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1 month ago

We thoroughly enjoyed our snowshoe hike along the mining road, but we only went as far as tree line due to weather coming in. We were the only ones on snowshoes, all other tracks were from skis and boards, winding off the trail through the woods. Beautiful views. Protected from the wind while below tree line. Parking was a bit difficult as the trail head is off a residential street. Moderate difficulty is accurate. Slow steady uphill climb.

Had the place to ourselves just about the entire way up and back. Just my pup any myself enjoyed tromping through several feet of snow late last fall. A great hike for all. About 3/4 of the way becomes slightly more difficult as the trail narrows on the side of the mountain. Cheers!

2 months ago

Trail was packed snow, which made snowshoeing very easy and fun. We had high winds so we weren’t able to make it to the other side of the ridge; we made fresh tracks as far as weather allowed.

4 months ago

This is a tough winter hike, we used Yaks but many wore snowshoes and snow pants. The views are rewarding, I'm sure even more so in Spring.

Definitely enjoyed this hike!

The drive in was spectacular and you’ll most definitely need to park at the 0.7 mile marker before the trailhead. There’s no driving up that road even with an AWD; I have a subi and another guy had a monster Jeep with huge snow tires and couldn’t drive up. No worries; it’ll just add some extra distance on the hike!

The weather was perfect today! The snow is thick but it’s not too icy so you should be fine with some good hiking boots! Spikes are definite must on some of the inclines though!

The scenery was great and I’d highly recommend this hike to anyone!

Already snowy! Should have worn my winter boots.

8 months ago

Beautiful hike. Two lakes to see. Easy path!

Great day! Saw a mountain goat and missed most of the weather moving in! Pro is if my girls who also made it up both peaks 15,12, and 10!

OMG. Absolutely breathtaking. Not only for the views but the exhilaration! First class 3 and I have not stopped thinking about it! Started from the trail head at 1 pm. Summited Bierdstadt at 3pm, then made the decision to cross the Sawtooth. Pretty easy, just watched my footing and didnt hesitate to crawl a bit-definitely used a lot of arm strength lowering myself down. About 3/4's of the way across you are forced onto the front face of the ridge where there are sheer drops of at least 1000 feet. DO NOT LOOK DOWN! lol Unless you are into that kind of thing. I just kept my head down sand my eyes on the trail(ledge). Definitely a point where my heart and head were screaming for me to get the hell off that rock but what are you gonna do? Sit up there and wait for someone to come get you? Exhilarating. Took 2 hours to cross the ridge, then about another 1 1/2 to summit Evans. Hitchhiked back to Breck after that-boyfriend said we needed to cross back over the ridge to get back to the car. Crazy ass. I told him hell no, made friends with some people that had driven up and ended up having dinner with them.lol What an adventure! If you are terrified of heights, in any way out of shape or inexperienced to hiking please dont even think about this one-stick with summiting Bierdstadt.:)

Busy, gorgeous and well worth the hike to bag two fourteeners. It was my second and third one - they are MUCH easier than Bierstadt. Great way to earn a burger and beer.

Awesome hike that covers a lot of "wants" streams, forest, lake, 4x4 optional drive to get to the trail head and proximity to Denver. Will be bringing friends to do again!

Very difficult class3/4 across saw tooth. Only attempt if very comfortable.

Okay, all trails has this jacked up

A great climb! If you're looking to try your first 14er(s), this is the way to go! Not too tough because of the steady uphill climb, but of course, difficult nonetheless. Be sure to bring layers - Gray's was super chilly and windy and Torrey's was HOT and not windy, weird! Only downside to this hike... SUPER trafficked. It felt like the Disneyland of 14ers with the long lines and groups of people.

Absolutely beautiful hike!!! The views are stunning, very trafficked but if you start before the sun comes up its not too bad. :)

Did this hike about a month ago by myself and loved it ! Gorgeous views and two lakes all above the tree line ! Would def do again

Hiked today! Got up there by 530am and the parking lot was full. We had a big truck so could 4wheel up a hill and park. Did Grays first Torrey's 2nd. Was a beautiful hike. Ya. There were lots of people but it's awesome to see that people are out there enjoying the mountains!!! Let's be happy about it!!!!! Go do it!!!! Live a lot!!!

Easy fourteeners relatively speaking when compared to other fourteeners but that said, all fourteeners are tough. Twenty five years ago the parking lot on the weekend would have only a few cars. Now days, the cars are lined up on the dirt road to the parking lot starting miles from the trailhead. The trail was like I-25, bumper to bumper people. Get there by 5 or 6 am if you want to get anywhere near the parking lot. Got some great pics of mountain goats although the father goat did not like it.

Tough hike with a 30 lb pack but a great workout. I highly recommend wind proof and water proof gear, the wind is high near the top some days and there is NO shelter. The trails are steep and have lots of lose rock so be careful. Exposure is mild but there are some spots you can slip & take a nasty fall if not careful. I also recommend trekking poles. Especially with heavier packs. Overall its a gorgeous hike. Be safe!

I wrote a whole blog post on both of these trails. You can find it here :)

9 months ago

Hiked Santa Fe Peak. Rated it as moderate as it's a pretty relentless upward path along an old mining road. You pass some long-abandoned mining shed, chutes and other structures along the way. The wildflowers were beautiful, as were the views from the saddles and the summit - especially to views of Torrey's and Gray's. Very light traffic - saw just a handful of other hikers.

The county road is rough, but my Passat just handled it. Great hike, lots of up

Beautiful views for the entire hike once you pass the first lake. Nice moderate trail. Recommend four wheel drive to get all the way to the trail head but you can park at the bottom and walk the 1/2 mile up the access road to the trailhead (and that ended up being the hardest part of the hike!).

Great moderate hike with a nice payoff if terraced lakes and a great view. Highly recommended.

Completed Grays & Torreys today - started at 5:50am (parked 1.5 miles below main lot at trailhead but probably could have found a spot further up), summited Grays by 8:30am (sun was not out yet and there were 40ish mph winds at the top, did not have gloves and really should have brought them), spent 10min at summit, traversed the saddle and summited Torreys by 9:25am (sun was out when we got to the top of Torreys and wind was much more bearable), spent 20min atop Torreys and headed back down, very minor snow when descending from saddle to rejoin main trail, some loose rock here and there, trail condition was decent. Round trip: 11.6 miles / 6hrs 38min.

- highly populated - well over 100 people on the trail
- parking - should have checked the upper or before parking so far away, I arrived at 5:40am
- road in is in poor condition, very rock laden and rutted out - I have a Subaru Legacy wagon and didn't bottom out but had to drive carefully as to avoid large rocks/holes

Great hike, excellent weather, decent trail conditions and beautiful views.

Beautiful Hike! 3 lakes!

Gorgeous views throughout the hike. Went on June 25 and there was still some snow through the trial. The micro spikes definitely came in handy but many people were fine without them too.

I wish I had brought gloves when I crossed the sawtooth, oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The sawtooth is a class 3 technical route. There is dramatic exposure on the route where a mistake could be fatal. A
climbing helmet is recommended along with approach shoes or hiking boots that have sticky rubber.

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