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12 days ago

It’s a beautiful trail. We did not make it to the end because there was a lot of snow. Thigh high in places. The runoff was strong and the creek was flowing full force. Made for interesting and wet crossings. We will be back in September.

Only able to get within 1.2 miles of the trailhead due to snowmobile only activity on the road. Wasn’t planning on the extra distance, so we grabbed another trail off of Berthoud Pass.

Absolutely gorgeous the whole way. Nearly everything was covered in snow and the lake was almost completely frozen. A majority of the trail was frozen too so be prepared.
Really not too challenging even with the ice. Nice and gentle inclines most of the way.

We hiked here with our dogs and it was awesome! The trail has a good combination of uphills, downhills, and flat sections and some great views. There was a really nice meadow area near the creek where we left the trail and played in the creek for a bit and the trail was easy to find again, even after following the creek for a while. There was a fork in the trail at one point and we took the right trail which took us to a GORGEOUS view of the creek below, and it was here that we turned around to make it home before dark. Next time we will take the left fork to see where it goes!

6 months ago

Fun trail! I am not a frequent hiker, but am averagely fit and from Kansas, so it was difficult, but not impossible! Definitely some steep sections that are treacherous when wet and muddy or covered in refrozen snow. A few trees fallen over the trail between miles three and four that are relatively easy to get around. Didn't make it to the lake since I only allotted time to go 4.5 miles up and 4.5 miles down... seems like on gps it is at least 1-2 miles farther on. Overall a beautiful hike with the aspens and pines and the creek babbling beside you.

This was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. It is a great place to escape the world.

7 months ago

2pm start 5 finish. 75 bottom. 65 top.
Perfect day! Trees awesome.
Outdoor stair master on low

Really beautiful area, especially if you continue past Constantine to the Tuhare Lakes - the upper lake is highly recommended. We camped at Constantine, lots of sites, but a fair amount of people as well. The area is definitely showing its use, more litter than you'd like to see in a wilderness area. All in all a good weekend though!

Not as hard as I thought it would be but about 2 miles further than it said here. The lake is so beautiful even on a cloudy day. Next time I want to camp overnight next to the lake.

Nice moderate trail. Beautiful cascades

9 months ago

Good first backpacking trip. Lush forest and great views, lots of wildflowers & also mosquitos! There were several other parties camping on the lake and tons of cars at the trail head. hiked up day 1, hiked around the lake and to the waterfall on day 2, and hiked out on day 3. Our little (energetic) pug came with us and did alright :) We chose this over fancy pass since you are allowed to have fires at Lake Constantine.

Got 2.4 miles in and had to turn around due to weather. Not a hard hike. Nice trailhead

Nice hike uphill with flat areas for breaks. Time constraints so we did not make it to lake.

This was a really nice hike. Not too strenuous and not crowded. The trail is in great condition. You get some nice walking by water. But bring bug spray! We lost the trail because of the overgrown brush just before the lake. We also turned back because some hikers coming the other way told us they spotted a bear.

10 months ago

This is nice little gem right outside the town of Minturn that gave us a few fun surprises. You'll take a slightly rough dirt road to the trailhead called Notch Mountain Road. It will feel like you're going too far, but keep going to the end, once you pass the Community House you're almost there. There was a lot of cars by the trailhead, but the actual trail we took never felt crowded. I think it's because there are 3 main trailheads here; Moon Pass, Notch Mountain Trail, and Fall Creek Pass. Starting out at around 1pm, we followed the Fall Creek Pass Trail and arrived at Lake Constantine around 3pm. There we saw a handful of anglers and about a dozen tents already set up. We decided to keep going and continued down Fall Creek Pass trail, however we could not find the point where the trail crossed Fall Creek at all. There were no signs or cairns anywhere that we could see, nor a spot that looked safe to cross, however we did see what looked like a trail across the creek in some spots. Instead we just took the trail that followed Fall Creek with it to our left the whole time. We ran into some anglers coming down and they said that the Tuhare Lakes were up there if we kept going, so we did and that turned out to be a great choice!

To get to Tuhare Lakes, follow just Fall Creek Trail and never cross Fall Creek. Once the trail seems like it stops at a rock cliff, that's right before it gets really good. You're going to have to scramble up to the left and the trail will start again after that. Keep going until you see a waterfall then follow the trail up to the right of the waterfall. There was about 100ft of hard pack we had to traverse near the top, which was the only snow on the trail so far (July 15th). All the scrambling and slipping was worth it, because Tuhare Lake is absolutely spectacular. We didn't go to the upper lake because there was a lot of snow on the trail from there, though we did see some footprints, so it's doable. The next morning we awoke to discover that some creature (most likely a marmot) had chewed up our shoes that we left outside our tent, not our hiking shoes, but our our camp shoes (flip flops/sandals). They didn't destroy them, just chewed around the edges. Pretty weird, never seen that before.

Anyway, sorry for the long review... I highly recommend this place, and I will probably come back to try the other trails.

A great, not too crowded hike with river access and a view of Mount of the Holy Cross. I would recommend a high clearance vehicle for the rocky road to the trailhead. Before crossing the creek, the meadow/marshy areas had a lot of mosquitoes. Not too far after the bridge is a steep spur trail down the the creek. On a hot day that was very rewarding. The aspens after the bridge were incredible. Would be great in fall. Surprise Lake is really more of a glorified pond that is quite marshy.

10 months ago

Great hike, good camping and beautiful views. Bring insect repellent as marshy areas all along the trail and lake have a fair share of mosquitos.

Camping spots around the lake seem to be plentiful and well established.

Great hike! Beautiful moderate trail. Definitely, don't forget bug spray. People who left comments here forgot to mention about it! I have passed 4 different groups of people on a trail asking for a bug spray! Lots of mosquitoes! It took me 8 miles not 7.3 ml. It is also 42 minutes drive on a dirt road to the trail head. FYI, the trail head names Fall Creek not lake Constantine!

10 months ago

Great hike with lots of campsites. The trail is still snowed in past Lake Constantine. Would like to go back to complete the hike later.

Good road to parking at trailhead, made it with our Prius. Our GPS had it closer to 6 miles rountrip to Surprise Lake. Great hike; we think it's one of the best in the area for a moderate hike

Wanted to backpack this trail with a friend about 2 weeks ago. The access road was closed. I moved the gate and started to drive up the road. Very rough road but doable. I was instructed to turn around because there was too much snow and the access road is impassable. This was the first week of June. I plan on doing this hike mid July. Should be a great time to be there. Hope it's not too cold.

Hardly any snow left! Creek is really flowing with run-off! Gorgeous hike.

The road to the trailhead was rough and closed off so that we had to walk a mile to get there (not a big deal) and we never found Surprise Lake (that's okay). The hike itself was wonderful; the trail was in great condition, had beautiful views and, despite what some comments say below, was not steep at all in comparison to other trails we hiked nearby.

Beautiful trail, but the access road to the trailhead doesn't open until 06/21 so be ready for about 4 miles just to the trailhead in early season.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Too much snow on the top. almost didn't make it out due to the slushy snow. will be trying again next month but what a amazing trail

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Awesome hike with amazing views

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Absolutely loved this trail when I was on it in 2001. Beautiful scenery!

Monday, October 31, 2016

(10/29/16) We were lucky that the sun came out during the hike, some clouds and rain at the start. The trail was very easy to follow and only had a few snowy spots. The lake was beautiful, but find a place out of the wind to enjoy it.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Great little hike with awesome camping spots around the lake.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beautiful hike with not too much elevation gain. Lake was surrounded by rocky peaks. Great views of the Gore Range along the way.

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