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I would recommend not taking your car up directly to the trailhead. Road is pretty bad.

Great mid week hike, I would not recommend attempting this on the weekend unless that is your only option. The hike up to the peak is relatively simple, in fact you may see quite a few kids on that portion of the trail however it gets a bit more challenging as you descend across Sawtooth. I prefer approaching Sawtooth on the right hand side and then switching over to the left side at the top of the accent portion. I had difficulty finding the return loop in the center of the saddle, if this happens to you just walk towards the lowest point of the landscape and you will find a clearly marked trail to the bottom. If you are on this trail during snow melt you will most likely see the large waterfall at the bottom of the return loop hill. As you pass through the swamp please be cautious of moose, I spooked one in the scrub willows on the way to the parking lot and I believe my heart stopped for a second or two. I personally would not recommend this hike for beginners, kids under 12 (or so) or dogs. If you have time it is very easy to add an Evens summit to this hike.

Beautiful hike! We went early which helped with the crowds. Uphill, somewhat challenging over rocky areas at times but overall the terrain is easy. Gorgeous views from up top!

Great alternative route to avoid the crowds. As mentioned it is more difficult and wayfinding can be a bit difficult. Saw a moose near trailhead and some goats on the south ridge to Grays.

I did the Bierstadt - Sawtooth - Evans combo. Great hike! Sawtooth really isn’t as bad as it looks just be certain you are physically up to the trek. If you summit Evans after doing Sawtooth you are looking at 11.5 miles and around a 4,500ft elevation gain round trip from the Guanella Pass parking lot. It took me about 6 hours. The trail that brings you back to the Guanella Pass parking lot is a bit of a shit show. Be careful where you step or you end up knee deep in swamp mud. Lots of wildlife, Wild flowers and amazing scenery. Enjoy!

28 days ago

Loved this hike! Fairly quiet and beautiful scenery! Three lakes you can hit along the way though the true trail only takes you to the second lake. Another estimated half mile up after the second lake will get you to the third lake - note: it’s an uphill hike to the third but worth checking it off since you got so far already. Only downside is that you have to off-road your car (just a bit - we saw a Honda CRVs do it) to get up to the true trailhead. We chickened out and parked at the bottom so added another mile round trip to the hike. Beautiful and would do again when there is a little snow on the mountains!

Amazing, breathtaking (literally!) and a little bit scary! Lots of people on the way up, but only a few continue on to the Sawtooth. The cairns were sometimes difficult to find on the ‘tooth, but studying the route beforehand was helpful in knowing where to go. The toughest part for me and my hiking partner/daughter was the descent down the looooong gully. It was a knee buster!
We saw 3 moose at too close a range coming out of the willows, but luckily they didn’t mind our passing!

1 month ago

Spectacular hike overall, with amazing views, varied terrain, and quite a few wild flowers left. The lake was predictably crowded, with lots of off-leash dogs. Our 5 year old hiked the whole thing unassisted, though it was a bit of a challenge for her and we did take snack breaks. Lots of marmots in the rocky areas.

READ BEFORE GOING! Not the typical walk in the park hike you often hear about for Grey's and torry's. from Montezuma start, it's much more difficult but much less crowded. All trails line is accurate on the accent, not for the decent/loop. If you do this route, best to summit the 14ers and make your way back the same way you came (down directly from the Grey's peak). If you follow all trails line, it turns to class 3 scramble going down a different side of Grey's and is an on and off rockslide. Glad we did this hike, will not be doing it again.

Probably the most straight forward easy class 3 traverse of 14ers, if you’re looking to gain experience in mountaineering for more difficult 14ers this is a great starter. Not as congested as some might think but I’ve only hiked it very early in the morning 5am-6am

If you want to avoid the crowds, this route is awesome. Empty parking lot and we didn't see anyone until we were at the top of Grays. But its not easy! The AllTrails app shows the hike as a loop. We followed the ascent as shown on the apps map. The trail is easy to follow for the first couple miles, but once you get to the small lake, the trail is less obvious and you have to rely on cairns as trail markers. Once you start your ascent up the back of Grays, its steep. From the top of Grays, you join the crowds and its obvious how to get to Torreys. After you come down Torreys you have to go back up in order to then start your descent down to the little lake. The map on the app is either incorrect - or we couldn't find the trail even when we were spot on where the app said we should be. So...I don't know the actual descent. It was not fun coming down to the little lake. Once you get back to the lake its smooth sailing back to the parking lot. Lots of wildlife (moose, deer and marmot) and wildflowers. If I did this again, I'd get dropped off at the empty parking lot, then go back down the main trail with the masses and get picked up (so two different trailheads). The other option is after you summit Torrey's to go back the way you came - i.e. summit Grays again. ***Some of the reviews for this hike are for the main trailhead***

Wildflowers are gorgeous right now! Mountain rains in the afternoon were also really pleasant. Rockier terrain than I expected but me and my small-ish dog had no trouble. Super pup friendly hike!

