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I love running this trail. I prefer to do it clockwise. I did it Sat July 21st and started at 6AM. Once I passed the split I didn’t see another person until after the pass - it was a beautiful and peaceful 7 miles until I hit all the people coming up the other way.

12 hours ago

Great hike. Nice change of scenery from typical Boulder views. Trees provide shade for much of trail. Views at the lake are great. Definitely worth the trip from Boulder if looking for a day trip hike.

Very popular trails with good reason. Plan to get there early or take the shuttle. I went twice this weekend and there are a surprising number of cars there by 6:30am. Lots of overnighters.
I ran the trail in each direction and would recommend going counterclockwise. Devils Thumb Pass is the high point, so the run along the ridge is more favorable if you tackle that first. The climb to the pass is steep, but makes a better climb than descent.
Beautiful flowers and birds are all around and the views and lakes are well worth the effort.

Stunning views. Amazing hike. Don’t arrive at the TH parking after 6:45am because you’re going to miss out.

great views

Line to Lake Izzabelle was too long so decided to park in lot and hike in to Lefthand res. So glad I didn’t follow the masses. Nice spot. Lake Izzabelle next week.

The trail is obvious and straightforward to Blue Lake. There good elevation gain to give you a workout and a mix of shade and sun exposure. Blue Lake is expansive and handsome with plenty of spots for a break and snack. The final mile to Little Blue Lake is another story: we hiked it July 4, 2018 and hit a few slippery, perilous snow fields. We approached Little Blue Lake from the south (had a pond crossing and some intense bouldering) and eventually lost the trail. We ran into another hiker who approached from the east via various cairns. Point being, Little Blue Lake is lovely and worth the hike but it was a real pain finding a route from Blue Lake to its higher sister.

20 hours ago

Watch your step on the loose rock at the beginning of the trail. Beautiful water views along the trail, wildflowers, and Lost Lake. We went on a Saturday so parking was full but there is a shuttle from down in Nederland to the trailhead should you want to take it. Otherwise, it’s an easy walk along a dirt road.

Awesome hike! I did this in the evening. Started at 5:30 and only passed a few people on the trail. Made it to blue lake and got some great pictures of Mitchell and Blue lake at dusk. The best part was I got to see 3 moose on the way back. I had never seen moose before so it was a treat. Got some awesome pics of wildlife and scenery and was very peaceful. Made it back just before 9pm. Highly recommend this hike at dusk if you want to see animals.

This hike is well worth the climb all the way to the top but be aware of the trail! Apparently the last half mile of trail is not the well trafficked dirt path winding straight up along the creek but is instead a poorly marked, if at all, less steep path along the lower right lake. Regardless, the hike was beautiful (wildflowers are our in full force right now) and a butt kicker but perfect. Highly recommend going early because the trail was packed by 10am. 7am was more my speed.

absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to do it again

I love this hike! I’ve gone two weeks in a row. Saw moose both times. Note: we arrived before 6:30 am to find the trailhead lot completely full. Had to walk an extra mile both directions. Worth it!

As long as you go early, it’s good. I can’t imagine waiting in the line to get into the park, or hiking with everyone and their dog. However, the higher you go, the less people there are.

This hike is stunning. Huge reward for less effort than usual.

Lost trail a few times. Solid trail. Lots of campers. Not hard, very easy first two miles

Nice hike, steep and rocks are a little slippery, but really not bad. Gorgeous views and quiet at the lake. I don’t know who lost it, but we found it

Many of these reviews suggest going a clockwise route and I would whole-heartedly agree. Look up King Lake Trail to Devil's Thumb Trail Loop reviews to read why.

Previous reviewer took the last parking spot Thursday which should have been mine, ha ha! Yes, get there early not only for a closer-in parking spot (I had to park about a mile away, but that was just fine), but also to catch lovely early-morning golden light if you’re a photographer. This hike is the most amazingly beautiful hike I’ve ever done! Wildflowers on steroids, waterfalls splashing down snow capped mountains, and MOOSE!! Doesn’t get any better. I want to go back next week and take a friend with me. Question: does anyone happen to know the date that the lake (reservoir) gets drained this summer?? (Some company drains it every year in late July-early August.)

