Backpacked Rawah Trail > Sandbar Lakes Trail > Camp Lake Trail
Day 1 We arrived late and hiked in 2.2 miles to setup camp. Trail was in good condition.

Day 2 Hiked 7.4 Miles to the Sandbar Lakes. Trails were covered in snow after about 2-3 miles in. Many trees were blocking the trail and it appeared as though the route has not been serviced this year. Mentally and physically challenging hike.

Day 3 Hiked a short 1.8 miles to Camp Lake. Same as day 2 with majority of the trail covered in snow and few camping spots due to snow or wet ground. Only a couple other groups up a Camp Lake and we saw several moose. Fished a bit and caught a few small trout.

Day 4 Hiked 9.8 miles and opted for the Camp Lake Ditch Trail. First mile or two out of Camp Lake was pretty sketchy with lots of bush whacking required until out of the Camp Lake area. There was snow for the first few miles but nothing compared to day 2 and 3. Much more manageable. A few downed trees but nothing major.

Overall we had a great time and saw very few people (probably because nobody in their right mind would be in that much snow) If you plan on doing the full loop I would wait a 3-4 weeks to allow more snow to melt. If you are looking to do this sooner then I would say out and back to Camp Lake will be more enjoyable but if you are looking for a challenge then go for it. We had poles and would strongly recommend bringing them with.