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Pine, Colorado Map

This was a great hike for a warm winter/spring day, as most of it is in a burn area and has no shade. There was snow and slush on the trail, but also dry spots and as many other reviews said, it has lots of ups and downs, so you don't just hike up for 4.5 miles and then back down. The rocks are fun to climb around and have great views in every direction.

29 days ago

Trail is very steep, not rocky. Was a little iced up at the bottom on 2/16/19, but not enough to need microspikes. Took about 1.5 hours to get to the point where you need ropes to climb the face. Coming down took .5 hours.

Amazing views throughout we tried to add elk falls trail but Started running short on daylight. Not many people at all for a weekend 11.5 miles with up and down elevation gain. Hiking took a little under 5 hrs with all the ice snow tracks helped for sure to prevent slips and so did hiking poles. Lots of various wildlife tracks in the snow. Gorgeous all the way!

Trail was snow/ice covered and muddy but no issues with yak tracks. Overall a nice short flat hike.

Just hiked the Staunton Ranch trail toward Elk Falls past Sunday afternoon. Clear, well marked trail. Great views.

This was a fantastic hike. Excellent trail, beautiful scenery and not too difficult. It could be hot in the summer but it would be perfect any other time. We followed the SR to BE up to the lake and took Marmot Passage (MP) out and it was almost exactly 10 miles. The MP part had the best views and connected back to SR. One of our favorite new hikes.

Good hike to miss some of the crowds at Staunton. After fighting the traffic on Staunton Ranch for a couple of miles you turn on to Scout Line Trail. Scout Line and Marmot stay fairly quiet and no bikes allowed on much of the trail. Some very nice views along the way to the lake. The lake/pond is a great place to stop for lunch. It is frozen solid at this time. Only a few snowy spots at this time. No need for extra traction. Very quiet on Christmas Eve.

Good hike, on the shorter side but still a good workout on the way up. Nice views. Went 12/23, some snow but not too much. Lake was completely frozen over which was pretty cool.

Unfortunately went when about 2 miles in, a fork appeared and both routes ended up being snowed out/extremely icy. Had to turn around... But beautiful open space about a mile in for an awesome view of the mountains. Very quiet and serene trail :)

Nice hike, we took the stairs up and it was a good incline up. Great views from the top. Short hike!

Hiked this trail on 11/17/18 to Elk Falls. The trail is broad and extremely easy to follow, and I would rate this is more of an easy rather than moderate hike. Saw several elk about a mile in, both hiking out and back. It’s mostly open/not heavily forested, and part of the trail follows along the service road for the park. The SR trail was largely bereft of snow; however, the BE and CR trails were covered, although not heavily. Had microspikes, but didn’t use them. The only somewhat challenging part was descending down to see the falls, and trekking poles would be nice for that, as well as for parts of the service road that are covered in snow.

I am a big fan of this hike. However some do not like it because of the lack of trees due to a fire many years ago. I like the surreal landscape and the long views of Mount Evans and Pikes Peak. The Chair Rocks at the end are a great place to have lunch with awesome views and a unique surrounding. While a bit ling, there are no steep inclines on this hike. This hike also stays pretty quiet. We only saw two bikers the entire hike. Keep in mind that because of the lack of trees you are exposed throughout most of the hike so be prepared for whatever the weather.

Beautiful day in October to hike with dog. No snow, warm. Trails are marked well;however, be alert as there are some trail projects going on and divert you. Revegetation going on as well in some places.
Bicyclists also use trail so don’t zone out with the landscape.

64F in October, had to check this place out! Arrived at 9am, I saw about 20 cars parked(3 parts of big parking lots, easily fit 120 cars) but ran into only 2 dog walkers and 2 fishers. Looks like most people were off to biking. 4 stars because I expected little better views. I have a feeling this place is packed in the summer. Have fun, my fellow hikers!

Nice little hike, pretty views!

I loved it! It’s so beautiful .

Great for families and kids- easy hike very steady, beautiful views.....and that’s at the beginning of it....

Got there a little after 9am, parking lot 10-15% full. Started around the lake which was nice, so the end of the hike we were going down the stairs and had a nice view. Good views throughout. Pups had fun. Lots of sun exposure. Walked a little way up he narrow gauge trail and found a nice shallow spot where the pups could play in the water. Easy quick hike.

