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Red Cliff, Colorado Map

Gorgeous hike with great vista views of lakes, and a small town on the main highway—both from way above when you are above tree line. Hiked this with my friend on September 26, 2018 and there was only a trace of snow showing anywhere at that time. There is a nice protective moderate size rock hut at the summit. Christians will appreciate the view of Mount of the Holy Cross, a 14’er, which is viewed across the valley once you reach the summit of Notch Mountain. The snowfield in the colour (rock crevices) is visible certain months, and it forms a gigantic cross. I believe it was in the 1940s that many Christians hiked this for a pilgrimage to see the cross. Check a Google search for the story. Note that if you prefer to hike the 14er, Mt of the Holy Cross itself, you probably won’t get much if any view of the cross. Check guides to see. I’ve hiked about 25 hikes in Colorado and this is one of my top two favorite hikes! It was exactly 10 miles round trip with elevation gain if 2857 feet. There is a water source about 40% of the way up.

Like Valerie we lost the trail. We followed it about halfway around and came to a sign for the Treeline trail. We followed the blue diamond trail markers, but after a while when I looked at the map I saw we were in the middle of the loop. Anyway it was an enjoyable hike, with an easy trail.

trail running
21 days ago

Amazing trail, the lakes and creeks are gorgeous.

Great hike on Saturday, 9/22. Very few people on trail. Sunny, clear day, sea level friend joined us and did fine! The first lake you come to is just as beautiful as Lower Missouri Lake, which is just up a bit. We didn’t do the loop to connect up to Fancy Lake Trail bec two in our party were tired. Will try that next time.

Excellent hike. My gps said was 2.8 miles to lake so 5.6 Round trip. Beautiful secluded mountain lake. Amazing views along the way. Great aspens !!

1 month ago

Great hike to Fancy Lake today-9/19/18. We didn’t start til noon. Fairly easy climb. Lots of good switchbacks. Thank you trail groomers! This lake is stunningly beautiful! Next time we’ll hike on through to Missouri Lake.

This trail was so much fun on 09/17/18.
I think what made it so much fun was because I got lost on this mountain so many times . I didn't even mean to do this trail but somehow got on it. Get lost up there and have fun.

Tough hike but very beautiful. The road to the trailhead was a long dirt road but not bad as far as clearance goes-- only the last mile or so was uncomfortably bumpy/slow, I imagine most vehicles could make it up. The beginning of the trail is steep, then it levels out a little with less dramatic gains. Don't be fooled by the first lake you come to... continue up about another 1/4 mile ish to see the bigger lake, it's worth it! Gorgeous water color and mountain backdrop. Highly recommend this for a great workout and views. Not too much fall color change on the hike bc of the tree composition in the area, but the drive from Minturn was stunning with tons of aspens.

off road driving
1 month ago

Very Rocky trail. Stock Rubicon handled it slowly but beautifully. Nice trail through the woods, and decent hike around lake. Very secluded, we didn't meet anyone on this trail. Decent scenery.

off road driving
1 month ago

Relaxing, scenic drive. Really easy roads that anyone should be able to do, too.

Great peaceful trail. Good cool down trail after Mt. Elbert.

Beautiful trail with breath taking views. Lots of color. The views from the meadow at the top were spectacular. Not very difficult at all. Nice, well marked trail. One of our favorites because of the views at the top.

scenic driving
1 month ago

We drove this on a Wed. afternoon in September as a nice break from I-70 eastbound. Beautiful fall colors and maybe a dozen cars total, including hikers. Road would be slow for a low-clearance vehicle, but passable to almost all sedans, etc.

1 month ago

We completed a overnight backpacking trip this past weekend, and it was absolutely perfect. It stormed a bit at night, but was perfectly clear by morning. There were plenty of other people staying overnight, but there are so many nooks to camp in that it was easy to feel like you were nearly alone. Incredible views and many places to scramble and explore around the lakes.

A wonderful little hike up to a hilltop meadow. Didn’t see other hikers but passed a few mountain biking groups. Lovely rainbow of changing colors of the short underbrush shrubs. Beautiful mtn range views at the top of gore range, holy cross. Nice change from the standard & popular summit/14er hikes.

After reading about this hike we decided to make the drive from Breck to give it a go. We weren’t disappointed. A good bit of the hike follows the creek with a few bridges over the water. We covered about 8 miles total as we spent a good bit of time walking around the lakes. The lakes were really nice with good clear water. Great place to camp and we talked with a few folks that were staying the night. Only caveat would be that the trailhead is around 10 miles down an unpaved road but most any vehicle should be able to make it.

