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1 day ago

Beautiful hike with stunning views all the way to the second waterfalls. Highly recommend! Took me and my two sons (14 and 12) 3.5hrs to complete and we stopped and took a ton of pictures and ate snacks at the upper waterfall. Enjoy!

Great little hike while i stayed up in pagosa springs. Short but sweet! Found a small trailhead going up to the fall opposite the observation deck, easy to miss tho.

2 days ago

I was very excited about this trail, especially after all the fantastic reviews. The campground is perfect. We had a spot all to ourselves right next to the river after the bridge. A wonderful way to spend the evenings.

We got up early to start the hike and had no trouble finding it and heading in. That said, once we really got into it, it was fairly treacherous with all the fallen trees. Almost every step for about 3/4 of the hike was climbing over and under the fallen trees. I imagine later in the summer, once they've cleared it, it would be an amazing hike. But in May, no bueno.

It appeared that people had gone through and broken limbs off trees to make it 'easier' however, because they left loads of nubs, it made it harder to avoid the inevitable scrapes and scratches.

I finally found the hot springs, and while a beautiful spot, definitely not that hot. And in my opinion, not worth all the very hard work to get there.

All this said, I LOVED THE CAMPGROUND and could easily wile away the hours near that river. On a side note, we didn't see any wild life, which was kind of strange.

Beautiful views and the sounds of the river and my knees only barked a little- LOVED!

We hiked this trail two days ago and it was still in the same condition as about a month ago. There are A LOT of downed trees so if you are going to try to make it start early in the day. We added about an hour each way compared to our usual pace. We had our large dog with us and she was able to make it. There is a lot of over and under trees however so just know that ahead or time. Also pay attention to the trail directions. The turns are hard to see with all the downed trees! Pay attention. That being said, we found the hot springs and had it all to ourselves. The risk was worth the reward!

on Opal Lake Trail

8 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. When there is average snowfall the road will not open until the first week of June, however it is already open for 2018. Parts of the trail are a bit steep, overall it is not too difficult. The trail is 1/2 mile to the lake. You are at about 9,500 feet in elevation.

9 days ago

Great easy trail, the first portion is kind of steep but opens into a patch of aspen trees. Very easy and the lake is beautiful. Bring big spray, lots of mosquitos near the lake.

Beautiful trail. Easy hike and easy to follow
Canyon, meadows and you are either by the river
and can easily access it or you hear the river
I did 6 miles out and back and the trail was dry as a bone

12 days ago

Hiked this trail on 5/9, absolutely amazing hike! The hike there is beautiful and then of course the lake itself is almost surreal.

15 days ago

Hiked in only 2 miles, up to where you get to the fork in the trail for the beginning of the loop. It took me 1 hr 45min to get to that point. It’s a steady ascent with several places of rocky, uneven terrain. Easy to roll an ankle if you’re not careful. Keep your eye out for the view because you might miss it if you don’t!

The trail looked as if no one had been on it yet this year. It’s a more difficult hike with lots of snow, fallen trees on the path, and streams to cross. I would recommend waiting until late summer to do this hike. We barely made it 2 miles when the trail was completely lost. Lots of fresh bear tracks as well.

Nice little hike. Waterfall was amazing.

You must take the 637 route not the 633 or you end up at a private locked gate that denied access to the falls. So take care to locate the right route.

My favorite trail in Pagosa! If you catch it right there are some beautiful fairy flowers end of May early June.

1 month ago

This trail is NOT open yet. We had to park outside the first gate, which adds 2.5 miles onto your hike each way (bathrooms are still locked at the campground and everything is closed). The trail itself needs some hardcore maintanence to be done which hasn't happened this season yet. We ended up having to go over about 50 to 75 trees, some of which were in rather dangerous locations. Dogs should def not attempt this trail right now. It took us about 4.5 hours to do 11 miles. We ended up not finding the hot springs before it got to dark so we turned around at the river (about 1 mile from the campsite and trail to hot springs). Overall, I would not say this trail is not by any means 'Open' in April, as the trail had stated at this time of attempt.

UPDATE: The description has been updated to accurately reflect a better time of opening.

1 month ago

Gorgeous scenery, but the weather made the trail that much better. Probably in the 50’s while we were there, but there were still spots along the river with frozen waterfalls and snow that hadn’t melted yet. As City folks, the wife and I wore sneakers so it made it a little more challenging with the ice and mud. Probably should of did a little more research on the trail to know when to turn around, but who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery. We turned around at the little bridge.

The road to the Fourmile Trailhead is closed right now. To get to the trailhead is a 5 mile 'hike' up the gravel road.

Road closed to the trailhead. Have to walk in two miles on a dirt road before actual hike starts

Having done this trail several times, I find this a great trail for me and my fellow flat landers. The views are great and the peaks are a great hike!

2 months ago

Hiked to the top with my 6 year old daughter.and she loved it. The trail was part ice/snow/mud but easily navigable. We can't seem to drive by without stopping.

2 months ago

Minus the first half mile mudfest, once reaching the river, the scenery was spectacular. Cliffs on both sides with a small stream creating a frozen waterfall on the opposite side. Hiked this during a snowstorm which really made it memorable. I'll have to plan this hike again in the summer and have a picnic on the waters edge.

2 months ago

great hike for kids and dogs even in winter. Just be sure to bring your snow shoes :)

Great trail and beautiful . You have great choices on the trail and great opportunities for photos. I am pretty new to hiking, and this trail was perfect. It was enough to get the exercise I needed without asking me feel defeated

Nice short trail and view of the falls. The drive to get there takes away from the review although the trail itself and surrounding area was very nice. Try to take a SUV or truck and be prepared for a longer drive to get there.

3 months ago

ATTENTION: The road to the trail head was closed when we went this past weekend (2/3/2018) so expect an extra 3 miles each way along slightly boring, flat forest road. We parked in the turnout along the highway and walked in.

Snowy and icy, but not something that would require snowshoes or traction devices. Gaiters could be nice though for some parts. Not difficult as far as elevation change goes. I found the directions a bit confusing when it said to go left at the last fork and pass the campground... the only left path at a fork was closed off by logs and we never saw an official campground. Nonetheless, the hot springs were easy to find by just heading low near that fork and walking along the river.

Lots of algae in the springs.

3 months ago

A really fun and beautiful place to visit. Their are two different trails you can take to reach the falls. One is a well taken care of trail with signs to learn about different biology facts. The other is a trail that at a point in time was the main trail, but years ago it was hit by a land slide. It's very rugged and steep at points. If you are visiting in the summer months, and you are looking for a nice secluded trail to enjoy nature, this is definitely not what your looking for. The area is normally packed with tourists. But during fall, spring, and winter its normally fairly quiet. One thing to keep in mind is that the falls are blocked off with fences and signs to prevent you from going near its base.

Our group of four ladies ages 60+ took on this trail today. We did not get to complete the whole thing. We weren’t even sure we went right way. We made our own trails and part of it because of the snow. We had a fabulous time though definitely a Moderate trail. Did not make it to falls. Had this whole trail to her self today. Ha ha! Roads up to there are definitely still snow-covered.

We wanted to do this trail but found a road closed sign when we came to junction close to trail. We went ahead and walked the closed road which had : ft of snow. We enjoyed the walk and the beautiful scenery. We did not make it all the way to the official trail.

3 months ago

Great hike! Was very icy in some areas. would not recommend hike if you do not have good shoes and are able to do steep climbs down and up. The springs are a pretty good drop down to get to. Gorgeous views and the hot springs are beautiful. Well worth the long hike

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