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Nederland, Colorado Map

Hiked this on 2/10. Patchy snow increasing to several feet deep of packed snow. We put on snowshoes at the trailhead, they become necessary immediately. Beautiful views.

I was looking for an easy hike to start to get back in shape. I had Stabilicers on my hiking boots; some people had snowshoes. Beautiful, sunny day; went with my daughter, well marked trails. According to the AllTrails app it was supposedly 4.4 miles, but tracking our route it was about 3 miles. Still, a nice hike! February 17, 2019. All was snow covered.

7 days ago

We did this trail in the middle of January just get a quick outdoor fix. The day we went, the skies were partly cloudy and it was fairly windy, but the hike itself is gradual and easy so we stayed comfortable. Note that there isn’t a ton of tree coverage to block the wind!

The views from the top were really nice! Eldora is fully visible as well as some larger mountains just off to the west. We also took advantage of the deep snow (around 2’ at the time) to sled down the broader slopes by the parking lot. THAT was the best!

The dirt road up is well maintained and mostly flat, but was definitely packed with snow and a bit of ice. 4WD/AWD recommended in the winter!

8 days ago

Did this trail yesterday 2/12/2019 and while this is a relatively short hike it does have a steady elevation gain with the last .2 miles at a steeper grade (about 25% steeper).

We did this trail with micros. But it was a cold and very windy day and the snow did drift onto the well-packed trail but nothing too drastic or need of snowshoes. Good thing too since we left them in the car. 

Starting at 8,989' did give me some trouble breathing (I have respiratory issues) but traveling at a pace of about 1.5 mph the total trip was about 4 hours and that was with spending about 20 minutes at the lake to take pictures. It was a little too cold to spend any longer than that up there. 

If you plan to hike this trail arrive early since parking is limited in space and alongside the road leading to the trailhead. 

Decent incline towards the end, but definitely doable and worth the views. Would be a great place to camp (there are campsites at the lake). I've hiked and gone on snowshoes. Close to town.

Started at sunrise on 1/09. Great hike! Didn't have to use snowshoes until about 1/4 the way up. Broke trail up to the lake for about 3 miles. Only one short sketchy traverse along a treeless slope, so be safe and make sure snow is in good condition- definitely possible for an avalanche if conditions aren't right.

Went today, 2/10/19. Bluebird day, trail is a forest service road but good for snowshoeing most of the way (some small areas barely had snow). Steady & mostly snow packed incline to the reservoir, not the most remarkable views but we were glad for the trees to protect us from the wind. Dogs enjoyed themselves. We didn’t go around the reservoir as we were too exposed and the wind was BRUTAL up there. View at the lake was pretty, not the most amazing. This is a good snowshoeing trip relatively close to Denver and if you want to avoid i70!

Very easy hike. Felt much shorter and less gain than advertised. Extremely busy as usual, but getting started at 9:10am only a few cars were present and we had the hike up to ourselves on the way up (not on the way down). No snowshoes required, I wore crampons because why not for the frozen lake an a little exploration at the lake, but there were people there in jeans and tennis shoes for reference. Beautiful weather yesterday, just bring some layers and boots unless there’s fresh snow. Views are nice but not spectacular for Colorado.

Did snowshoe on Feb 8, 2019. Weather was sunny, temps in 20-30 degree range and light winds. Delonde Trail snow was packed down,icy in spots, and some bare areas. Bluebird Loop had more snow. Trail is basically level with some ups and downs and easy to hike. Snow was deeper at Bluebird Mine, especially going up to the water diversion dam. Spikes could have worked for the most part. Overall, a scenic and enjoyable trek. Covered about 5 miles.

10 days ago

Beautiful day. Great hike. Half way no snowshoeing required. Recommend poles and micro spikes.

We went last weekend on this beautiful trail (2/8). As others have said, there wasn't much snow for the first 1/2 mile, then it got heavier. We had hoped to snowshoe but there really wasn't a need. We did use our microspikes which helped quite a bit. Beautiful trail!

11 days ago

Missing red Vizsla (Delaney) dog on the trail. Please do not chase, whistle or call her. Text or call Lindsay ASAP w any sightings at 720 532 5420. She likely has her collar on. Note where she is, her direction of travel, etc. Thanks for any help! I will delete this, once she is found.

12 days ago

14 days ago

Great Monday hike. Went up to Lost Lake. The snow varied in depth which would have been suitable for snowshoes but I got by wearing my spikes. Only a few other people on the trail. Ran into a mama and a baby moose, which was exciting!

