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A great trail with good views. Only problem I had was a large rattlesnake who startled me by rattling while laying almost invisible on the trail. Definitely got my attention. Was sunning itself on the bare trail. I gingerly walked wide around it.

Beautiful views, and a great workout! I highly recommend this trail!!

4 hours ago

Such an amazing trail!! Did this hike Sunday 4/22 and definitely needed microspikes, but poles and/or snowshoes weren’t necessary. The ice on the lakes is starting to get pretty slushy, so I can’t wait to see them again when they melt! The views throughout are breathtaking, and they just keep getting better the entire way. It was so sunny and warm at Emerald that we had to take some layers off! If you stay until the afternoon be prepared for some light storms to blow thru, but it actually felt amazing to have a little rain on the hike back. Highly recommend.

Great hike. Beautiful day-could see for miles up top. It’s worth the climb.

off road driving
12 hours ago

Gorgeous views. If following this trail you will want high clearance going up. 33 in tires on Xterra was good enough with no lift. Ran into a couple shorter vehicles backing down the switchbacks to turn around.

A bit off the trail is a wall that is supposed to have Ute petroglyphs and has a lot of graffiti :(. One or two looked to be authentic but most was much newer.

Didn’t see any signs to quarry along this trail and didn’t take the time to explore much. Nice drive and will go back later with more exploration time.

This trail was an experience!! Our group backpacked through here for 3 days and loved it. It was the most challenging trail I've done personally but was easily the most rewarding. After each trial you seem to be rewarded with dream-like views. Highly recommended!

The whole park is closed off right now. Its April 26th today.

14 hours ago

Did a slightly different loop, taking the Apex trail up to the Grubstake Loop switchbacks then back down the Pick N Sledge trail--the beginning is a little more exposed than I usually like but a beautiful after work quick hike! Nice variety of trees, views, rocks, & elevation gain. Pretty muddy but not bad as of 4/25.

A great quick workout with amazing views atop Arthur’s rock of Fort Collins, forests, and beyond. A beautiful open valley to start, forest hike detours, and many switch backs lead up to Arthur’s on the final ascent up.

This was my very first “hike” and I loved it. I’m traveling for work and had some time before I had to be in the office. So many pretty views! And some good exercise.

All trails says moderate but the park labels it strenuous. For me it was definitely more difficult than expected. Lots of different terrain and some rock climbing... be prepared, take plenty of water. The trail takes a lot longer than you might think. But, totally worth the views, beautiful!

17 hours ago

Best hike near Fort Collins in terms of bang for your buck. The length and gain are perfect for a day hike and will challenge you without beating you down.

Steady incline with a well worn path. The gain and altitude may be challenging if you do not have a decent level of fitness and/or are not acclimated to the thinner air.

Easy, short trail that is doable for anyone. The falls are most active in the spring during the snow melt.

Perfect hike for anyone.

Very beautiful. Lake was frozen solid minus a small portion.

The road to this hike becomes a red dirt road all the way up through the mountain. The hike is through a beautiful forest, we did this hike 4-24-18 in a snowy blizzard. At the top of the tower was very windy and we couldn't really see the view but still very beautiful. Will definitely be back in summer.

19 hours ago

Loved it. Very pretty. Great lookout at the top. One of the best foothills hikes I’ve found so far

Great short hike. I was able to make to the tower in about an hour and 15 min. Thank God the road was open. Yes. it is open.

Extremely dog friendly. The lake was absolutely beautiful! Definitely coming back soon as we got a late start and turned around a mile in due to the weather getting a bit too hot for our pups. Keep in mind there is very little shade for your pups as you walk. Early morning visit on hot days with pups would be best.

Got to the lot at 11 am. Only one other car. Road is still closed, so you need to hike up 1/2 mile to the trailhead. I passed the only other two hikers and was the only person on the trail. Beautiful weather at the summit. 1 ft. of snow pack pretty much the whole way up...mixture of snow pack, slush, and mud on the way down. I completed with a pair of water resistant Keens. going forward that should be fine, unless it gets more snow. Then I'd recommend traxs or micros for a safe descent.

1 day ago

Great camping spots, but it does get busy during the summer. No facilities at all! Pack it all in and out. You can kayak on the lake, but I would suggest driving back around to the boat ramp to do so. I tried carrying two small kayaks up and down the hill leading from the campgrounds and it was really rough. Fishing isn't great unless you go all the way down to the south-west corner of the reservoir where south boulder creek dumps in, which is a long paddle.

