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Beautiful trail. Lots of vegetation so lots of bugs. Steep all the way as others have mentioned. Not very many camp sites. Good day hike.

12 days ago

Hiked on 6.1.18 with intent to camp at lakes. Knew snow pack was still there but took a chance. Camping on snow is not for me so I hiked out. Probably a couple weeks before ground is dry and lakes thawed. Beautiful hike tho.

13 days ago

Great hike, initially steep with no letup but not technically challenging. Bridge across river was out but multiple alternative routes are manageable and fun! After the bridge, trail is notably easier and winds through some great old lodge pole forest with some huge squirrels and mushrooms. Lake is a great reward and Mount Whitney views are impressive! We even got a huge white fish coming to check out our picnic! Some snow at the top but easily passable. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

14 days ago

As of June 2 the trail still has quite a bit of snow. I’d recommend wearing water proof shoes and gators would be helpful as well as hiking poles. It’s a gorgeous hike but the snow and wet shoes made it difficult!

First time in the area. It’s an absolutely beautiful place. The road to the trailhead is a little bumpy, but a 2WD vehicle can make it... slow and steady. Roundtrip, the hike took us about 4.5 hours. As of June 2nd, the snow covered the last half mile or so of the trail, and because of that, it’s difficult to follow the actual trail and reach the lakes without stressing out a little... some people made it, and others had to turn around before actually reaching the lakes. By the time we got to the lakes, we were the only people there. It was quiet and definitely a special moment. I’ll definitely be returning in late June and/or July. If you’re planning to go before June 10th, bring waterproof shoes, extra socks, snacks, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Good luck!

18 days ago

Hiked this on 5/27/18, almost entire trail still covered in snow but managed to make it up to the lakes. Good moderate to hard incline the whole way. Did not have snowshoes and postholed quite a bit, but once one person blazed the trail, it was easier to follow. Waterproof shoes are a must this time of year. I suggest bringing spare socks. Lakes still mostly frozen and fish still hibernating, even in the little runoffs. Absolutely gorgeous views without any crowds. Can’t wait to go back when snow is gone.

21 days ago

Loved the views out and back. Didn’t quite get to the lake due to the snow on the trail near the top. The description is a bit off. It’s not Slide Lake Road on which you turn, it’s Wuritz Ditch Road. You can utilize a number of pull-offs to start your hike at any time.

We tried camping at Missouri Lake but was unable to make it due to deep snow and not great trail conditions. At a little under 2 miles decided to turn around. Another large group of backpackers also turned around soon after we did. Will definitely be making this trip again soon! The views we did see were absolutely stunning!

5 months ago

Great trail. Steep and pretty much clear of rocks making it ideal for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing! Four legged friends are welcome but on leash. Views are awesome as you progress and get higher. We went yesterday and if you go sometime soon you will be rewarded with fresh deep powder!

could not access the trail.. the road was about 8 miles of 4wd snow covered road. beautiful out there though !

7 months ago

Gorgeous area. Savage peak just dawns over you, and the lakes are beautiful. I camped here, and if you plan to do the same, keep in mind that much of the year it can be somewhat swampy and if you don't get there early you're options for a dry camping spot are pretty limited.

One of the most beautiful vistas I’ve seen.

It is a hard trail. Some what challenging. Great views

8 months ago

Amazing hike! A bit steep at the beginning but then mellows out a bit. The streams and lakes are incredibly beautiful! Be sure to take big spray. Highly recommend!!

9 months ago

Ran into 2 hunters and 4 hikers the whole day. A good spot to actually enjoy nature. The hike has an incline the majority of the trail, it's a big gain in elevation.

All the good of Colorado. Even the drive, while a little rough is 5 star.

9 months ago

This was a challenging hike with a wonderful destination. It was challenging due to the rapid elevation gain, but otherwise, the trail was easy to follow. Once in the basin, we were treated with stunning views of the lakes and surrounding rock formations. The condition of the trail at the beginning of the hike and the Labor Day crowds are the only things that kept this from being rated with 5 stars.

This is my all time favorite hike in the Vail area, for all the reasons listed below. And it is more like 10 miles than 7.5. Fancy is 2,000 vert gain in 2.3 miles, and the best way to start. Awesome!

9 months ago

Pretty basic hike for anyone with medium to excelled hiking fitness. Still enjoyed it though.

We hiked up to Fancy Lake, over Fancy Pass and Missouri Pass, and through the Missouri Lakes.

Having done many hikes in the area, this was hands down the most beautiful I've experienced yet. Endless lakes, wild flowers and gorgeous peaks.

Our trip logged more around 11 miles. Very glad we started up Fancy because it was a shorter -- however steeper -- hike up, and everything was very easy from there on out.

If you have the endurance and lots of snacks and water, very worth the day!

Hiked to Fancy Lake and back today at 3:47pm. Found purple indian paintbrush near the lake and watched the rainbow trout jumping and swimming! Awesome!

Great trail to hike with a loved one as the lake's beauty is beyond reproach.

on Slide Lake Trail

off road driving
9 months ago

Took a stock 4Runner. It was slow going but beautiful once we got up. Took us about 45minutes to drive to the parking area then about a 15 min walk to the lake. Very well worth it!

9 months ago

Great hike, you're going up the whole time but it's short and sweet! Beautiful up top! My husband did fish a little.. large trout in there!

Beautiful. Good for trail running

First off, Id say this is a beautiful hike and relatively challenging. The most challenging part for me was dealing with the altitude. I just came in 2 days ago from Los Angeles and being at 10,000-12,500 ft above sea level destroyed me with headaches and nausea the entire way down.

I started up Fancy Pass Trail, and the trail gets confusing near the first lake, Fancy Lake. The trail seemed to continue around the lake to the left but actually the trail continues up to Fancy Pass to the right of the lake. Keep this in mind!

After Fancy Pass and looping around to Missouri Lakes I ended up taking what I thought was the trail (and it was well traveled) until it brought me to a dead end. There was no trail in site. I bush whacked, following the stream down, until I finally ran into the trail 30 minutes later. So be careful!

The trail up to Missouri Lakes gets five stars in my book, following a stream with cascades and waterfalls to high mountain lakes (with decent fishing). The trail down from Fancy Lake rates four stars as it doesn't follow the stream too closely and is basically a walk in the woods.

10 months ago

One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever experienced! This one has it all - waterfalls, lakes, trees, rocks, some wildlife and wildflowers!

It is pretty steep - almost just as important for the back half of the hike (watch your footing!) as the out half. If it has rained can be pretty muddy and slippery - plan accordingly! The weather went from beautiful to raining in a half hour or so - so TAKE RAIN GEAR! A rain jacket will do you just fine, at least based on what we experienced, although it did get windy as well!

Make sure you have plenty of water and some snacks! My friend and I each had a large hydroflask full of water and that seemed to be plenty for the out and back, but we likely could have used more!

We want to go back & do this as a thru hike with Fancy Pass and camp at the lakes! Cannot wait to hike this again.

Fantastic adventure! Just make sure you check with rangers to see that it's open. I went in June and it was completely snow covered and had to use a topo map to make the loop.

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