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Does anyone know if the road is still closed?

Fantastic! Did it at about 7pm got back to the trailhead by 820pm. It rained all the way, but the entire trail is pretty well covered.

Great hike. Need crampons or snow shoes to get to the upper lake still so didn't go. Both bottom lakes are fine hiking with no special gear. Recommend trekking poles.

Absolutely beautiful hike. We started morning at 7am from the trailhead. Could find very few people hiking this trail. There are few patches of snow before you reach lower crater lakes, but nothing your hiking boots can't handle. Upto Lower crater lakes, trail is clearly marked. The trail to Upper crater lake is a bit difficult to follow, trail is step. We climbed without any special equipment, and it's certainly doable. At some points snow is knee-deep, but it was not icy, so we didn't have trouble reaching the Upper Crater lake. The view is absolutely worth it. Upper crater lake is still partially frozen, and the view is spectacular. On our way back, we could find lot more hikers ascending.

The wildflowers are out and the creek is high right now!

Very nice hike.
Decent variety - good portion of trail you are walking along a stream. In June, this was a lot of rushing water. Not the little trickles I'm used to in CO mountains. Three bridges in total. Some pure woodsy areas, other wide open views of wooded mountain tops, and of course the lake at the end offering a white capped mountain view on one side.

Fairly easy trail as well. Going to the lake it is a slow and steady incline. Nothing strenuous. No up and downs or zig zags. Going back, you get the downhill.

Suggest putting booties on your pups for this hike - the trail is filled with those smallish jagged rocks at the beginning portion. I had not and my poor pup was limping slightly at the end from a few cuts.

Preface: newbie CO hiker. Great trail overall with fabulous views and great midpoint at Lost Lake. My husbands comment - lovely. Most of the terrain was rocky and hard to get solid toe off on the way up (also hard on my pups paws). The uphills were heart pumping. The almost constant sight & sound of water was refreshing. Some parts shaded and others not. We starting hiking at 9:30a and finished by 12:00... parking was filled at noon (and there’s a good amount).

Everything was still snowy from a bit before the lower lakes when I hiked this. I'm guessing a recent avalanche (in the past week) covered parts of the trail beginning near the northern lower lake, hiding most/all former tracks and most of the trail, which is now very difficult to follow in the area between the lower and upper lakes. I climbed to the upper lake with a small dog and no special equipment so it is doable, but very strenuous. The snow at the top was deep & soft (I sank to my waist a few times). Beautiful hike but be careful when climbing!

12 days ago

trail is closed April-July1st for wildlife conservation.

It was a beautiful hike. So worth it. Family and Pet friendly. You need to get early (no later than 8am) for two reasons, 1st parking is limited, second, the hot temperatures can be detrimental for young children and pets. I got there at 7:30am and left at 12:30pm. The amount of people starting the hike at that hour of the day frustrated me and as I got closer to the end of my hike and saw more and more people just getting there with little children, even babies and pets. I ended up talking to some of them , advising them and letting them Know is not recommended to start a hike that late. The risk of heat exhaustion increases exponentially. The danger of Thunderstorms pass 12 pm is a possibility as well. I understand that you want to enjoy a great time with your family. But exposing your kids to extreme heat that adds up to the long hike, defeats the purpose and your children will prefer to stay home playing games on their tablets and phones rather than going outdoors enjoying nature. I saw them so unhappy and uncomfortable some not wearing any head coverage nor sunscreen, whining and some were just only 5 minutes into the hike. Dogs are the other innocent victims, they wont cry or whine, they will pant uncontrollably and can collapse. You don't need to be an Einstein to figure this out and plan the perfect hike, just a little of common sense will do. And please pick up you poop bags!! It is such a beautiful place to enjoy nature, so please plan smart and you will have the best time ever . Sorry for venting , but I found it necessary because I care about children, pets and families. PS I met amazing and responsible people like an adorable Mom with his baby boy and many pet owners along the hike early in the morning

On weekends in the summer, park at the Nederland park m ride and take the free Hessie shuttle. It adds .5 a mile to your hike but well worth avoiding Parking hassles. Great trail with lots of shade.

Beautiful! If you love water featured in your hikes, this one is stunning and most enjoyable. Best to get there early as it does get quite busy as the morning goes on.
Well marked and just a lot of fun. Good for solo or family hikes.

Love this hike, did it 6-7-18. Trail challenged you a bit but did not kill you. The view was amazing and the river running next to the trail made it just that much better. It is running full steam right now and was fantastic to see. Took a wrong turn while hiking around the lake and ended up going up for a bit and had a beautiful view of the lake and surrounding area. So worth the adventure up. All around a great day hike. Appears parking could be rough on weekends but during week was no problem.