Here is a PDF listing all the camp designated campsites.

Kind of boring for the first couple miles, but rises up to meet the peaks towards the end with some good views. Barely any snowpack even with this last weeks storms. Greening up with crocus out. Lots of jumping over the stream, my dog was a huge fan. Not too many people either. Beautiful meadows at the top.

I got so lucky and had the most spectacular day for this hike! This hike was awesome! There were two very steep parts, one right before the Loch and the other right before Lake of Glass/Sky Pond. The second one is incredibly steep and you need some sort of traction and/or poles to get up when there's snow as it's along a waterfall/stream so there's ice too. The rest of the trail has incline but I didn't find it terribly taxing overall! The trail was packed pretty well early this morning but with the warm weather turned slushy as more people hiked up so not sure how it will be the rest of the week. The views were incredible, I'd love to see the trail in summer as well! I wasn't able to find the trails around the lakes so I ended up just walking on them which worked since I started early enough but the ice started to melt as the day went on and people (me included) post-holed down to the water. The parking lot holds maybe like 30-ish cars but there is a shuttle service in summer which I'd recommend so you don't have to worry about parking and apparently a larger lot at the Bear Lake trailhead which does connect to this trail system! The trails are well marked but make sure you check the map since Sky Pond isn't marked until you're about 2 miles in. Bathrooms at the trailhead is a plus!

After completing the Seven Bridges trail I started on this one. Though the trail itself didn't really gives much views as it was more a hike alongside a river/creek (which is nice of course). Though the trail definitely splits off at points and got me turned around a few times. Overall it was an uphill battle which was pretty rough since I just did a hike beforehand, when I got closer to the top I definitely needed a few more breaks. Especially once you hit the 0.2 mile sign and the switchbacks start, I'm pretty sure its about 0.5, maybe providing you with a false sense of hope you're almost done lol. The falls itself were quite nice, though parts of it were still frozen the main waterfall cliff was nice, and turning around you had a spectacular view of the valley below (:

1 day ago

Great hike all the way through, started off with plentiful parking in the top parking lot. Went through the gravel/dirt road to the first metal sign which I passed...then looked up to my right at a different trail and saw another metal sign...then turned completely around and saw the #622 sign. Walked closed to the metal sign and there it was Seven Bridges hike! So yeah just keep a lookout for those metal signs and the #622 and make a right upwards. Its all uphill from there and being a non-native to CO it wasn't too bad but once I passed the 7th bridge and started upwards to Jones Park...hoooo I definitely needed to take a couple of breaks. So I'm not sure whether or not I reached Jones Park - but I'm assuming it was that one side (where the trail is on) that has a vast opening where it was ALL loose gravel and giant rock formations while the other side is a complete full grown forest (or in today's case completely covered in snow). So one side was like a hot desert while the other was a snow covered forest - pretty cool. I only went up maybe 0.5 miles away from that point and it just kept going up, so yeah I called it quits and went back down to start the St. Mary's Falls Trail.

It's just an okay hike/trail - I mean the first 10 seconds into the trail you're already at the waterfall lol - after that it's about a 0.5 miles hike straight upwards a bunch of stairs to get to the top viewpoint (which I think is worth it but could be better). You minus well do the whole thing while you're there. Not great/not bad but a good way to end the day after completing two other trails before this one.

It's just an okay hike/trail - I mean the first 10 seconds into the trail you're already at the waterfall lol - after that it's about a 0.5 miles hike straight upwards a bunch of stairs to get to the top viewpoint (which I think is worth it but could be better). You minus well do the whole thing while you're there. Not great/not bad but a good way to end the day after completing two other trails before this one.

Good family trail, easy for kids. Good views from the bottom of the canyon and pretty rock up to the mine.

Hiked this trail this last September. Drove all the way to Mayflower Mine where the trail takes off up the valley. The last quarter mile of the road was difficult (had a Jeep). Would not recommend this for inexperienced drivers.
Loved this hike! I’m 71 years old and found most of the hike quite easy. The most difficult part for me was making my way up the very steep part that gets you in the upper basin. Fixed steel cable and climbing rope makes it much easier, but it made me question if doing this hike alone was wise.
The lake is beautiful and the ruins are fun to explore.

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