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Nothing in these maps matches reality. Also, sings are torn down and trails are torn up.

when does the road open for the summer?

13 days ago

Easy hike. Went today 5/13/18 and there was minimal packed snow up to the lake. We had on hiking boots and tennis shoes. There is some water to walked through, but our friends with tennis shoes manage just fine walking on logs/rock to pass by. Pretty lake up top and campsites.

Road closed when coming from the Mountain Research Station side.

29 days ago

Wonderful trail, went up to lost lake. It was very snowy but well packed. Had to like in a bit from the main road.

worth the hike! the last mile is tough but the views are spectacular. This is my favorite hike in Colorado.

Road is closed!

2 months ago

Great little winter hike. We went the extra half mile to Lost Lake. In the winter you can't park at the trailhead so that adds about a half mile as well. No snowshoes required but yaktraks are nice!

2 months ago

Good view, the roads closed so it’s about a 10-20 minutes walk to the trail head.
Fairly trafficked trail even in the winter so I’d leave your snow shoes at home, yaktraks with hiking boots is sufficient, some parts of the trail are icy.

Nice if you are biking. Lots of trees down, with lots of open space. A few decent views. Some nice spots and some not so nice.

Wouldn’t suggest doing this late in the year without proper gear. Was really icy and a lot of snow. Had to turn back before reaching lake Dorothy. The super long dirt road to the trail head is also not the greatest. Still a pretty hike.

Great hike. Did it on 10/22. Recommend spikes. Icy in spots. Quite windy and cold at the top. We’ll come back in the summertime and do it again.

off road driving
7 months ago

quick trail, but super fun. i think it could be pretty hard right after a rain or during snowmelt so be advised. pretty sure it hasn't rained or snowed up there in over a week and there were plenty of mudpits and puddles. my rear license plate goes under water (despite the wake) in one section which i estimated to be just shy of 3ft. if you'd like to see a video of the run i have one up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

7 months ago

Loved this hike!! Saw 4 of the lakes the fourth was definitely the best, incredible views!! The trail was challenging in some areas because of the rocks but worth it!

Awesome hike. I recommend bringing your micro spikes for the end part, if you have them. If not then hiking poles.

Went up on Saturday 10/14 and it was a beautiful sunny day up until you get to the mountain. It started to snow as soon as we started on the trail but it really made for a lovely hike. Only saw 5 other people in the trail, 3 hikers and 2 fishing. It’s beautiful in the snow but it falls quick so if you are not careful you can lose the trail pretty quickly. I still recommend doing the hike even in the snow but I wouldn’t go alone unless you are an experienced hiker just for the snow reasons. It was all in all a great day.

Such a beautiful hike.. probably my new favorite in the area! i think another reviewer mentioned this but definitely recommend AWD and/or high clearance vehicle to get to the trailhead. Also, definitely passable in October if the weather is nice... I was too lazy to pull out my crampons on the way up today but on the way down they were super useful. Only sunk to my knee in snow with one misstep by the lake! Of note: once you reach the pass and can see the other side of the range, there is a sign directing you to arapaho pass to the right and another pass to the left. To get to the lake, go left not right! I added an extra mile before I realized my mistake by not looking at the gps.

So beautiful. Hike this. Crampons would have been helpful towards the top but definitely do-able without them.

This was one of the most epic hikes I've taken in Colorado yet. The unexpected winter wonderland we found at the top added to the amazing scenery. A gradual incline that isn't too difficult except in a few places. The wind picked up at the top so just wear warm layers and sturdy shoes! Completed in 4.5 hours.

8 months ago

Pretty falls. Long way back to the trail head and very poor signage. Would have hiked longer if we knew we were heading in the right direction.

8 months ago

Not heavily trafficked today, at least! beautiful autumnal hike. easy, but rough enough terrain that I was glad I brought my hiking sticks. Also dog friendly, yes, but hand held leash required on trail

off road driving
8 months ago

Ran it all the way to El Dorado. Open all the way. Ran with a group where we did some maintenance just after the water crossing and then a little further up. Also did the part down from Caribou to El Dorado which was much more technical. Beautiful fall colors.

8 months ago

Fish were jumping everywhere could not get them to bite

Great hike. Very well maintained trails. Great combination of forest hiking and walking along a scree slope (but packed). Challenging with a gradual incline. Great hike for all skill levels with amazing scenery!! Recommended!

off road driving
8 months ago

It's open! Drove from 116 south on 505 to Caribou Rd. Need pretty high clearance but only had to put my truck in 4x4 once. Couple of shallow water crossings. Once down in the Caribou campground area, I was searching for a friend who was camping so explored all 11 campsites. Some were pretty technical to get to. Not sure if the trail is open from Caribou Rd down to Eldora.

8 months ago

Amazing and beautiful hike.

Recommend wearing sunscreen.

Arrived at the trail on Sat around 0900 and the main parking lot was full. If you have an off-road high clearance vehicle additional parking at the trail-head.

Attempted to do Jasper Lake, but signs posted “no fires” and it also required a permit to camp. Highly recommend going to the .gov sight for more info about this area. The lake looked very low.

Headed to Devil’s Thumb Lake which was about 1 mile away and found a few camping spots and didn’t see as many restrictions as Jasper Lake.

In mid Sep it snowed and was very cold at night, dropped at night to 23 degree’s with 94 percent humidity.

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A perfect blend of physical challenge, striking scenery, and varied terrain. Wife and I completed this hike in about 4.5-5 hrs with several breaks, but never found it too tough. Coming from the East Coast and hiking at this high elevation made this hike a bit more challenging than a similar hike in our region, but as long as you take quick breaks every little bit to catch your breath, you shouldn't have any issue reaching the top.
There are a few very rocky sections, especially as you rise above the treeline, but a solid pair of shoes should allow you minimum frustration. Trail was well marked and well trodden the whole way, and offered plenty of amazing views and photo-ops. If you're near Boulder/Denver, this hike is well worth the hour trip West!!!

A word of caution--- the dirt/gravel road to the trail head is dicey at times.. a truck or SUV is recommended. Our tiny Hyundai rental just barely managed to get up to the parking area.

Very scenic and lots of different terrain. We hiked thru heavily wooded areas on dirt trails and wood planks, through a few small waterfalls and creeks, on rocky cliff sides and finally made it to the tundra with a view of the Continental Divide and Lake Dorothy. We followed the signs for Caribou and Arapaho Pass. Good shoes are a must! The 3 mile dirt road on the way out is better suited for 4wd but our Honda Fir made it... we drove very very carefully!! The entire hike (there and back) is about 7 miles and took us 5.5 hours. We walked pretty leisurely and took rest breaks on the way up.

The trail itself is nothing special until you rise above treeline and/or reach a lake. King's lake highly recommended.

Amazing hike. Went 2 weeks ago. Flowers were still amazing. Just stunning scenery the entire way! I live at sea level so the ascent was slow going but not hard in the slightest. Lake Dorothy was worth a visit (stay to your left where the sign is and the paths fork - it says to go to Caribou pass but first takes you to the lake). Be careful where you step. Saw many walking off the trail by lake Dorothy. Fragile tundra should not be stepped on. Please take care to only step on rocks! One of the best hikes I have done in my lifetime!

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