15 days ago

Did this 2/2. Ended up hiking the whole way and didn’t end up using our snow shoes. Would recommend spikes/yaktrax. More vertical than advertised, but beautiful views at the top and minimally trafficked (started at 8:15am)

Went Jan 31, 2019 for a snowshoe on both loops. Weather was sunny with wind and temps in the 30's. Trail was covered in packed down snow with a few patches of bare ground. Off trail the snow was decent. Snowshoes worked ok on the trails but spikes would have been fine. Covered about 2.6 miles on rather scenic paths. Overall an easy and enjoyable trek.

Friday, Feb 1st. Beautiful day, sunny, little to no wind in the trees (more at the lake). Parking lot is bare so regular cars are fine. Had to carry snowshoes to the trailhead due to lack of snow. Once on the trail it was fine, packed, with only a few exposed rocks in the sunnier areas. The campground traverse had quite a bit of bare ground due to snow drifting away - had to walk a few yards in gravel before getting back into the snow. The lake was beautiful as always, iced over but not a lot of snow. Definitely a good day for snowshoes!

A couple icy spots but generally very accessible and flat.

So, I would actually give this a 3.5 because it was a nice hike and I will probably go camp there with my wife this summer, but it wasn’t MIND BLOWING (which, frankly, Colorado has an abundance of).

That said, it is close, it is fairly easy, it is safe, and it is pretty. It is a great trail for beginners.

I hiked it on a Friday morning only four days after a big snow. The trail attracts enough people that the whole length was snow pack - no need for micro-spikes (left ‘em in my pack), much less snow shoes (left ‘em in my car). However, BRING TREKKING POLES!!! This will do more to help in snow and ice than anything else. And it makes all the difference in snow pack.

Do get there early. I arrived at the trailhead at 8:30 and was the second car there. By 11:00 when I left, every spot had been filled.

Perfect snow shoe trail that is very busy on the weekends especially the first 1.5 miles that are basically all cross country skiers so be aware and don't walk in the middle of the trail. After the Junction there are almost zero skiers and the difficulty jumps from easy to intense for the last 1.5 miles. Snow shoes are absolutely necessary for this part imo especially if you want to walk on the lake that is covered in waist deep powder. Sure to the wind the tail is pretty difficult to follow so double check with GPS if you can and almost never follow the ski tracks! Use your gut and follow the more packed/traveled trail and you'll be alright!

Great snow along the trail. The Brainard Lake Cutoff trail didn't have signs to say that it was ski-only, but by the tracks, it looks like it is. I tried to stay off to the side a bit with my snowshoes, but only passed 2 skiers. Beautiful view at the lake!!! I went on a weekday around 10:45, and only saw a few other people along the entire route.

Snowshoed with canine company, who handled the packed snow well. the first couple miles are technically a road, but enough snow covered it to make it feel like a wide trail. Snow on the road was packed (still happy to be wearing snow shoes for traction and occasional powdery sections), snow off trail was deeper and the dog couldn't go into it. We went counter-clockwise at the fork because we didn't want to miss the reservoir, which offered fantastic views of the snow covered range basically right at timberline. some rocky, less covered patches for a stretch after the fork. High winds and exposure at the res made us turn back out of concern for the dog, who seemed cold. Hope to revisit and finish some time soon!

Good trail once past the pay booth (lots of concrete showing).

I lost a 16inch wheel on January 29th that belonged to our Burley trailer. If anyone finds it in the parking lot I would really appreciate it if you can message me.

Good trail once past the pay booth (lots of concrete showing).

I lost a 16inch wheel on January 29th that belonged to our Burley trailer. If anyone finds it in the parking lot I would really appreciate it if you can message me.

Good trail once past the pay booth (lots of concrete showing).

I lost a 16inch wheel on January 29th that belonged to our Burley trailer. If anyone finds it in the parking lot I would really appreciate it if you can message me.

22 days ago

this trail is a very fun trail with lots of wildlife and people but overall I think this is one of the best trails I have hiked/ snowshoed/ camped in my life time. be prepared so deal with high wind conditions in the winter the wind is very strong up there with a lot of snow in the face

Beautiful day for snowshoeing. Packed trails.

23 days ago

Took advantage of the recent and currently falling snow to snowshoe up here for the day. To echo numerous other comments, the parking lot is insanely windy. However, once you are through the gate past the tunnel, the wind is blocked by the beautiful woods. Rather busy on this Saturday, skiers, snowshoers, dogs. Worth the drive over from Longmont.

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