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1 month ago

We were not able to complete the whole hike. Here are a few pointers about this trails. Coordinates put you at the entrance of a state wildlife area with a sign stating "dogs prohibited". Mt Lamborn itself is on national forest land which does allow dogs... but its confusing and not really sure what the right answer is here. You can park where the coordinates land you but I am not sure how the trail is there. We continued to drive on and followed a road sign saying "Mt Lamborn 3 miles". The road is AWFUL. Definitely a jeep road. Our Subaru Forester managed alright for a while but we eventually pulled off for the sake of our tires/shocks/etc. We hiked from there so probably about 1.5 miles. That puts you at the trailhead - from there the summit is still about 5 miles. The road was of course exposed, dry, and hot so just come prepared! From the trailhead onward, it was certainly steep at times but in and out of the woods so pleasant coverage. Wished we could have made it to the top for the views but the driving slowed us down and we ran out of time. Still some nice vistas from the trailhead!