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Pretty and very full of snow right now 5/25. I should’ve brought snowshoes! Ended up being 6 miles because our car wouldn’t make it up the dirt road (0.5 mile).

Absolutely gorgeous hike. The snow can be a bit challenging in the spring months but the views are worth the effort. My group and I had lunch right next to Silver Dollar Lake and it’s hard to think of a more perfect and peaceful setting.

3 days ago

Great hike

8 days ago

So we tried to hike this on 5-16-18. We didn't make it because the TH was bone dry, but about a mile from the lake, you definitely need snowshoes and route finding skills. Both of which we have, just didn't bring snowshoes....so instead, we climbed up to a high point along the trail that was higher than the lake and the view was amazing! Probably even better than the lake would have been. It felt like I could touch Squartop from where we were. The trail and area are very lovely and quiet. There were zero others on the trail the whole day and one other person was fishing near the start of the road. Driving: Once you get off of Guanella pass road, there will be a fork eventually, keep right. You go past about 30 campsites then it's still down a ways. I wouldn't drive a sedan down the road unless you don't care about it. Higher clearance (jeep and 4runner are excessive) vehicles are highly recommended for parts. If it had rained hard the day before, there will be pits of water across 80% of the width of the road to the TH that are 1-1.5ft deep. The issue with a sedan would be high centering if you're bad at navigating or smashing your front end in a time or two and only slightly, otherwise it's not terrible by any means. Definitely an awesome area!

1 month ago

We thoroughly enjoyed our snowshoe hike along the mining road, but we only went as far as tree line due to weather coming in. We were the only ones on snowshoes, all other tracks were from skis and boards, winding off the trail through the woods. Beautiful views. Protected from the wind while below tree line. Parking was a bit difficult as the trail head is off a residential street. Moderate difficulty is accurate. Slow steady uphill climb.

Had the place to ourselves just about the entire way up and back. Just my pup any myself enjoyed tromping through several feet of snow late last fall. A great hike for all. About 3/4 of the way becomes slightly more difficult as the trail narrows on the side of the mountain. Cheers!

2 months ago

Trail was packed snow, which made snowshoeing very easy and fun. We had high winds so we weren’t able to make it to the other side of the ridge; we made fresh tracks as far as weather allowed.

4 months ago

This is a tough winter hike, we used Yaks but many wore snowshoes and snow pants. The views are rewarding, I'm sure even more so in Spring.

4 months ago

This is one of my favorite hikes in Colorado!!! It is rarely busy and offers a wide range of environments to trek through from forest, to boulder fields to tundra. In July the fields above tree line are covered in a wide variety of wild flowers, and there are giant patches of columbines.

The climb begins quickly. You'll accumulate a big chunck of elevation gain through the first 2 miles. The trail leads to an incredible view down the valley from a pretty exposed overlook. The next couple of miles are a more gradual uphill. It is a beautiful hike through boulder fields and forest with the sound of the stream ever present. The last third of the trip is the most grueling. It is a sustained climb to the lake.

In past years I have camped along the trail then tackled Square Top the next day.

Things to note - County Road 1038 is not well taken care of and has boulders that you will have to get over or around. There is almost always standing water a few inches thick somewhere on the road. I have seen a Prius make it to the trail head, but have been on trips where the driver of a Subaru didn't feel comfortable and parked two miles from the trial head. Be aware before you try and get there and don't be afraid to park before the road becomes brutal.

Also, the trail head isn't extremely well marked when you are heading up the road. I needed my GPS to make sure I was headed the right direction and find the trail. But, there is a very large boulder with a sign that guides you, it is just easier to see if you are looking back down the road toward the entrance from Geneva Road.

Bring bug spray or permethrin clothing. This trail is along a creek and bugs become unbearable without it. You may also want to make sure your hiking boots or shoes are waterproof. The trail has standing water sporadically and there aren't ways around the soupy parts. Lastly, once you get above tree line 7-foot-tall shrubs are grown right up along the trail and can feel like they are attacking you. Long sleeves offer a fair bit of protection.

Definitely enjoyed this hike!

The drive in was spectacular and you’ll most definitely need to park at the 0.7 mile marker before the trailhead. There’s no driving up that road even with an AWD; I have a subi and another guy had a monster Jeep with huge snow tires and couldn’t drive up. No worries; it’ll just add some extra distance on the hike!

The weather was perfect today! The snow is thick but it’s not too icy so you should be fine with some good hiking boots! Spikes are definite must on some of the inclines though!

The scenery was great and I’d highly recommend this hike to anyone!

5 months ago

So beautiful. When you think your not going to get there, that is when you are so close. Was a little erie as we spent 7 hours on this trail and did not see one human. Mountain playground all to ourselves. Went in middle of September when all the colors were beautiful below tree line. Lake see through blue, chilly but worth it.

Already snowy! Should have worn my winter boots.

