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We backpacked this loop counter clockwise for Labor day weekend in 2018, camping at the Twin Crater Lakes on the first night and Camp Lake on the second night.

Beautiful area -- lots of water, with many stream crossings that used logs or stones to get across w/o getting wet.

Because we went in September we saw almost no flies and zero mosquitos. There was plenty of water to filter to drink (creeks, lakes, ponds) but it wasn't marshy with a ton of mosquitos. We saw 5 moose, stunning views of meadows and mountain lakes, amazing stars at night.

The Twin Crater lakes were too high (about 11000 feet) and shallow for fish. We didn't see any fish at Camp Lake, but other backpackers said they caught many fish in the Raway Lakes.

The parking lot at the West Branch Trailhead was full Saturday at noon on Labor day weekend, but people can park along the wide dirt road next to the parking lot, so that was not an issue.

Molly Lake Trail was closed, so we went back to this one. Very nice and easy trail with some stream crossings.

Did shorter 20.1 mile loop - in a 3 day/2 night trip.
- Day/Night 1: Parking -> West Branch -> Rawah -> Twin Crater Lakes (hiked up to but camped below lakes) ~6.6 miles
- Day/Night 2: Twin Crater Lakes -> Rawah -> Sandbar Lakes -> Camp Lake Trail (skip Upper Camp Lake Trail, sleep @ 2nd intersect of Camp Lake x Camp Lake Ditch Loop trails ~6.9 miles
- Day 3: Camp Lake -> West Branch -> Parking ~6.6 miles

Highlights!: Excellent clean (spring fed?) creeks at each camp site, even in Sept. West Branch -> Rawah Trail very pretty w/ aspen trees, everything from Twin Crater Lakes, Grassy Pass, to Rawah Lake 3 was superb eye candy, love the sweeping ridge views & alpine lakes. Heard wolves (?) and elk on Night 1 and saw a BIG moose on Night 2!!

Meh: Camp Lake Trail was very muddy & brushy near the lake, even in Sept - best to wear pants and waterproof shoes! Lots more standing dead pine on the Camp Lake side of the trail.

Crowds: Saw under a dozen people per day - day hikers, backpackers, some fishing and hunting. 2 other groups camping at Twin Crater Lakes, 1 at our 2nd camp.

Map Note: National Geographic's map for this area is missing Camp Lake Ditch Loop trail, I don't think those intersections are marked, and while it shows more creeks than All Trails, not all creeks on that map were running mid-Sept, so we were confused about where we were by the end of Day 2.

Hiked this clockwise Sept 2018. Departed at 4 PM on day 1 and hiked in 5 miles (West Branch Trail to Rawah Trail) and camped near the intersection of Rawah Trail & Twin Crater Lakes Trail. Day 2 we hiked up to Twin Crater Lakes, then followed Rawah Trail to Sandbar Lakes Trail. My trail companion fished in Upper Sandbar Lake (she caught 3 fish) then we camped by Camp Lake. Our campsite was visited by a huge bull moose around dinner time. Day 3 we hiked out via the Camp Lake Trail / West Branch Trail.

Views on the Rawah Trail were terrific. Each day felt different and highly recommend.

We used the book and map by Raymond Ave entitled "Backcountry Adventure Guide to Colorado's Rawah Wilderness"

Beautiful trail but not we’ll sign posted. Wasn’t sure which gorgeous formation WAS Mt. Margaret!

Great area for backpacking. Ran into a trail crew while out on my hike. Great people taking care of the trail on a volunteer basis. Stayed at Lower Camp Lake my first night then half way up the Twin Crater Lakes Trail my second night. There's a handful of awesome campsites at the first stream crossing. Recommend staying there instead of going further up because established campsites are few and far between the closer you get to Twin Crater Lakes. Great views from Grassy Pass. Opted to walk out on day 3 instead of going to Island Lake for another night because of torrential downpours, hail, and lightning storms. Every hiker coming out said they saw significant moose activity but I didn't see any. Just a few curious deer checking out my camps.

2 months ago

All in all, it took us 6.5 hours to get to the lake. However, we did not loop back and instead went on to Clark's Peak. I enjoyed it, although I hiked almost the whole way in complete darkness. Although we didn't really get to see the beauty of the hike, we did get to go to an outlook and see the Perseids. In addition, the lake was beautiful at 6:30 AM, there was no one around, and we got to see a moose!

The wildflowers are out right now and they are so beautiful!

The hike to the lake doesn’t have many views as it’s through the thick forest, but the views at the lake were beautiful and definitely worth it! We did see a moose, doggos got to tromp in a few inches of the lake and the area is very relaxing. We got there about 8:30am and only saw one other group until we began our descent.


absolutely beautiful and full of amazing scenery♡

Really great trail. Spent the first night at camp lake. Was going to go to upper camp lake but i got stuck in a thunder storm. I was told it was better to stay at lower camp due to the upper camp lake being very crowded. I continued hiking the next day and was going to go to twin crater lakes but again there was a ton of people. I opted to just hike out the second day to my car. Extremely beautiful and would recommend this to anyone considering doing it. Lots of moose!

