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A nice, easy trail. Pleasantly follows water for much of the hike. Seems like this would be a great spot for easy backpacking - short hike in and nice sites at the lake.

8 hours ago

Busy weekend at the Fourth of July Trailhead! We chose Diamond Lake thinking it would be less crowded, and I think we chose correctly. Pretty much snow-free until the very top, but nothing your regular shoes can't handle! Lovely spots at the top for a little picnic before heading back.

Great trail with amazing views: Mountains, wildflowers, and some water

Very pleasant trail! A forewarning if your car is old and doesn't have wonderful brakes I wouldn't recommend this trail because you need to drive up a steep incline for about 6 miles. Drive at your own risk if your car is older, just a tip! The hike had various terrain but nothing too crazy. Once you get to the end of the trail you need to scale up some rocks to make it down to the waterfall and reservoir. Those rocks kind of intimidated me at first but its much easier than it looks. Also there are a good amount of creepy crawlies but thankfully none of us got bit! Great family hike for the day!

Got there at 7AM and there was zero parking left. A nightmare and rough roads to turn around on. Hopefully can try at a later date.

Does anyone know if the road is still closed?

Absolutely breathtaking. Wear shoes with good ankle support, it gets rocky towards the top. Lots of water 8-) and a sweater. Always windy above the tree line! Everyone should experience this beauty!!

Fantastic! Did it at about 7pm got back to the trailhead by 820pm. It rained all the way, but the entire trail is pretty well covered.

Really lovely! The end is definitely a little more difficult to see which way the trail goes, but with the roses blooming, you won’t really care!

2 days ago

Open and already busy - easy hike and pretty; fishing was mediocre from shore with not great access, would be better wading.

Awesome beginner's trail with scenic views. Highly recommend!

Trail in. Rey good shape. (The road to it, not so much.) A few stream crossings with steep, rushing water were the hardest obstacles. Cold and windy up top with gorgeous views the whole way.

5 days ago

it was beautiful!!! if you go in June though, bring snow shoes and gaters! or of your super sure footed, micro spikes and gaters

Despite a near constant (and most needed) deluge of rain, this was an awesome hike. If you are hiking here in rain be advised that the trail is effectively a running stream in many parts...so either wear waterproof footwear or submit to squishy socks as I did. There is a beautiful meadow about halfway up that in nicer weather would have been a great spot to take a break. Once you start having to walk over snowdrifts you know you are close to the lake.

Beautiful hike. Started at 8:30am. Took a little over 5 hours. Had a couple of rain showers that only lasted 5-10 minutes, not heavy downpour but more than a sprinkle. Took rain jacket so ok. Lots of rocks in the beginning, looks like a dried up creek bed until about mile 2. Will definitely hike this one again.

The wildflowers are out and the creek is high right now!

Not a busy trail even on Saturday. Water is streaming in many parts of the trail, it's a good idea to have waterproof boots. A lot of snow is still left close to Woodland lake and Skyscraper reservoir but manageable without spikes.

Very nice hike.
Decent variety - good portion of trail you are walking along a stream. In June, this was a lot of rushing water. Not the little trickles I'm used to in CO mountains. Three bridges in total. Some pure woodsy areas, other wide open views of wooded mountain tops, and of course the lake at the end offering a white capped mountain view on one side.

Fairly easy trail as well. Going to the lake it is a slow and steady incline. Nothing strenuous. No up and downs or zig zags. Going back, you get the downhill.

Suggest putting booties on your pups for this hike - the trail is filled with those smallish jagged rocks at the beginning portion. I had not and my poor pup was limping slightly at the end from a few cuts.

8 days ago

Done on 6/15. This is a great trail! Excellent scenery and not too strenuous. The first 2/3 on the way in has several streams to cross, and there were several snow drifts the last 1/3 as you got closer to the lake, but packed down for the most part so extra equipment wasn’t needed. Would definitely recommend having a high clearance vehicle to access the trailhead as the road is quite bumpy. All in all, a great trip and would strongly recommend.

A awesome little hike! With some pretty good fishing at reservoir!

Hi, I work for FHWA which is doing oversight on the construction. It should be open again at the beginning of July.

Trail was super fun, would highly recommend it. Be advised that there were still several snow drifts (6/13/18) that needed to be traversed, especially the last half mile or so leading up to the lake. I used trekking poles and that helped a lot, but still slipped, fell, got wet and made it to the car with wet socks and shoes. Was it worth it? Well I went back the next day to do another trail, so, I’d say so!

Beautiful hike; trail is in good condition. There are a few patches of snow as well as some stream crossings, so waterproof boots are a good choice. Windy up on the ridge, so bring your layers.

This was spectacular trail! Highly recommend. We arrived 10 mins before 9 and parking was full so we had to park on the side of the road. A popular area. The trail climbs steeply. Dry at first. Then muddy past waterfalls. Dry again until reaching the tundra with intermittent packed snow for half a mile maybe. Then a climb to a WINDY saddle. Being 95 in Denver, we debated packing puffies as we were in shorts and a T-shirt and I'm glad we did. The views are tremendous and the lake still frozen. For more details and pics visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/06/13/roadtrip-to-the-rockies-lake-dorothy/

It is a nice trial; shaded, terrain varying but easy, short & sweet. The waterfall leaves a lot to be desired. After the waterfall the trail is not well marked. It appears you must scale rocks to get a decent view of reservoir. On another note, the drive up from Boulder is exhilarating!

I loved the trail, but though it was more on the hard side. My three kids (12, 10 and 6) all did it too, but it was super hard for them a lot of the way. Beautiful views and lots of creek crossing. The four mile road up to the trailhead took some time. Tons of large rocks and huge potholes.

The end is just kinda scaling rocks, the trail ends. But if you are comfortable doing that you'll be rewarded with a beautiful large lake :)

Great Family hike! Loved that the trails down to the base of the waterfall and around the waterline of the lake were challenging but not so much that my 6yr old daughter couldn’t keep up. Shady most of the way- great way to spend a Monday afternoon!

Preface: newbie CO hiker. Great trail overall with fabulous views and great midpoint at Lost Lake. My husbands comment - lovely. Most of the terrain was rocky and hard to get solid toe off on the way up (also hard on my pups paws). The uphills were heart pumping. The almost constant sight & sound of water was refreshing. Some parts shaded and others not. We starting hiking at 9:30a and finished by 12:00... parking was filled at noon (and there’s a good amount).

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