2 days ago

First off, if you plan on driving the is rough. I'd really recommend high clearance. We did it in a Tacoma with added suspension 4X4 and it was still pretty slow going as the road is very rocky, very narrow and steep in places.

That being said, the lake is gorgeous and you can hike the road if you don't want to drive it. This is probably what we'd do next time. We hauled our stuff in and camped at the lake. Most of the other groups camped by their cars at the top of the road, so you can do that as well.

There was a lot of broken glass where groups had camped by the lake, which was a bummer, especially having so many dogs around. We tried to clean up what we saw, but it some places it looked like people were actually shooting glass bottles, so be careful when walking around!

All-in-all a nice lake...very pretty, but for those seeking a bit more solitude, I'd go elsewhere--since you are able to drive to the top there were a lot of big groups, ton of off-leash dogs, etc. But if you want somewhere to bring a paddle board, pack raft, with the family that isn't an off-the-highway kind of place, this lake is the place!