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1 day ago

So beautiful, so fun! The trail is definitely challenging, especially with a pack on your back. We stayed 2 nights and each night a moose and her baby would come down to the lake for some grub and a swim.

Great trail, worth going through the thick ferns to get to the lake!

2 days ago

Fantastic trail, but straight up to start. Don’t be daunted, great hiking after you get up off the canyon floor. Some great views, lots a shaded areas and very few bugs. Nice hike, but dedicate a good half day and go early in day if hiking mid-summer season.

This was a very exciting day on the trail - we saw a black bear and two snakes! The lookout/outcroppings were stunning.

Great trail along creek, then up to views, then to ponds. Last bit of trail overgrown with mostly ferns. Easy to follow. Pond level down since it’s August. Overlooks and creek are fantastic on sunny day. Nice view of vail and holy cross. Creek refreshing stop along the way.

Great 4 miler from Mintern to Vail. Landed at Eagles Nest and took Gondola down after a cold beer. Last 2 miles are for real.

Beautiful views.

Great short hike! Spectacular valley views, and forests terrain. I especially like how the trail is dotted with raspberry bushes. My only complaint is that it's very steep most of the way, which made it slightly more challenging than anticipated.

20 days ago

Took the family out early on a Sunday. We were the first on the trail about 8:30. The 3yr old, and wife (4 or 5 months preggo...idk) and myself.

Little one made it all the way to the first lookout- a couple good rest stops and some promise of a ride down helped get us there. After that it was on the shoulders. The incline after was real!!!

Aspens made the trail really cool halfway up. Lookout at the top was really cool. Windy and Sunny- it felt great after being in the shade the whole way up.

The hike down is no joke. You don’t realize how steep those runs were.
Your legs are going to talk to you :). Overall nice hike. Did it carrying 45lb toddler and didn’t feel unsafe.

This is a great hike if you are looking for something that is around or under three hours. As noted below, the trail is shaded most of the way to the top. The aspens about 2/3 of the way up are huge! The trail is relatively steep and a good workout. Coming down the long straight portion of the hike is the hardest and definitely tests your knees and hips! Note that the trail marker at the beginning of the hike is marked "Game Creek" and pay attention to stay right at the fork towards the the creek crossing.

23 days ago

Lovely hike. It honestly made me feel a bit like I'd been cramming Little Debbies all week because the elevation had me doing the hard breathe that you try to hide a bit when other fit hikers walk by. I wish I would have walked past lake Constantine to the other lakes nearby but I was hungry and wanted dinner.

This is a great hike if you prefer less traffic. There are some areas of thick vegitation towards the top of the trail, however this was also where we saw elk. The lake at the end was more bog like, but was worth the hike as the entire trail was beautiful!

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1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! The trail goes from flourishing raspberry fields, to scenic views all of the way to the top. Very shaded which was perfect for a hot July day. There was a fire near by which made the air a bit smoggy. Not too many people on the trail, but was probably a little busier since it was a Saturday.

Wonderful hiking and camping.

Went up on July 3rd-5th, 2018 and expected it to be packed but was relatively empty. Only 6 other cars in the Falls Creek Trailhead lot, which holds about 40. Might have been the mid-week holiday, I hear it can get busier. Trail road was a long, 8.2-mile ride, but in good condition even for a 2WD. No trash cans at the trailhead, but bathrooms available.

Hike to the lake is a good one, plenty of wildlife. Porcupine, quail, marmot, elk, and more. Some nice views on the way in.

Camping around the lake is easy, dozens of used campsites. The best are towards the south-west side of the lake, but plenty to choose from. As you go around this way, the trail deviates and breaks apart many different times. If you're heading towards the upper lakes, don't worry too much, they all eventually get back to the main one in some way.

Getting up to the lakes is worth it, and provides exceptional views. A few rock scrambles, but we were able to make it without issue with a small, 12-year-old beagle. Saw a few other dogs as well. 2:30 time to get up and down, not including an hour spent at the top.

Trailhead to Lake Constantine: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2827267110
Lake Constantine to Upper Tuhares and Back: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2827272184
Lake Constantine to Trailhead: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2827275593

Wonderful trail, moderate paced hiking but still challenging enough to be fun. Stunning views throughout the trail.

Only down side is that there are a few patches of thick vegetation throughout the trail, but overall, fantastic.

1 month ago

We camped at Lake Constantine and did a day hike to the lower and upper Tuhare Lakes which was well worth the effort and time. The views were outstanding. There was thirteen of us from all over the country and this was a great place to hike with a group of this size.

Beautiful hike

1 month ago

Take the right at the fork (towards cougar ridge)
.8 first false summit
1.6 2nd false summit
If you’re from Oklahoma, you’ll be winded. Worth it!

1 month ago

Camp at Constantine and hike to the upper lakes. Beautiful scenery and amazing wild flowers.

1 month ago

Have done this hike in June over the past few summers when it was rainy/muddy/overcast and loved it! This week we did it on a sunny day in July and it kicked our butt. Almost no shade, and uphill most of the way. We ended up connecting through to the meadow mountain trail to finish. Don’t waste your time with the grouse lake trail in July, it’s very dry. We used to love the beginning of the lake trail because you get to cross over multiple streams, but this year one was completely bone dry. All trails on this mountain are too hot, buggy, and dry for July. Would consider doing it again in June maybe.

1 month ago


Tough for me but loved the challenge!!

Went all the way up to Suprise Lake (the second beaver dam at the end) beautiful views of Mt of the Holy Cross and the bridge over the creek and waterfall is stunning. It's pretty rocky and a few points require some minor scrambling but nothing me my friend and my German Sheppard couldn't do. Probably a hard moderate rating to be more accurate.

The views from the top are top notch as well as the views from the two false summits below. Trail is completely shaded which makes for a comfortable hike. Bring some snacks and enjoy the false summits on the way up. Great spot for a little R and R.

It is a moderate hike, and the whole trails goes through the forest, so there is shade. A kind of hike where you enjoy every step, not just the destination. The trail itself is pretty, and the lake at the end is beautiful.
We hiked a little further (to the waterfall at 12,000').

1 month ago

7/04/18 - Great trail all hours of the day. Fair amount of shade and two scenic stops along the way up to the summit. Great for dogs (but please pick up after them). Steep in certain areas but fantastic view at the very top! Will do the hike again.

We did this trail with our infant in his carrier with no trouble. The incline is steady the whole way up and steep, but the view at the top is worth it. The trailhead is mixed in with driveways and is a straight up climb from the beginning. You cross the river to the right to take the trail mapped here, we did not take the trail to the left but I believe it also leads to the top of the mountain. The view is absolutely beautiful and you can go out to the edge of the mountain (to the point that if you slip, you’re falling hundreds of feet to the ground). Definitely recommend this trail but be aware of the steady incline.

It’s beautiful up here. I’d like to hike it further next time.

Surprised to find that Surprise Lake was really just an enlarged boggy pond. Lots of bugs there. However hike was beautiful until about 3/4 of the way to the lake. Gorgeous river which we hiked down to in a few spots. Lots of ginormous Queen Anne’s Lace wildflowers and a beautiful field of sunflowers near the top as well.

Gotta be careful - one spot on the way up and one spot on the way back have a fork. Choose wisely - keep your compass and this app handy, and max out your phone charge before you head up! Also, the amount of rocks more or less necessitate hiking shoes.

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