3 days ago

Great views for an “easy” Colorado hike. Took our flatlander friend and she was fine. Most of the elevation gain is by Lake Isabelle but it’s minimal and worth every step. Gorgeous views of the area 13ers encircling the lake. Saw an elk, a marmot, and about 6 bull moose (moose were off the road getting to the trailhead). Wildflowers still look great and there’s a flowing creek most of the way, along with a waterfall near Lake Isabelle. Took the side trip around Long Lake on the way back, which made it 5.15mi. We got there at 6:55am today (a Thursday) and got the last parking spot at the Long Lake TH. Go super early; saw droves of people walking up the road from less convenient parking spots.

Start early to avoid the crowds and take bug repellent to avoid the mosquitoes. Good trail, amazing scenery. A great hike!

I’d say this is one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done. I did this on a Wednesday afternoon (began hike at 12:30pm) and it took me about 4 hours after spending 45 minutes at the peak. I only saw a few people total which was great. I’d consider this more of a moderate hike not hard, because it’s only about 6 or so miles. But, there are tons of boulders and a nice scramble towards the peak. The water was amazing at the Final lake and I spent 10 minutes soaking in the ice bath with my dog.

Like walking through screen savers. We went early am mid week and got to take in almost everything uninterrupted.

Great hike. Pretty easy but tons to see. Didn’t realize there were a few waterfalls as you hiked along the stream. Great place for a picnic at the lake. Plan to come back and snowshoe this one.

Awesome trail with great hikers. 0 trash found and overall well maintained. I brought and out of town relative here for an overnight. couldn't have asked for more. Camped at the lower lakes then hiked the upper before breaking down camp for the hike down. it's got fair traffic but overall does not take away from the experience. I will definitely do this again in day hike format.

5 days ago

Easy hike that is absolutely gorgeous. There are some hikes you do for exercise and there are some you do for the views. This is for the views. Take your time and look around. We added in the Long Lake loop as well. Our dog loved splashing in all the streams.

Parking filled up before 8 am. We just hiked to the hike from the free lot outside the gate. It added about 4 miles onto the trip.

Definitely take the time to veer left towards the river and explore along the waterfalls. It’s beautiful.

Amazing hike today to Lake Isabelle. All the recommendations and suggestions with regards to parking were very helpful from the past comments. We departed Denver at 530am arrived 715am. Obtained one of the last parking spaces. An easy trail with amazing views at every turn. As we arrived at location 7 moose were along side of road. This started our day on a fine note indeed!

I did this trail to warm up for the Dead and Company shows in Boulder the following weekend. This trail had everything, low traffic (in the morning), a challenging climb, loads of flowers, and spectacular peaks towering over you. I climbed up the south ridge of the Crater Lake saddle to get up to a beautiful view of the next valley and then climbed on up to the continental divide. Hike exceeded my high expectations of hike in the Rockies.

Get there early! Parking lot will fill up around 8AM. Got there around 9AM a few weeks ago and we waited in line at the pay station for over an hour. Worth the wait if you have the time!

Bring sunscreen and plenty of water. Pretty crowded tail. If you don’t want to add time to the hike try to park at Long Lake. I

The most beautiful hike I've been on so far in Colorado!!

Enjoyed the hike. The wildflowers are out in full force. Not to be outdone by the flowers, at the first lake 3 good sized fish decided to feed right where we were standing and one was courteous enough to stop and pose for the camera (see pic)! And, so the fish and flowers weren't to get all the glory while walking back a Weidemeyer's Admiral butterfly landed on the trail and showed off for the camera as well (pic posted too). There were quite a few people on the trail and even at the uppermost lake - so bummer for that. But we had the third lake all to ourselves. We had never hiked up the rock path before - previously traveling up the path that follows more along the major waterflow between the 2nd and 3rd lakes. We decided will stick with our original path - much!!!! prettier!!!!!!

We stayed at the lower 2 Crater Lakes and oh my goodness it was busy! The lower lakes are ~4mi and 1500’ gain according to my GPS. We hiked to the upper lakes the next morning, another 700’ gain and 0.7miles. We had our full packs so it was a workout. The hiking poles for the descent were a must. There was quite a bit of talus to navigate.

Crater lakes is beautiful, the wildflowers are at peak right now. The campsite was nice, I was just in awe of how crowded it was (yes on a July weekend, should I be so surprised?!) All campers were respectful and tried to minimize impact. Everyone was using bear canisters or bear bags but with as many people and dogs were there that night, I didn’t think a bear would be wandering through.

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