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Beautiful hike to the water falls. Walked through fields of cows, wildflowers and butterflies.

Really great trail. Spent the first night at camp lake. Was going to go to upper camp lake but i got stuck in a thunder storm. I was told it was better to stay at lower camp due to the upper camp lake being very crowded. I continued hiking the next day and was going to go to twin crater lakes but again there was a ton of people. I opted to just hike out the second day to my car. Extremely beautiful and would recommend this to anyone considering doing it. Lots of moose!

Just pay attention to the trails!! We ended up doing just over 9 miles. Beautiful hike!

Spent 3 night/4 days on this trail and enjoyed the whole trail. Day 1 we got a late start so setup camp about four miles in with a great view on the Laramie River valley. Day 2 camp site at Rawah Lake #1 was a great spot to relax. Day 3 was the most intense with the hike up Grassy Pass and then to Twin Crater Lakes. Our camp at Twin Crater Lakes was setup near the back lake to avoid about five other groups. The views here were my favorite by far. Day 4 was a pretty swift decent back to the trailhead.

22 days ago

This was our first moderate trail on our vacation, and it was beautiful! Many elevation changes, and lots of great views. We didn't make it to the Falls, due to the lightning of the fast moving thunderstorm that we got caught up in. No worries though! We were dry by the time we got back to the parking lot, lol. It was nice talking with the volunteer rangers on the way out as well. All hikers and dogs were very friendly. Not much traffic on a Saturday. Can't wait to come back and attempt the whole thing! Loved it.

Great loop. About 90% incline the first day. Was pretty strenuous but doable. Plenty of water and great views. We went during the middle of the week so only saw a few other people up at twin crater lakes.

Once we got over the pass we saw a few moose. Trail was in good shape. There was only one short stretch near lower camp lake that was swampy but with thought out steps you can avoid getting your feet wet.

Temperature was great. Maybe mid 50’s at night with highs in the 70’s during the day.

1 month ago

Great trail, went up to the lakes to fish and was not disappointed. Lots of moose and wildlife.

Spent one night at upper camp lake. 70% of the trail was dry and fast the other 30% was slow and muddy due to snow melt. Setup camp on the south side of the lake on the beach. Prefect spot to camp just takes a little longer to navigate without getting your lower half of your body soaked. Saw one bull moose and a couple of deer. The trout were very active most people we talked to caught plenty of trout for dinner. We had the lake to ourselves for camping. Saw 4 parties walking out when we were heading in.

One night on the loop minus the excursion up to Twin Crater lakes. Snow is not too much of an issue at this point in the season unless you’re thinking of taking some time off to hit one of the Rawah peaks. Some smaller snow fields, I recommend poles but micro-spikes aren’t necessary and crampons would be overkill. The trail is very wet especially around Camp lakes. Make sure to have waterproof boots or runners, unless you’re fine with wet socks. Saw one group between Twin Crater lakes and the West Branch Trail, not getting much use from the snow prints seen. Beautiful hike, especially around north and south Rawah.

Backpacked Rawah Trail > Sandbar Lakes Trail > Camp Lake Trail
Day 1 We arrived late and hiked in 2.2 miles to setup camp. Trail was in good condition.

Day 2 Hiked 7.4 Miles to the Sandbar Lakes. Trails were covered in snow after about 2-3 miles in. Many trees were blocking the trail and it appeared as though the route has not been serviced this year. Mentally and physically challenging hike.

Day 3 Hiked a short 1.8 miles to Camp Lake. Same as day 2 with majority of the trail covered in snow and few camping spots due to snow or wet ground. Only a couple other groups up a Camp Lake and we saw several moose. Fished a bit and caught a few small trout.

Day 4 Hiked 9.8 miles and opted for the Camp Lake Ditch Trail. First mile or two out of Camp Lake was pretty sketchy with lots of bush whacking required until out of the Camp Lake area. There was snow for the first few miles but nothing compared to day 2 and 3. Much more manageable. A few downed trees but nothing major.

Overall we had a great time and saw very few people (probably because nobody in their right mind would be in that much snow) If you plan on doing the full loop I would wait a 3-4 weeks to allow more snow to melt. If you are looking to do this sooner then I would say out and back to Camp Lake will be more enjoyable but if you are looking for a challenge then go for it. We had poles and would strongly recommend bringing them with.

Closed until logging clean up is complete.

2 months ago

This is a gorgeous trail!! Wildflowers, meadows, mountain views, aspens, pines, and a trail network you can explore. This trail connects to the Lady Moon Trail. The trail network allows you to make your hike as long/short as you like. Depending what route you take there may be up or downhill, but it is always at an easy grade. Trail has both shady and sunny spots. Mountain biking allowed July-Oct. It is seriously so beautiful here!!!

