trails interconnect with one another. Gets kind of confusing but it’s a blast.

9 months ago

Yeah, sure...followed the directions...no trailhead marker whatsoever...

Lots of elevation gain for an absolutely breathtaking view on top. Ran into a red fox, which was cool. Most challenging and rewarding hike I've done so far.

Gorgeous trail-completely worth the climb. My husband and I did the Blue Lakes Pass route, which, although longer, has incredible views and is well worth the extra couple of hours. I wrote a complete trip report if you're interested in seeing photos and getting more information on trail conditions, gear, and general tips and tricks : http://borntobewandering.com/2017/09/15/the-ultimate-guide-to-mt-sneffels/

This was our first 14er, and to be honest it was the most difficult thing we have accomplished yet. We started early at 540, very dark out and lights were necessary. This is mostly uphill and the trail is mostly rocks, very much a workout. It was worth it, but don't underestimate it!

Was an epic adventure going up to the peak. And coming down was a blast sliding down the dirt and rocks!

Mentally challenging
A great physical work out

Definitely a class 3. Only 1.2 miles from TH to summit but also a 2,000ft elevation gain. Hands and feet bouldering all the way to the top. And the boulders are your friend. The V notch isn't bad...people help you through it. And the summit is completely worth it. It is very steep and exposure at the V notch and a little after up to the summit!
It was my first 14er...definitely a challenge!

There is a great video on YouTube that shows the V notch...

The views are beyond a 5-star rating - completely out of this world and so different than any other 14er. I have to give it 4 stars though because I don't think I could ever push myself to do it again - it was by far the most mentally challenging climb I've done to date - many "life or death" moments with steep steep uphill scree shifting beneath every step you take up to the ridge and then again up to the summit. The V-Notch was a test of true grit, be sure you research this part well so you're not surprised when you see it. The summit wasn't crowded at all, we even had about 5 mins of it completely to ourselves. It was hardly windy either which was a plus and a surprise. But all we could think about was the journey down, and it certainly was difficult. Had to use 3 points of contact minimum for most of the stretch. Great experience but one should really assess their mental stamina and physical capabilities before daring to attempt this one.

I gotta be honest, we hike a ton! We live in Ridgway and had been wanting to do this hike for awhile. Let me tell ya, it's probably the last time we will do it. We hiked it 8-6-17 and it was way more work than fun.
We parked at the bathrooms the normal spot, about 2 miles away from the trailhead. Take the trail when you see it, skip the road. It's more scenic and takes you around wrights lake with great views.
The trail... started on packed down scree, easy, no problem. Then once it started straight up, there was no trail, just crazy slick rock and dirt. This climb was shitty. We have had a ton of rain so I don't know if that affected the "trail" but it was basically just pick a line and take it. This portion easily took us an 1.5 hours each way.
At the top of that, you climb straight up a boulder field for around 300 feet or so. Of course the views were incredible but we definitely felt like we missed out on some of the fun by how focused we had to be. There are other hikes that offer these views without the risk of death. Lol! But really. Very tough on the knees, especially coming down. We were surprised by how we felt after about not wanting to do it again but we aren't trying to die on a hike. Bring a helmet.

Love this mountain range! Beautiful views and so peaceful. We saw a handful of people on the trail which gave this hike a 5 star for solitude. A recommendation is trekking poles. It had rained the night before and left the trail very muddy and slippery. With the steep incline it made it a more difficult hike. Note to dog owners keep them leashed please. Every person we saw with a dog didn't have a leash. This trail has many steep drop offs and blind corners. One dog surprised us on a corner and scared us and him and became aggressive and lunged towards us before the owner could even get his hands on him.

11 months ago

Hiked trail early morning, good hike, overview of lake, wildlife along trail, rather easy hike.

Snow blocked the last part of the trail, but great views to that point.

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