15 hours ago

Be mentally and physically ready for a Very HARD hike-climb.

The long lead up trail to the small un-named lake is a very nice hike. Be careful to stay on trail. There are sections one can easily get off the true trail and detoured by a social trail leading elsewhere.

Once you get off trail and start up to Navajo, it is Very Hard. Very steep. Lots of loose scree and talus---lots of wasted energy slipping and losing ground. Class 3 stuff in some sections going up airplane gully.

Once on the ridge, it is more solid but the typical un-steadiness of rocks. The summit climb is nice. And, of course, on a nice day, the views of Indian Peaks Wilderness from on top are Awesome.

The airplane debris is sobering.

Be careful on the descent not to go down the wrong gulley off of Navajo. One of them will end in certain Death if not careful and you don't recognize it and turn yourself around. (Don't ask me how I know that? :)

Once finally back on the trail and heading out, you will be proud of what you've accomplished.