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12 hours ago

Lovely hike for a partial day. The steepest part was the first section, then it was easy and beautiful. Very little snow and ice on this sunny October day. You can continue up to the lake for a hike that us twice as long.

17 hours ago

Had a great hike today. The trail is covered in a few inches of soft snow almost the entire way. It was easily doable with regular boots and poles, but definitely slowed us down. Took us almost four hours from the radio towers to the peak (and usually a hike like this would take us 2.5-3). Got back down to our car in 2.5 hours. The views from the peak were amazing- probably my favorite 14er views to date!

Of note, the road to the radio towers is rough with deep ruts in spots. There was very minimal snow on the road. My 2WD high clearance Ford Escape did fine, but this is probably at the limits of what my car can handle. For comparison, my car had no issues on the Grays and Torrey’s road or the road to Sherman.

Perfect 3 hour hike with the pup.

parked at upper lot. have a Toyota highlander (lower clearance) and had a few sketchy spots driving. georgous views on the ridge around 13,000. last 1,000+ was steep, but so worth it. Beautiful, beautiful 360 views at the top. lots of boulders and rocks, steep in places. took me just under 3 hrs to the top. the soak in mt. Princeton hot springs after helped soothe the bones!

We started around 10 am today and it was perfect. The tree colors were amazing and the waterfall was incredible.

Amazing views! Moderate is a great description of this hike. First mile or so is the hardest, then it gets better. Coming down is breathtaking from the fall colors and views. Not a lot of traffic early morning. We started seeing more people around 10-12.

We enjoyed the hike very much. Beautiful scenery and spectacular falls.

My husband and children, 21 & 19 and I hiked this last month with our 11 year old Cairn terrier. The initial ascent was hot on the exposed trail but the waterfall was worth any effort.
Yes, there is horse poop but we didn't care... we have and love horses.
I would definitely hike this again.

1 month ago

Great hike, easy to follow trail with lots of beautiful scenery. The waterfall is amazing and a nice place to cool off before heading back down. I started at 8 a.m. and saw almost no one, but lots of groups going up on my way down. There is some horse poop along trail, but wasn't too bad in my opinion. I went on 9/12 and leaves are starting to turn for fall.

Hiked from the bottom lot, roughly 5200' vertical & 14 miles RT. I agree w/ Kurt below, the road isn't that bad, definitely doable in 4WD higher clearance. The last two miles of the hike are intense - around 2250' vertical.. of boulders & scree. The trail is well marked despite some of the negative comments below.. and certainly not dreadful. I second what Annie M says below.

1 month ago

Great easy hike. Finished 3 hours. Beautiful waterfall

Beautiful waterfall. Easy hike. Not many great views on the actual hike.

Did this yesterday from the paved road at the bottom, 5200' vertical. Didn't drive the road because of the scary descriptions, but the road is not bad. AWD (subaru) would be fine. Don't need a jeep. There is just one spot at 10,500 that won't allow a 2WD to make it to the parking at 10800. A gorgeous day with lots of hikers. Hope you like lots of bouldering! More of that here than any other 14er I have done so far. What a workout!

Beautiful fall hike. In my top 10 - views, waterfall, awesome.

Awesome trail! First mile and a half are steep, but the rest is just meandering and peaceful. Watch out for the horse poop!

Loved this hike!

There is a good sized parking lot and a bathroom at the trailhead.

You’ll start the hike with the steepest incline, but there are great views of the mountains. After 1 mile it gets easier and after 1.5 Miles it flattens out. You’ll head through a forest of aspens and cross over the creek a few times. Once you cross an open clearing you’re very close to the turnoff for the falls. I thought the little sign was well placed and obvious.

The falls are beautiful and still looked great on 8/31! We got there early (started our hike at 9 a.m.) and had the entire trail and the falls to ourselves. On the way back down there were several groups headed in.

Very beautiful trail!

Hiked this trail over memorial day weekend with a bunch of friends. awesome hike. dogs with off an on leash and beautiful waterfall at the turnaround. pay attention to the little sign that points to the waterfall otherwise you'll be climbing a bit more than you want.

Great moderate scenic hike to a great spot to relax.

Dreadful in all respects. If you don't have a Jeep to get you three miles up the dirt "road" to the radio towers, forget about it. Four fifths of the route is slabs and boulders, with a very ill defined route. After the first mile through the meadow it is not even a "trail". Last two hours from the ridge is all loose, and would be totally impossible in rain. Unless you are attempting to bag them all, give this one a miss.

Despite the rough road to the trailhead, this peak was still mighty busy on a Saturday morning in August. Parked my stock wrangler at ~11,200’ and camped the night so I could start early and avoid the crowds. Very few parking spots available above the power lines, so keep that in mind if you get there late. Had no trouble navigating the trail in the dark/early morning. The trail itself isn’t overly interesting, but the views improve once at ridge line.

1 month ago

This could be one of the worst 14ers in different ways. Trail poorly marked. The hardest part is the last 2 miles when the rocks and boulders kick in. You are constantly looking down, some rocks slip and cause others to move quickly. I almost had a rock hit me from another hiker above. No meadows, creeks, or water of any kind. The view at the top was great but so are most of them. One and done and wouldn’t recommend it.

Great trek for a family with teens or older grade school. Moderate is an accurate rating. The waterfall at the end is a nice little prize. I suppose I should mention we saw a bear about 80 yards away from us approximately 2.5 miles up.

Not sure what to rate it against but it was my first 14er. I am old and out of shape so feeling a bit accomplished right now, outside of the fact I can’t feel my legs. My wife fared better she was a champ. And truly the only reason I considered making it down.

at 68 years old a real workout but worth it.
nice falls and scenery

Has anyone ever made it to the lake?

Beautiful trail with spectacular waterfall

2 months ago

Beautiful hike!! A lot of the negative comments below can be overcome by good alpine practices. The peak is very obviously exposed, you can see this easily from 285. An early alpine start helps with sun too. We started at 5:30 and summited 2.5 hours later. The trail is wonderfully marked, just look for the next 2-3 cairns, not only the one ahead. The trail moves through a scree field, not sure what the references to “huge boulders” are. There are some but it is more scree than scramble. All in all, be ready for a beautiful and engaging hike. Definitely worth driving the Jeep road if you have the car.

This was my husband and my first 14er. Granted we have nothing to compare it to and the views were awesome at the top, but I don’t think we will ever do this one again. It is 95% straight rock scramble with a very poorly marked trail. It took us 9 hours to do 7 miles, and we are not slow hikers. It just takes that much concentration that by the end you are not only physically exhausted, but mentally exhausted. Good time, but beware it’s all rocks.

This hike was absolutely beautiful! The falls and the views were totally worth the above moderate climb.

One of my favorite hikes. It does have a bit of a steep start and it's exposed so the sun can feel really intense. After it levels out it's a great hike through rocks and trees, over a few small streams. You come to a small meadow with amazing views then the waterfall...so gorgeous!
We timed it right and had it too ourselves for about 20 minutes. The water was cold and refreshing.
We have horses and don't care that there's poop on the trail.
We also don't mind people because they're just out enjoying it too.

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