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We saw the sunrise over the canyon. Beautiful scenery at every turn!

The trail itself was unremarkable, and there are better views of the canyon (Painted Wall, etc.) back towards the visitors center along the main road. BCOTGNP is definitely a views-based park, not a hiking one, but this didn’t feel worth it.

8 days ago

We backpacked this route and camped at one of the dispersed sites at the bottom. There are three sites, clean with a nice pit toilet. We left around 8am both mornings. The descent took us 1.5 hours and the ascent took us 2 hours. We had rather large packs on. My boyfriend did the route up and back without a pack and it took him 1 hour total. The trail is not well kept and very very steep. There are chains in some areas but not all of the steep slope. We would recommend leaving as early as possible in the morning to avoid the heat. There are some spots the route is not very clear, but with basic trail finding skills you should be fine. I would not recommend this for families or people not used to steep elevation gain. Be prepared with lots of water.

Trail head has this marked the Duncan trail. You follow it north until you descend northernly into the bottom of ravine. Go east toward the river. Its easy to get off trail as you start the east descent toward the river.
I found myself having to back track a couple of times because of a couple 25 ft drop offs.
NOTE: If your on trail you don't have to do any repelling.
lots of cactus not recommended for dogs. Bring a water filter and spend a night or two.

10 days ago

It's not a trail for seeing the black canyon. I think it's for seeing the plants. A little steep and I'm tired when going up.

Great views, easy hike, short and quick.

Great little trail that allows views of the canyon from in the canyon. Saw a mule deer on our hike.

This hike was the perfect length and allows you to view the canyon from many awesome perspectives. Even some of the rock walls you hike right next to have a spectacular black, rust and silvery coloring to them. Beautiful!

1 month ago

Good trail with great views of the canyon.

Definitely for experienced hikers who are not afraid of some risk and hard work. Took an hour twenty down moving quickly and two hours up with a lot of breaks in the heat of the afternoon. Definitely worth the trip. trail was discernible and traceable on the way up, just pay attention going down and once you get down, the ranger intends to be overly cautious. Be sure to get a wilderness permit I was checked as soon as I got on the trail (free). Be prepared and enjoy a gorgeous hike

Nice easy hike with the kids to the best view on the south rim!

Great views of the Gunnison river, and not totally exposed. The Oaks give some much needed shade. Awesome perspective of the canyon wall.

This trail was beautiful and very fun and easy for the kiddos. Lots of interesting facts alongside the trail

1 month ago

Nice hike from the visitor center partially down into the canyon under the cover of trees. Just be careful, a tree branch grabbed ahold of my sunglasses from the top of my head and I had to make my way down the steep canyon to get them. Some decent views of the canyon floor from a few points. Not many people on the trail.

Easy hike, following the trail guide out to the end. Nice views of the surrounding area. Last trail at the end of the road, small parking lot but parking wasn't too bad.

Quick walk out to the edge with some great views. Nobody on the trail.

Interesting terrain, especially driving to the trailhead.

The trail continues on all the way down to the river. Beware the climb back out. Especially in the heat of day. Do not recommend bringing dogs if the temp gets above 75 and sunny. The ground gets real hot. Bring water a plenty.

Our favorite hike on the rim!

Another great hike in the park!

2 months ago

Beautiful views from this trail.

Much easier up than down!

2 months ago

I began this hike early and saw/met no other hikers on it. It is easy to follow, but does have some good steep spots. It has good overlooks of the canyon, too!

Short walk to an amazing view

The drop and the view is breathtaking

2 months ago

Another of the amazing view of the canyon

2 months ago

The view are simply amazing of this canyon

2 months ago

Very adventuresome! I enjoyed the challenge it presented!

My friend and I did this very short hike last Sunday (6/3) after having spent the previous two days hiking down near Telluride. We hiked around 22 miles on our two day adventure, so the 1.5 mile round trip trek was a bit more strenuous for us than for some of the others who were just beginning their journey.

It was a little overcast when we started our hike around 10 am, but the sun came out in full force once we reached the viewpoint, and it illuminated the canyon in spectacular fashion. Definitely one of the more panoramic views among the 12 stops along the "Scenic Drive", but the "Painted Wall" still may have been my favorite amongst the options.

I would love to return to this National Park when I have some more time to explore the canyon and hike around. Definitely worth while for hikers of all ages and fitness levels!

Like this place better then mt Garfield

3 months ago

What a hike! My husband and I did this hike in late May. It was perfect weather for hiking. The ranger who issued our wilderness permit made the route sound much more difficult than it really was. Most of the hike was through loose talus and scree and made for some unsure footing at times. The view at the bottom makes the hike worth it. We loved the 80 foot chain. Fun dayhike!

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