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10 hours ago

Beautiful scenery and moderate difficulty. Easy to moderate length by turning back and nice shade.

1 day ago

really awesome trail for a day hike! we had two dogs.with us, off leash, and had no problems. they loved splashing around in the river throughout the hike. we went about 5 miles in and then back out, and found some great secluded spots to hang out and rest.

Especially fun to end up at the top of the mountain at the Wolf Creek chairlift.


This was such a fun hike! There are lots of dead trees, but honestly, all the grass and wildflowers make you forget those. It’s so fun to hike part of the Continental Divide Trail in a really pretty spot. We did an easy scramble onto the top of Alberta Peak, which was also fun.

The peak isn’t marked, so look at pictures of it so you recognize it when you come upon it. It’s recognizable if you know what you’re looking for! A big pile of rocks, that is.

Also spied three pika. That was super exciting.

Great hike! Went to the first bridge and back because some people were worn out but up to then it was one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on. The cliff walls on either side of you while you are next to the river are amazing.

This was a beautiful hike. Only complaint was holy moley flies and so much dog and horse poop. I was happy to be rained on to get a break from the flies. There is a part when you get close to the falls where it looks like you could take the trail down or up. Go up, down goes nowhere.

Hiked to the falls on 7/10/2018. Second half of hike has an extraordinary variety of wildflowers including:
Cone flower, indian paintbrush, monk's hood, wild rose, fireweed, butter and egg, columbine (red and blue). Many more that I can't remember - my wife identifies them for me.
Also, tons of butterflies and a western tanager.
Very nice hike but steep in a few places.

Amazing hike really liked the meadows with flowers! It is worth getting close to falls.

12 days ago

This was a wonderful trail that is easy to hike. We took our dogs and a huge group of all ages and there is plenty of places to get down to the river. Beautiful rock cliffs on both sides. We only went 2 miles in but again it was perfect.

good trail, some issues with blazing/trail marking towards the top. waterfall is sadly weak due to drought.

My husband and I did this trail today. We had a late start, about noon and finished by 4pm. We stopped a few times along the way to take photos and rest, it definitely changes in elevation a lot so your going up and down which can wear you out. Lots of rocks, so make sure to wear good grip shoes/ hiking boots. We brought a lunch and ate it up at the falls. So worth going up to the top, under the falls. It is super steep but so worth it. Loved the hike!!

20 days ago

Thank you thank you whoever cleared the trail, takes about half the time to get to the spring now.

Great hike. Glad we had our jackets when we reached the top. There are several trees down across the trail on the first half, but are easy to get over, around, or under. Our German Shepherd had no problems.

21 days ago

Started out around noon to hike to the springs. Fair warning, there is not much shade on the trail. Got to my destination in a little over three hours, set up camp, then had the hot spring all to myself! Perfect end to the day. Camped there overnight and hiked out in the morning. The trail is clear and beautiful!

22 days ago

Beautiful and easy. Yes, it’s a bit of a drive from the initial sign (about 10 miles), but totally worth it. We took our kids and dog and enjoyed splashing around at the base of the waterfalls

Love this trail. Scenery is beautiful, with running water along the way.

Fun, great views, not too difficult. Brought the dog and he loved the small snow banks along the way. Accidentally walked past Alberta Peak initially then turned back and did the "scrambling" up to the top which was a highlight!

Excllent trail, not too busy. Hiking time was 1:20 in and 1:15 out with 2 to teens, 2 40 somethings and two boxers. Great variety of views and terrain to see on the trail. Falls were throwing off mist as the breeze ebbed and flowed, it felt wonderful after climbing to the the top. . Remember to take the left at 3.15 miles in, otherwise you'll hike right past the falls.

Great hike on well marked trail. Follows the Continental Divide. Had to climb over, under or go around fallen trees in the beginning. Recommend a warmer jacket and beanie for the top portion of the hike - was windy and cold for about a mile at the top portion of the hike. You can continue to follow the trail beyond the peak area.

trail running
1 month ago

I live in Pagosa Springs, so this is my go-to when I want to do a long trail run, but I don't want to drive very far.

We did the fourmile lake trail/Anderson trail for five days staying at fourmile lake for four nights starting June 10th. When we got back found out the trail was closed tuesday 12th. We had the lake to ourselves, very beautiful fourmile and upper lake. The trail was difficult with all our backpack supplies. 6.5 hours and 6.5 miles going up fourmile lake trail, and then 5 hours and 9.1 miles down Anderson trail.

The trail was closed due to extreme fire risk as of 6-12-18

Great hike it's really a 6 Mile hike according to my walking meter. Lots of rocks on the trail beautiful views. If you can't do the whole thing that's ok too cuz there are lots of places to stop and picnic. Mesquitos were bad we went on 6-11-82 take water and ab energy bar and wear good shoes for the walk.

Gorgeous backdrop of rocks looks almost surreal. The first waterfall is the nicer of the 2.

Great hike. You essentially end up above the ski slopes of Wolf Creek. Amazing panoramic views, worth the hike. When you park the trail is to the left, when you cross a small wooden bridge you are on CDT. Go left. About 1/3 mile out you can cross over a couple down trees on what looks to be a road. It is a ski slope and is the most direct way up if you want hurry up. Then you can come back on the CDT for different views on the backside of the mountains for a makeshift loop.

Stunning views once you clear the first half of the trail. There are around 10 downed trees towards the early part of the climb. The trail map appears to have been made walking up the ski runs that run parallel to the trail and the trail felt quite a bit longer than the published distance.

Took my 8 and 5 year old as far as the Weminuche wilderness sign (2.3 mi). We passed the crew clearing the trail on the way in and they were coming back from the springs so the entire trail should be clear of downed trees now. The views are stunning at times. The first 1.5 mi is walking through private property and the ranch owners spent way to much money to remind us common folk that we arent welcome on their property.

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