6.2.18 Excellent hike with beautiful wildflowers and a breathtaking lake. Path to the lake was completely clear, although the path around the lake had some deep snow patches, but doable in hiking boots. Arrive early, there were lots of other hikers and fishers. We arrived to the parking lot around 8am (on a Saturday) and about 3/4 spots were already taken.

Fantastic trail, beautiful meadows and wild flowers. Hard enough to make you feel like you've earned the reward at the end, but easy enough that most people will be able to do it. He views at Lost Lake are fantastic. Definitely walk around the whole lake, counterclockwise will save the best views for he end! Oh, and when you hear a roaring waterfall on your left, definitely veer off Rail and take a look. You'll be glad you did. Happy Hiking!

16 days ago

While the hike is incredible in that it follows waterfalls most of the way and the lake and views are gorgeous...absolutely stunning. That's my review of the hike and location. The rest of this review is about other hikers that come here. My experience made me disappointed in my fellow man like never before. I arrived at 3:00pm on a Friday with a few parking spots available. I camped at one of the designated sites and met quality people the first night as well as a friendly Fox who hung out for over an hour. However Saturday when the shuttles arrived they delivered the worst or the worst. People pooping in the middle of the trail that loops the lake. Glass bottles left everywhere. People building fire rings on the small beach with the rock outcropping, a guy that literally sicked his dog on a moose, people with total disregard for fishermen and people yelling and screaming at the top of their voices. (Yes, one of these groups stopped to pose for a photo with an unfurled Texas flag). I will stop at this lake in the future but only on weekdays. Apparently one has to go farther these days to escape those who should stay in the city where they belong. I'm only deducting one star because of the people...because really, it's not the lakes fault.

This is hands down one of the most amazing hikes in Colorado. I went in late August last year and I definitely plan to return when the road opens back up! I got to the Mitchell Lake parking lot around 7am on a Saturday or Sunday and there were still quite a few spots left. The views are incredible throughout (including moose, so bring binoculars!) and the trail leading up to Blue Lake is easy to find. One of my favorites!!!!!!!!

Hike was really good but pretty strenuous at the top. Had to use micro spikes and snow shoes for the top lake. Beautiful views, I will probably go back during the late summer months! Some things to note: Lots of mud due to run off, top still has some pretty deep snow (I’m only 5’-0”) but my taller friend was still going through to about the knee at some points.

Gorgeous hike! Did this on Monday, 6/4/18 and arrived at 10am with plenty of parking. Lots of rocks, so wear good shoes. The view of the lake is amazing. Can’t wait to go back later this summer and camp!

My brother and I hiked the trail on 5/31. the first 1.5 to 2 miles were pretty solid. from 2 miles on its pretty much snow. The trail wasnt to hard to follow and is still relatively well marked.

We got to the bottom 2 lakes and rested for a bit. threw on the micro spikes and hit steep incline on the left, straight up. as opposed to the trail on the right. it was beautiful @ the top lake and we spent a good 2 hours up there just taking it all in. the hike down was relaxing and the day overall good.

The road is closed to get up to the parking lot.

We hiked from moffat tunnel up to lower crater lake when we finally couldn’t find the trial any longer, after post holing around the dog and I finally gave in and will try again when hopefully all the snow back is gone! Don’t try my wrong through, was a great hike and lower crater was very stunning as well! Cannot wait to get up to upper!

I was coming back down the trail from Lost Lake about a mile from the trailhead and a big moose unexpectedly popped out of the woods onto the trail about 2 feet in front of me. Thankfully it wasn’t aggressive because I didn’t see or hear it until I was close enough to touch it. It passed by and wandered along down the trail without giving a 2nd look to me or my dog.

No snow, lots of rocks. Great trail. Couldn't find the loop, so it became an out and back for us.

The view was really quite nice! The weather was perfect and everyone on the trail was friendly. The trail going back was a little rocky. There was still some snow patches on the trail and a little bit of water running down the trail. This is probably because it is still spring. Just be careful.

Love this place.

Tried to hike 05/26 parking is a mess, there is a shuttle from Nederland available

Good trail and good scenery. Way too crowded though. Parking is a cluster f.

Came to do the heart lake via Roger’s pass trail today 5/26/18 but there was too much snow and potholing. Turned back and did crater lake instead. A beautiful hike- we lost the trail, as did three other couples ahead of us who had turned back, but using GPS on our phones we were able to find the lake. Still mostly frozen but beautiful nonetheless. By the time we finished lunch by the lake more people had arrived and we followed their MUCH easier and more clear trail down. By this time much of the snow from our trek up had melted and the trail was basically a creek. A beautiful hike and we will be back again after the lake thaws.

Nothing in these maps matches reality. Also, sings are torn down and trails are torn up.

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