8 months ago

Beautiful hike. Two lakes to see. Easy path!

Great day! Saw a mountain goat and missed most of the weather moving in! Pro is if my girls who also made it up both peaks 15,12, and 10!

OMG. Absolutely breathtaking. Not only for the views but the exhilaration! First class 3 and I have not stopped thinking about it! Started from the trail head at 1 pm. Summited Bierdstadt at 3pm, then made the decision to cross the Sawtooth. Pretty easy, just watched my footing and didnt hesitate to crawl a bit-definitely used a lot of arm strength lowering myself down. About 3/4's of the way across you are forced onto the front face of the ridge where there are sheer drops of at least 1000 feet. DO NOT LOOK DOWN! lol Unless you are into that kind of thing. I just kept my head down sand my eyes on the trail(ledge). Definitely a point where my heart and head were screaming for me to get the hell off that rock but what are you gonna do? Sit up there and wait for someone to come get you? Exhilarating. Took 2 hours to cross the ridge, then about another 1 1/2 to summit Evans. Hitchhiked back to Breck after that-boyfriend said we needed to cross back over the ridge to get back to the car. Crazy ass. I told him hell no, made friends with some people that had driven up and ended up having dinner with them.lol What an adventure! If you are terrified of heights, in any way out of shape or inexperienced to hiking please dont even think about this one-stick with summiting Bierdstadt.:)

Busy, gorgeous and well worth the hike to bag two fourteeners. It was my second and third one - they are MUCH easier than Bierstadt. Great way to earn a burger and beer.

Awesome hike that covers a lot of "wants" streams, forest, lake, 4x4 optional drive to get to the trail head and proximity to Denver. Will be bringing friends to do again!

Very difficult class3/4 across saw tooth. Only attempt if very comfortable.

Okay, all trails has this jacked up

A great climb! If you're looking to try your first 14er(s), this is the way to go! Not too tough because of the steady uphill climb, but of course, difficult nonetheless. Be sure to bring layers - Gray's was super chilly and windy and Torrey's was HOT and not windy, weird! Only downside to this hike... SUPER trafficked. It felt like the Disneyland of 14ers with the long lines and groups of people.

Absolutely beautiful hike!!! The views are stunning, very trafficked but if you start before the sun comes up its not too bad. :)

Did this hike about a month ago by myself and loved it ! Gorgeous views and two lakes all above the tree line ! Would def do again

8 months ago

Great hike, but as others have stated there are a couple places that are no joke. Beautiful views with a lot of wild flowers still in bloom.

the original trailhead for this trail (634) is closed. A larger parking at the TH for trail 600 is now where you park for shelf lake. Apparently there is a connector trail from the parking lot to shelf lake trail 634. Again, I'm posting this cuz I couldn't find the TH until the afternoon and too late to hike.

Hiked today! Got up there by 530am and the parking lot was full. We had a big truck so could 4wheel up a hill and park. Did Grays first Torrey's 2nd. Was a beautiful hike. Ya. There were lots of people but it's awesome to see that people are out there enjoying the mountains!!! Let's be happy about it!!!!! Go do it!!!! Live a lot!!!

Hiked this yesterday with our dog. Very beautiful trail with some creek crossings to stop and water the dog and cool down. We live here and hike quite a bit and it was a DIFFICULT hike. Steep grades the majority of the way and cairn route finding the entire way above tree line made the way up a slog. Once we passed the false summit, traversing to the lake was beautiful with wildflowers and snow. 1.2 miles after reaching the "top" AKA the false summit. Lake is nice but nothing spectacular. There was a little snow, which was fun. Again, steep loose trail had the legs burning on the way down. Only saw 1 other group on the trail. The camping nearby was also a plus, but some spots are much, much better than others. Overall a fun but difficult hike with a lake and hiking above tree line.

The wildflowers we're stunning. Literally tens of thousands of wildflowers!

Easy fourteeners relatively speaking when compared to other fourteeners but that said, all fourteeners are tough. Twenty five years ago the parking lot on the weekend would have only a few cars. Now days, the cars are lined up on the dirt road to the parking lot starting miles from the trailhead. The trail was like I-25, bumper to bumper people. Get there by 5 or 6 am if you want to get anywhere near the parking lot. Got some great pics of mountain goats although the father goat did not like it.

9 months ago

Don't pick this hike unless you have a high clearance vehicle. The road is about 3 miles, covered in rocks and many steep dips.

As for the hike, it is a great moderate hike. Forests, wildflowers, views, and the lake is beautiful as you can see from all the pictures.

Tough hike with a 30 lb pack but a great workout. I highly recommend wind proof and water proof gear, the wind is high near the top some days and there is NO shelter. The trails are steep and have lots of lose rock so be careful. Exposure is mild but there are some spots you can slip & take a nasty fall if not careful. I also recommend trekking poles. Especially with heavier packs. Overall its a gorgeous hike. Be safe!

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