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Started at Pine Valley Ranch Park took Buck Gulch out to connect to The Skipper, then connected to the Homestead Trail/Charles Cutoff loop, and made my way back via Strawberry Jack Trail and Park View Trail. Gorgeous views! Quite a bit of the hike is through the burn area from the Buffalo Creek Fire of 1996, so very warm-lots of sun exposure due to minimal tree cover. Bring more water than you normally do if you do the full 2 loops. Also, if you have a pup, bring double water for them as there is only 1 small stream. Did find a random water tank on the Strawberry Trail that was there courtesy ‘neighborly equestrians’. Very thankful as I could scoop water to cool off my dog! Also found huge bunches of raspberry bushes after turning onto The Skipper Trail. Lastly, I don’t think the ‘Getting There’ directions quite match the GPS coordinates and the map of the trail route on the app? I followed the GPS and that led me to Pine Valley Ranch Park which is a nice JCOS Park.

Not sure how the trails are rated in AllTrails but usually not quite accurate. Hard isn’t what I would call these trails. Sure you can get miles in if you want. And you there are climbs but, difficult...no.
Lots of fun and the views are awesome. I recommend!!!!

This trail is the hardest I’ve been on this year. If you decided to do all 18+ Miles. Make sure to carry enough water. I had 2.7 liters with me for 8 hours. Not a lot of shade through out the trail. I was fortunate enough to have clouds blocking the sun pretty much all day. However, when you have clouds you have rain...

My only gripe would have to be all the bicycles that are on this trail. So if you have a mountain bike. Definitely check this place out. I only saw one family of three through out the entire trail hiking.

Make sure to get the map that looks homemade.
As for the trail awesome sights everywhere. This trail is one that I can brag about.

Staunton State Park is beautifully maintained and trails are well marked. Park fees are $7. It’s a great spot close to the city and there are a lot of trail options for every level of hiker (or biker, climber, horseback rider!).

We hiked Staunton Ranch trail to Elk Pond to Elk Falls Overlook (Lion’s Head Trail is currently closed). We did the trail on a Tuesday and saw only a handful of hikers and bikers (intermittent rain showers I think helped with the traffic as well). Overall time was about 4.5 hours and 10 miles - I think moderate is a fair rating for the trail with moderate inclines on Elk Pond trail and a tougher climb on the Elk Falls Overlook trail.

Keep an eye out for wildlife - we spotted marmots, deer, and other critters on the trails!

Great trail with awesome views at the top. The trail connects to other trails in the Pike National Forest as well. Looking forward to going back!

Skip Bugling Elk! You are in a service road the majority of the time. Stick to Staunton Ranch and treat it is an out and back. It is in a state park, $7 for parking, so it is understandably crowded definitely should be listed is “moderately” trafficked. But once you get to the lake and take the switchbacks in to the wilderness you get some elevation and beautiful views of Lionshead (I think?) But what am I bitching about?? It’s a pretty sweet 10 mike hike within 45 minutes of the city. Get there early and you can have some alone time, enjoy!

1 month ago

Great hike with beautiful scenery! Not highly trafficked. Good trail for dogs. River at the base/bottom is a great place to cool down.

Nice morning hike and pretty easy. Lots of fallen and dead trees, thoughThe lake and river are beautiful and there are great views once you get to the top. Wildflowers, bees, a woodpecker, and other wildlife made this hike great!

Not too shabby. It was a beautiful trail great for trail running. Wasn’t insanely busy and it was 4th of July.

Great incredible views of Pine Grove, CO and the entire buffalo creek area.

Nicely marked trail, never a question on where you’re going. Well maintained too. Not the best hike for views since your hiking within view of the service road for about 3 miles of the hike-unless you go past the pond to the falls (another 1.5 miles) which is well worth the extra mileage. elevation change is pretty minor. Overall did about 10.8 miles in 4 hrs.

I really loved this hike which is surprising because it feels so desolate from the fire scar. But we heard so many birds chirping and butterflies flickering around. However, we started at 9 and it was HOT. If a storm hadn’t rolled in on our way back it would have been a killer. Get an early start!!

Medium length mostly level trail to a beautiful rock formation with a great view.

Beautiful scenery. There's never really any mountain views, since it's a front range hike, but the area is just great. We did Staunton Ranch to Bugling Elk to Marmot Pass to Scout Line back to Staunton Ranch. It was probably about 10 miles total. The only elevation was on MP and SL. Took us about 5 hours with lunch at the pond. This would be a good fall hike bc of all the Aspen trees.

great hiking for all levels of adventure seekers. went over the holiday weekend and the park handled a full crowd of people. many highlights! if you haven't been in this park yet it is sure to be a delight to you..