1 month ago

Great trail with a variety of scenery from meadows, to waterfalls, small gorges, alpine lakes, streams etc. We camped at the larger lake, it looked like there were 1 or 2 other groups there and a couple more at the lower lake.

Moderate, my ass. Hiked this today. And I hike the backcountry a lot. Went clockwise from Missouri lakes trailhead. Fine up to the lakes but then a butt buster on fancy pass over the ridge. Rocks and steep as hell. Snowed on me and you have to cross it twice. Coming down, signage is bad. Follow fancy pass lake trail. I goofed and went left and ended up on holy cross city 4x4 trail. Lots of fresh bear droppings. Still, stunning scenery.

1 month ago

A lovely place to bring someone who has limited mobility or stamina. Beautiful view.

We did this hike two weeks ago. “Everyone” is right! Best hike I think I’ve ever done. It is not technical, it is also not that hard, but the terrain is varied, and beautiful. Our dog had a great time too. Lots of water and wildflowers.

1 month ago

We did a backpacking trip at the end of July to this beautiful destination. The weather was perfect, the trail was beautiful, and the lakes and surrounding scenery were stunning. Although I took my fly rod, I forgot my reel so no fishing! The only drawback was the number of people there. We went on a Monday and a slew of people were coming down the trail after a weekend trip. There were still others up there but we were glad not to have gone on a weekend. It's a stunning destination worthy of your time.

We did this entire loop yesterday. We started on Fancy pass trail which worked well because it was steeper and descending down Missouri Lakes trail was a breeze. Be careful staying on trail at Missouri Lakes. We got sidetracked as there are many paths around the lakes.

Beautiful hike! Definitely recommend doing it clockwise as the last 3 miles of Fancy Lakes Trail were down, down, down. Great hike for day hikers or those wanting to camp. Stunning views, with plenty of places to fill up for water. Wasn't too crowded on the trail, great for dogs. Water was very cold, but not cold enough to stop one lady from skinny dipping which was an added bonus! If you have the time I recommend checking out Holy Cross Trail. It only adds a couple of miles and is a very easy hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Living in Memphis where the altitude is roughly 250ft above sea level, I must admit the ascent took its toll on me. Did the Missouri Lakes loop and went down Fancy lakes trail which was much easier and allowed me to descend at a 3mph pace. But the hike up Missouri Lakes had me stopping to catch my breathe every 30 yrds or so. Which wasn't too bad because it was absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend this hike for anyone wanting a lil exercise with beautiful views!

Beautiful hike. The directions are a little misleading. We parked by Lilly lake trailhead. It is quit a while until you get to the actual trailhead for West Tennessee lakes. It’s worth it though!

Beautiful features, seemed to be more difficult than other moderate trails we have hiked. Very crowded the day we were there!

Pictures do not do it justice...this is a MUST see. Great hike...fantastic views. Highly recommend it!!!

This is a great short backpacking trip with stunning views and very few people (once you get over the pass). We spent two nights camping at Fancy Lake and had it completely to ourselves. Climbing the two passes with heavy packs was a chore (especially getting down the scree slope on the east side of Fancy Pass) but the scenery is spectacular, with numerous alpine lakes and viewpoints. After we set up camp, we did some day hikes and explored a couple of abandoned mine shafts. The Forest Service road up to the trailhead is pretty rutted...a high clearance vehicle is a must.

1 month ago

Great hike, starts with a steady incline through wooded areas. The last mile is downhill, with the last 1/4 mike as switchbacks with spectacular views before the creek/campsite.

The creek is great to rest and have a snack before tackling the switchbacks uphill for the return trip.

This trail was also longer than 4.3 miles - closer to 5.5 on our gps.

BEAUTIFUL hike. My watch said it was 9 miles. Started at 8am, made it to the summit of the second pass by noon. Went with my mom who lives at sea level, but otherwise great shape. She had a hard time with the second pass. Gorgeous views the entire way. Lots of water for the pups to drink.
I give it four stars because some asshole left their human shit wrapped in paper towels on a pile of pinecones at a camp site that you walk right through and my dog ate it. So whoever you are... your shit you left behind is no longer there. Also. You’re a piece of shit too. Please learn backpacking etiquette before doing this again.

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