Great hike! Would highly recommended

Hiked this on 8/18-8/19. Flowing water in several creeks beginning approximately five miles in.

First part of this trail is amazingly beautiful and varied. Super lush. Mixed pine, aspen, and spruce, changing up frequently. The meadow portion is also beautiful in its own way, but be mindful of the lack of shade for that portion. I prefer forest, but even I found the meadow to be starkly beautiful, especially in the early morning.

Different type of beauty on this hike! Saw tons of animals (and remains of animals) and very few people. Chair rocks itself is cool and a very unexpected surprise as you can’t see it during the hike to it. The trail was a little challenging to find once you leave the Colorado trail- you actually have to go through a small opening in the fence about 0.5 miles away from the rocks. But otherwise very straightforward and interesting!

Started at Pine Valley Ranch Park took Buck Gulch out to connect to The Skipper, then connected to the Homestead Trail/Charles Cutoff loop, and made my way back via Strawberry Jack Trail and Park View Trail. Gorgeous views! Quite a bit of the hike is through the burn area from the Buffalo Creek Fire of 1996, so very warm-lots of sun exposure due to minimal tree cover. Bring more water than you normally do if you do the full 2 loops. Also, if you have a pup, bring double water for them as there is only 1 small stream. Did find a random water tank on the Strawberry Trail that was there courtesy ‘neighborly equestrians’. Very thankful as I could scoop water to cool off my dog! Also found huge bunches of raspberry bushes after turning onto The Skipper Trail. Lastly, I don’t think the ‘Getting There’ directions quite match the GPS coordinates and the map of the trail route on the app? I followed the GPS and that led me to Pine Valley Ranch Park which is a nice JCOS Park.

Not sure how the trails are rated in AllTrails but usually not quite accurate. Hard isn’t what I would call these trails. Sure you can get miles in if you want. And you there are climbs but, difficult...no.
Lots of fun and the views are awesome. I recommend!!!!

This trail is the hardest I’ve been on this year. If you decided to do all 18+ Miles. Make sure to carry enough water. I had 2.7 liters with me for 8 hours. Not a lot of shade through out the trail. I was fortunate enough to have clouds blocking the sun pretty much all day. However, when you have clouds you have rain...

My only gripe would have to be all the bicycles that are on this trail. So if you have a mountain bike. Definitely check this place out. I only saw one family of three through out the entire trail hiking.

Make sure to get the map that looks homemade.
As for the trail awesome sights everywhere. This trail is one that I can brag about.

Staunton State Park is beautifully maintained and trails are well marked. Park fees are $7. It’s a great spot close to the city and there are a lot of trail options for every level of hiker (or biker, climber, horseback rider!).

We hiked Staunton Ranch trail to Elk Pond to Elk Falls Overlook (Lion’s Head Trail is currently closed). We did the trail on a Tuesday and saw only a handful of hikers and bikers (intermittent rain showers I think helped with the traffic as well). Overall time was about 4.5 hours and 10 miles - I think moderate is a fair rating for the trail with moderate inclines on Elk Pond trail and a tougher climb on the Elk Falls Overlook trail.

Keep an eye out for wildlife - we spotted marmots, deer, and other critters on the trails!

Great trail with awesome views at the top. The trail connects to other trails in the Pike National Forest as well. Looking forward to going back!

Skip Bugling Elk! You are in a service road the majority of the time. Stick to Staunton Ranch and treat it is an out and back. It is in a state park, $7 for parking, so it is understandably crowded definitely should be listed is “moderately” trafficked. But once you get to the lake and take the switchbacks in to the wilderness you get some elevation and beautiful views of Lionshead (I think?) But what am I bitching about?? It’s a pretty sweet 10 mike hike within 45 minutes of the city. Get there early and you can have some alone time, enjoy!

8 months ago

Great hike with beautiful scenery! Not highly trafficked. Good trail for dogs. River at the base/bottom is a great place to cool down.

Nice morning hike and pretty easy. Lots of fallen and dead trees, thoughThe lake and river are beautiful and there are great views once you get to the top. Wildflowers, bees, a woodpecker, and other wildlife made this hike great!

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