Loved this hike! A long one, but tons of beautiful scenery along the way. The first 3 miles is very exposed, so a hat & sunscreen is good idea. Tons of wildflowers in bloom & the destination to Chair Rocks did not disappoint, amazing rock formations & great views!

Love this place! Connected to a few off the map trails to make for a longer hike. Beautiful scenery the whole hike. Not crowded on a Monday morning.

Love this place! Connected to a few off the map trails to make for a longer hike. Beautiful scenery the whole hike. Not crowded on a Monday morning.

Love this place! Connected to a few off the map trails to make for a longer hike. Beautiful scenery the whole hike. Not crowded on a Monday morning.

I was in town visiting family and had picked this particular park out for my first Colorado hiking adventure (with RMNP coming up 2 days later.) My cousin went with me and we were at the ranger station along 7:15 in the morning and set off by 7:30am. he weather was chilly at first but within the first hour, I was down to a fleece sweater only. While it was cool, the weather warmed up quickly. The weather was perfect
for hiking and we saw so many deer in the park on the trail while hiking.

We saw many who were out hiking, trail running, and mountain biking. Everyone was polite and keeping to LNT principles.

We started out on Staunton Ranch and did the overlook trail to Bugling Elk and back around to Elk Falls Pond. Suffice to say, the view was amazing and the water so crystal clear. There were a few places where there was still some snow - mostly in the shade
of the trees - but mostly the trail was manageable with no additional gear, provided you were mindful of your steps. If you're on the Staunton Ranch trail and before the overlook, there is a stream for filling bottles, provided it's also filtered.

Considering I only arrived into Denver the afternoon before, the climbs were challenging but also fun (coming from a very low elevation location.)

We took our time and arrived at the pond along around 10am. Elk Pond is a gorgeous place for a break, snack, pictures, and refilling water with a filter.

On our way out there was a group doing service maintenance and clearing out dead wood.

Park Volunteer Jenna lapped us twice and was so helpful out on the trails. We asked some questions and she had an abundance of information for us, too.

If I had more time, I would have tried to do Chimney trail and Lion's Head. Suffice that's what will be saved for next time.

This is a very scenic trail. Best to go counter clockwise to avoid climbing a bunch of stairs. Anyone who likes taking pictures will love this trail.

Pretty sweet - flowy, great for mountain biking

Just wow!

3 months ago

Created our own loop that wound up at about 8 miles. Overall nice hike mostly through pine forest with some long stretches through an old forest fire. These stretches do make you very exposed to the elements, especially with the sun beating down on you. Very well maintained trail. Watch out for lots of bikes. Some views of Mount Evans throughout. It was fairly quiet today but I can imagine that this trail get very crowded in the spring and summer.

Short and sweet. Very pleasant. 9am Sunday with very few other people on the trail. Bike trail seemed more popular. Great picnic facilities, too.

My fourth time up and took another new trail. We made it to the waterfall, about 10 miles round trip. A few snowy parts but we were fine with just our hiking poles.

Beautiful if you’re into the post wildfire burn scar kind of desolation—a bonus that I only encountered a few bikers and hikers the entire time. The entire trail is rolling hills and small gravel, so no real challenges in terms of terrain. There were definitely signs of wildlife, but nothing spotted during the day. The views from Chair Rocks back to Mount Evans were worth the 10 miles round trip, and the occasional glimpse of Pike’s on the way back to the TH was fun.

Bring sunscreen and plenty of water for that initial 3 miles of exposed hiking. No snow or ice and just an occasional patch of mud means you could probably get away with regular tennis shoes.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Rode my class 1 e-MTB on this trail from the parking lot at Pine Valley Ranch. The trail starts with a long hill climb, which was made much easier with pedal assist. Then connected to the Strawberry Jack trail for the mostly downhill return. It was a fun ride and thanks to Jeffco Open Space for initiating the 1 year trial period for class 1 e-mtb use on all of their trails beginning February 21st, 2018. Hopefully this will be a permanent change.

Extremely well maintained trails, signs, and routes. Pick up a map on the way in (it's a state park so $7/day or $70/yr annual pass). The route here corresponds to: Staunton Ranch Trail, to Scout Line Trail, to Marmot Passage Trail, to Bugling Elk Trail, finishing on Staunton Ranch Trail again. If you have the sunlight, weather, and energy, tack on the Lion's Back Trail to Lion's Head (+3mi). Awesome views!

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