I was excited to backpack this weekend but too much snow for me to make it to the lakes. I turned around and camped lower. Still had a great time.

off road driving
2 months ago

Went up and down Trails 501.3 and 309 which are well established trails for vehicles equipped with ground height; Would think any SUV or Outback can get up the trail without scrapping, go slow over the water bars and take your time with the few rock scrambles. Each of these trails have campsites with pits and check with local/county fire restrictions. These are before the gate and this section of road has plenty of spots for (cars) camping without needing to go "off road".

6 months ago

This trail is the worst trail for hiking in January with Yak Trax. There were no markers and the signs are confusing we never found the loop and ended up hiking in moderate snow twice as far as we wanted to go!!

Awesome 3 or 4 nighter if you want to be able to relax and fish. first day is tough but then it's pretty easy sailing for the most part. We caught over a dozen trout during the trip nothing like supplemental food while packing. Definitely do the side trips. Sweet views. Saw 5 moose. All by lakes.

8 months ago

Pretty good hike. Fairly easy. Ended up taking the fork to disappointment falls. The falls definitely live up to their name. My phone tracked it at 5.6 miles. Good views of the mountains. Pups had a blast. Would be a beautiful hike to do in the fall. Walked through quite a few aspen groves.

9 months ago

Decent hike. We went in November so understandably the trail was a mix of mud, ice and snow. It appears the trail was formerly a road. The views are nice, but compared to other hikes nearby, this isn’t spectacular. There are nice rock formations on either side of the trail. You hike down and then up, so be prepared for the trip back. We saw a variety of animal prints and scat, so chances of wildlife viewing must be high. We chose to veer off Lady Moon Trail to Disappointment Falls, and this side trip moved the rating up a couple notches. I thought the Falls were lovely. If you go in November wear orange, we saw quite a few hunters.

10 months ago

Beautiful! Fairly low key, but beautiful views. Hiked to disappointment falls and glad we did!

10 months ago

Hiked it in late September, pretty colors on Aspens. We hiked out to Disappointment Falls, great hike and nice scenery.

10 months ago

Re: David Fairbank's review below - we chose to do that loop per his review but found the Granite Trail portion closer to 2 miles, we were beginning to wonder if we had missed the turnoff. Very enjoyable hike!

Great loop. The Aspen trees are just beginning to change color. Beautiful alpine lakes. The trail was snow covered at the very highest elevation around the Rawah lakes but still easily passable. Definitely a moose haven.

Beautiful area. Saw more moose than people over four days.

on Lady Moon Trail

11 months ago

If you're looking for solidarity this is the trail, otherwise nothing spectacular.

This is one of my favorite backpack trails in Colorado. Rugged peaks, alpine lakes, wildflowers, moose, and other wildlife. On top of that, there aren't a lot of people after you get past the range that day hikers are likely to get to. It seems like only backpackers will be in the Rawah Lakes area, so I camped just North of Rawah Lake #2, which I think had about the most beautiful views. Unfortunately, it seemed like some weren't in agreement with the leave no trace thought process. The South portion of the loop had a lot of trees down across the trail, but the North portion was mostly unblocked by trees. The North part of the loop was muddy and boggy, like usual; it's also where the moose like to hang out. I saw 8-9 this trip, but I saw 6-7 on one morning at Camp Lake the last trip.

I skipped Twin Crater Lakes so I could spend two nights at Rawah Lake #2 and went up South Rawah Peak #2 after the first night. It was strenuous and there was no trail, but I would recommend it. The views are great, especially looking South.

Awesome hike! We started Friday afternoon and finished Sunday morning. Gorgeous wildflowers, alpine meadows, and glacial lakes. Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever been on. It was pretty soggy in some places (late July) and there are a few tedious river crossings, but it definitely added to the adventure

Fantastic 2 night 3 day
Crater lake was gorgeous but packed. Camp lake was serene and peacfull
Boggy meadows w creek crossing and even a river crossing

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

We followed the Elkhorn Creek Trail, having downloaded to smartphone, and followed the GPS tracking to make sure we were on the right trail. It was an uninspiring walk on a dirt trail with nice views, but not what we expected ending in some old pasture. More people seemed to have taken the trail on the right of the parking lot, The Lady Moon Trail, to the Disappointment Falls Trail. We actually walked on other trails on the way back and found a trail to the creek, so whoever made this GPS tracking trail should have said it ended in some pasture not 'on a creek trail'. Next time I go back I'll be better prepared to send All Trails a correction with photos to be included.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Beautiful trail. So happy we went

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