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Morrison, Colorado Map
19 hours ago

I did this before sunset with a Meetup group. This was one of my favorite hikes and is nice and close to the Denver Metro area. The hike is challenging offering various levels of rock scrambling. Spring wildflowers painted the landscape. There happened to be a concert at Red Rocks which we could hear very well for most of the hike. The sunset views at the top were spectacular. A few warnings: 1) word is that there are lots of rattlesnakes in this area 2) this is a slippery, sandy trail with lots of loose rocks making the descent a different kind of challenge 3) there is very little shade so wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water.

trail running
1 day ago

Good spot to run 5.8 miles. My first trail run and took me 1.5 hr but of coarse enjoying the view and taking pictures. Definitely will go back

1 day ago

Few friends and I hiked this, it was quite warm and there was some, if little shade. Stunning views and several opportunities to look out over the massive ridges and hills which surround the trail. Does have a few slightly steeper climbs, not wheelchair friendly, as well as a few sharp turns. We did run into several other hikers, as well as a few trail runners, cyclists and dogs. Still, very fun hike, perfect for a day in the hills.

Good beginner

Close to Denver. A great little trail with the amphitheater as a backdrop.

It's not flat, that's for sure. But not too hard. There's variation. Some trees, some sunny spots. Rocky path. Some small streams. Everyone had their dogs on leashes. It was beautiful. Several great views.

My roommates and I did this hike last Saturday (5/12) as a part of the many challenges offered through Cotopaxi's Questival. We started our hike around 9 am and completed the out-and-back around 11:30 am.

It was a beautifully majestic morning as the mist settled upon the mountain and made us feel as though we were trekking somewhere in the Northwest U.S.. However, this did take away from some of the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape due to the lack of visibility.

This was a bit more strenuous than I initially anticipated, but I also went in with no prior research being done on the hike and thought it was only around 3 miles round trip. When it was more than twice that length I was a little surprised, but enjoyed the challenge nevertheless.

This was a very pleasant hike that I would definitely like to do again (on a clearer day) when I can take in some of the views!

8 days ago

Nice and easy trail for a short hike day...flowers around and dry trail. Busy during the week ends, even nicer during the week days.

8 days ago

beautiful hike, with wild flowers and wild life....very nice light during sunset

Lots of switch backs but it was really beautiful. A nice view of the skyline!

great views

Perfect hike for non-acclimated visitors. Great views and easier hike to get outside!

Close to the city, quick trip- great for running or a casual stroll. Saw a lot of folks with their dogs out

Fun but crowded. Great for families w littles.

Don't take this hike lightly. It's fairly steep and there's very little level terrain all the way to the top. The most difficult portion of the hike wasn't the brief scramble just before the summit, it was the descent back to the trailhead. Going up you won't notice the loose rocks and slick, sandy soil as much as you will coming down. Bring good shoes/boots with plenty of traction, and consider using trekking poles. Rattlesnakes are present in this area so be aware of them. There's almost no shade along the trail so plan accordingly if attempting this hike during the dead of summer. Wish I had something to say about the views, but it was foggy when we went so there wasn't much to see.

Slightly challenging, very well traveled trail, beautiful views!

Awesome easy hike with a few steep areas.

Very easy walk along the creek, but it is incredibly busy. It was nice to be able to stop and enjoy the creek if you could find anywhere that wasn't already occupied.

I parked in the community and had my car towed! There are plenty of other trails that are not private. You need a tag to park in the neighborhood or the trail head and it's not worth getting towed.

13 days ago

Pretty good trail. I started on Castle Trail and was a bit worried because there were tons of people (I thought this would be more secluded). Once I hit Meadow Trail to Parmalee it was great! Tiny bit muddy today but not a big deal. Parmalee was deceiving in the beginning as I thought the trail was pretty easy but was marked as moderate. There was quite the surprise at the end when it became somewhat steep and got the heart rate up!

To be honest, I was a little sad that I could hear the highway from some parts of the hike, but then again it’s a beautiful trail for not having to go too far into the foothills. Plus, it was nice because this trail offered covered areas high up to see the beautiful scenery around you. Easily marked trails, restrooms at the beginning. Definitely a good trail to bring either a beginner or someone who might not want to do a super long hike. I think it would also be great if you bring a lunch and take a break at one of the covered spaces!

I would definitely do this trail again!

Great easy trail. It was cloudy so views weren’t that great. Trails were well maintained

Fun hike with good rock scrambling! On the way up you can see the other mountains you’ll eventually cross to which is always a treat and at several points you’ll see the actual Red Rock Amphitheater. Near the very end there’s a nice bit of rock scrambling that you can, if you are so inclined, make even better by straying a bit off the clearly defined trail and making your way up.
The way down is easy peasy and if you lose the way you can always see where you’re going and can simply cut right across the mountains to make your way down.
Parking: the gate next to the trail was closed, but if you go into the park from another entrance there’s a parking lot not too far up the other side of it. Free, of course.
A nice way to spend two or three hours that you could extend by doing some of the minor trails in Red Rock Park. Will probably go do it again. Morrison is on the upper end limits of what I’d take an adventurous visiting friend on with prior experience due to mountain sickness.

steep, difficult, and rock climbing at the top great views fun challenging trail

This is an excellent, short hike especially if you are conditioning for more challenging hikes. Great work out! Short and sweet!

Great hike, but a couple things: 1) the trailhead is closest to entrance 4 of the park, go through the gate then the trailhead is to your left (sign showing no bikes or horses) 2) there is maybe 4 shaded spots under trees on the whole trail, keep that in mind as we go into summer 3) I brought my trekking poles and was glad I did 4) BOLO rattlesnakes! 5) really don’t underestimate this hike!

My go-to hike in the area when I’m looking for something super easy and to just hang around at. The rock formations are fun to climb as well!

Day was perfect with clouds and no mud. Always a great hike when you need some quick elevation in a short time. Met a weiner dog named Stephan (who had no reason to be on the trail) and watched him tumble his hot dog body down a 4 ft tiny slope. Once I realize the weiner was not injured, I enjoyed a laugh, patted him on his dusty head and continued down. Remember to bring poles if you are like me and have the balance of a giraffe on ice skates.

Great views, decent elevation gain.

It was really beautiful and challenging because it is a long trail. We took Turkey Trot up and went to the castle via Castle Trail then back down castle trail. The Walker Castle is a faint memory, but you can get a feel of it’s grandeur from all of the dilapidated fireplaces.

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