Lots of flowers on the hike and a cool lake at the end. In my opinion it was a 4 star hike because it was not the coolest lake and it was a long hike through the forest, with minimal views, to get there. We were also disappointed, as another reviewer pointed out, that there was no real discernable trail that actually went around the lake. To get down to the lake we had to walk down one of the rocky stream beds on the far side of the lake. First two miles of the trail are wide and very easy, the past 3 and a half are more uphill and rocky but not difficult. I carried a 3 year old and my 8 year old son had no problems either. The only real challenging part were a couple of stream crossings on some logs that were wet, from the rain that was falling, and very slippery. Carrying my daughter I actually elected to walk through the water instead of risk falling off of the first one.

One of the most beautiful trails in Colorado! The Wild flowers were in full bloom. We came across a huge bull moose at the lake. Please keep your dogs on leash if you take them. One not very thoughtful hiker let her dog run wild at the moose and ended the enjoyment for each the moose and people.

Spent 3 night/4 days on this trail and enjoyed the whole trail. Day 1 we got a late start so setup camp about four miles in with a great view on the Laramie River valley. Day 2 camp site at Rawah Lake #1 was a great spot to relax. Day 3 was the most intense with the hike up Grassy Pass and then to Twin Crater Lakes. Our camp at Twin Crater Lakes was setup near the back lake to avoid about five other groups. The views here were my favorite by far. Day 4 was a pretty swift decent back to the trailhead.

Great loop. About 90% incline the first day. Was pretty strenuous but doable. Plenty of water and great views. We went during the middle of the week so only saw a few other people up at twin crater lakes.

Once we got over the pass we saw a few moose. Trail was in good shape. There was only one short stretch near lower camp lake that was swampy but with thought out steps you can avoid getting your feet wet.

Temperature was great. Maybe mid 50’s at night with highs in the 70’s during the day.

This trail was very pretty! Overall, the trail took my family and I three and a half hours. On the trail it started to rain, so unfortunately we were never able to see Molly Moon Lake. The trail was very muddy at some points, and toward the end the trail leads into the pasture and disappears a little. We saw a moose, which was amazing. I would do it again!

Pretty hike all the way to Molly Lake. Lots of logging going on near the lake with trucks and campers...that wasn't pretty. But on the way back, we spotted a mama bear and two cubs just off the trail. Gave them plenty of room and watched for a while. The trail was not at all busy on a Sunday afternoon-1 biker, several hiking groups, two horses. Bugs weren't bad either thanks to a breeze.

Amazing trail to take your dogs on and get started with hiking, very easy hike with a great view of Dowdy lake at the end!

We loved this hike. from 54 to 12 years old we all enjoyed every step, every stream crossing and especially the wild flowers. Wow! The lake was well worth the trip. Bring bug spray for the first two miles. We were hoping to see wildlife but saw none. So glad we did this hike. It is on my top 5 list!

3 months ago

Trail is clear all the way to Upper Camp Lake where the flowers are in full bloom. A bit boggy on the east side of Camp Lake where some trail improvements could be made. While there were about 3 groups camped at Camp Lake, we had Upper Camp Lake to ourselves.

3 months ago

Great trail, went up to the lakes to fish and was not disappointed. Lots of moose and wildlife.

Spent one night at upper camp lake. 70% of the trail was dry and fast the other 30% was slow and muddy due to snow melt. Setup camp on the south side of the lake on the beach. Prefect spot to camp just takes a little longer to navigate without getting your lower half of your body soaked. Saw one bull moose and a couple of deer. The trout were very active most people we talked to caught plenty of trout for dinner. We had the lake to ourselves for camping. Saw 4 parties walking out when we were heading in.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail through the forest. Easy with lots of shade. Nice and relaxing!

4 months ago

Nice meandering trail through the forest

4 months ago

Started at 11am and made it to Blue Lake in 2.5 hours. This trail is through a wooded forest which provided shade and a comfortable hike. The wild flowers were the stars of this trek and when we continued beyond Blue Lake we were treated to sweeping vistas of snow capped mountains! It never gets old! We continued to West Branch trail and felt amazing after our 13 mile hike! This did require 2 vehicles parked at each trailhead.

4 months ago

There are a lot of wild flowers that are pretty. However, due to water diversion, there is no longer a lake nor will there be one any time soon. Anyone thinking that they will take off their boots at the "lake" and have lunch is going to be disappointed. There are some camp sites with a bench along the way to take a break, which is nice - they have BBQ pits there as well if you want to grill.

4 months ago

Amazing hike! You mostly hike through lush green forest. There are many varieties of wildflowers. The hike is mostly easy, but there are a few stream crossings and mud. I suggest you bring some form of mosquito repellent. The first part of the trail was loaded with mosquitos you just have to keep moving. The lake is so beautiful and worth every mile!

4 months ago

At this time you lose the trail at 2-3 places. This app saved us. There was ankle deep marsh to go through. Trail otherwise is kept up extremely well. Worth it to go to Upper Camp Lake!

4 months ago

Fun trail, very wet and marshy when you get close to the first lake.

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