This is one difficult trail but gives you 2 14er summits and is pretty breathtaking. There are areas of difficulty with the scree, and an extremely brutal descent through a gorge at the end, but an amazing achievement to put under ones belt. Just make sure you have enough energy at the end to go all the way around the marsh before getting to your car. It's pretty maddening to see it for several miles while the trail just keeps going sideways from where you want to go.

Rough terrain but had a great time. Took a swimsuit and swam in the lake for about 10 minutes. Definitely worth bringing a pair of goggles for, you can see clear to the bottom.

Bring gloves and a helmet. Follow the cairns and you'll be alright. The Sawtooth looks imposing but it is not as hard as it looks. I took a shortcut to the rock gully, I wouldn't recommend it, stick to the path. After descending the rock gully, the path gets muddy as you get closer to the creek. You merge with the Bierstadt trail near the last of the boardwalk sections.

1 month ago

Road is a little rough getting to the trailhead. Beautiful wildflowers, wildlife (including a fox) on the way back. Great trail for acclimating to higher elevation.

very busy, easy hike and good for dogs. dont let them drink the water unless you want to see projectile vomiting. (sorry Lilly)

Went out with the family this afternoon (wife, 11yr, 3yr, and dog). The kids loved the hike and we all had a lot of fun. I like that you start in the trees, then head up over the tree line. TONS of wildflowers to brighten your day. Unfortunately we didn’t make it the whole way to the lake because we heard some thunder and decided to head back to the car, but we were so impressed we decided to come back next week. The drive up to the trailhead on the dirt road IS a little treacherous. I’d suggest 4WD or an experienced driver... really experienced.

Started early to beat the crowds. On our way down we passed a ton of people and dogs starting their day. The road up to the trail head is pretty spotty and best done in 4wd. We decided not to risk getting stuck and hiked up the extra .7 mile up to the trailhead. Beautiful hike with some really nice views and wildflowers. Cool little waterfall by the lake to stop and hangout at.

2 months ago

Gorgeous views from beginning to end. Had the entire trail to ourselves save a single hiker on the Continental Divide. Required a little pathfinding at the top of Argentine Pass, but nothing too complicated - just keep going up.

A little crowded for me even with an early start. That's to be expected anywhere off Guanella Pass though. Great hike for small kids. We took a 4 and 5 year old and they made it to the first lake like troopers. Wildflowers everywhere! Even spotted a bald eagle over the lake.

So beautiful! Well worth the extra elevation and miles. Even saw moose and mountain goats - bonus!!! One word of caution: I would very much recommend you don’t take your dog across the ridge connecting to the Sawtooth (even though the route description says dogs are allowed). With a couple of nearly vertical sections, it could be dangerous for the dog and/or you.

An insane mental challenge completing this one! Be prepared and know before you go! The first summit on Bierstadt is easy, especially for a 14'er; I made it up from below the parking lot in just under 2 hours. Approx 7-9am.

Onward across Sawtooth Ridge, where it was a very serious class 3 scramble. They are not kidding when they say that part is a challenge. Rock climbing experience of some kind comes highly recommended, even then it was still a lengthy climb across.
Approx 9-11:30am.

Then to the summit of Evans, we had slowed our pace significantly by this point but summited before 1pm for a running total of approx 6 hours so far.

We then went back down the ridge of Evans and out via the trail that meets back up at the creek from Bierstadt. This part was my nightmare. Straight down for about half the return and then trudging through mid-shin muddy bog the rest of it. Would not recommend wearing shorts and would definitely wear waterproof shoes.

Total mileage was about 16.1 miles.

Easy hike really, a few steep parts and minor scrambling required but overall a sweet hike. I saw families, dogs and hikers of all levels. The lakes are stocked and we saw lots of fish.

Late start. Was hoping to miss the crowds. Numerous hikers. Many picking wildflowers. A few bringing their music for everyone to hear. Easy high mountain lakes hike. A few snow field crossings. Hint for future hikers, photos last longer than the flowers and if you pick them, there are fewer next year.

Late start. Was hoping to miss the crowds. Numerous hikers. Many picking wildflowers. A few bringing their music for everyone to hear. Easy high mountain lakes hike. A few snow field crossings. Hint for future hikers, photos last longer than the flowers and if you pick them, there are fewer next year.

This hike was absolutely beautiful, but, this is NOT the standard route up Grays and Torreys!! Most of the comments on this listing are not accurate. They are referring to the main route up these peaks. We hiked this route on a Saturday morning at 630 am and saw only 6 people on the way to the summit of Grays. The summit, of course, was busy with people that had used the main route.

There is a very tricky scramble about midway to the summit of Grays that required some very careful and thought out movement, so be careful!

The road to the trailhead is pretty rough, so a 4 wheel drive is recommended but we did see some cars that handled it.

The solitude on the way was priceless for a peak that has been called the Disneyland of 14ers, so it’s definitely worth a try if you want a little bit more of a challenge than the main route.

I wouldn't consider this a moderate trail. only the beginning is tough, but the views are beautiful from all points!

Wild flowers were beautiful. Lots of people and you definitely need 4 wheel drive to make it to the trailhead. Otherwise there is a parking lot at the bottom a few miles from the trailhead.

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