The spit to the waterfall looks like you shouldn’t go there because of a lot of downed trees across the trail. We originally went right and went up the switchbacks then turned around.

Hiked this with my dog on 5/22/20. Loved the trail, but needed better traction on my footwear. Next time will do Pancake Rocks before Horsethief Falls due to length/difficulty. Still some very limited snow patches in shady spots.

we hike this trail every year. mainly for the fall colors. usually pretty busy. overall great trail

Dry conditions. Easy to follow trail. Recorded 7.5 miles. Falls are currently flowing and all snow is melted.

Very nice hike and well-maintained trail. Steady uphill climb almost all the way to the top, definitely gets the heart thumping! The view up top is beautiful. I hiked it in about 3h45m so I found the timing to be accurate.

We hiked this back in January and it was absolutely amazing. It was completely covered in snow and the incline was rough for us coming from Texas where we have flat land. None the less, it was worth every second. The views are stunning and we captured some great shots.

A bit of an incline at some parts. Little snow but it is melting, some muddy parts. Beautiful views at the top!

Absolutely beautiful hike! It was quite the workout, but it felt great! We enjoyed our lunch sitting on one of the rocks, soaking in the views! Took us 3 hrs 15 minutes to complete the hike.

This is a great hike: steady uphill through the trees, but not too difficult. Some good views along the way, but the views from the top are 180-degrees of spectacular. No more snow on the trail.

Great uphill workout. Challenging, but won’t kill you. A few areas of packed snow but no spikes or snowshoes needed. Plenty of coverage. Get there early. The parking area holds maybe 15 cars; you have to park on the side of the road otherwise. I got there at 8AM on a Sunday and was the third car there. I didn’t see anybody on the way up, but for fun counted the number of people on the way down: 47 people and 9 doggos.

Very nice. A little icy but I did it without my spikes just fine. I would have preferred them but I was ok. Beautiful hike as always.

1 month ago

Beautiful view at the top plenty of places to explore and rest among the rocks however the trail is still snow packed in many areas and / or melting and muddy, some type of shoe spikes or walking sticks would help although I had neither and did fine.

Bit more difficult than normal due to the snow and some muddiness. spikes and poles are helpful (i used mine alkost the whole time) but i saw plenty of people who didnt have them.

This trail has everything, woods, views, meadows, rocks to explore. The snow made the climb more difficult but the views are worth it. Definitely worth taking poles and/or shoe traction. Not impossible without but people without were also falling.

1 month ago

Great trail very wide for distancing even though no one else was on the trail. Had a very snowy spots but definitely manageable without spikes.

4/6/20 Beautiful day, beautiful hike!! About 95% of the Trail was packed snow and ice. Don’t think we would have made it up such an incline without our spikes. HIGHLY recommend wearing some if you do this trail anytime soon. Had the entire trail to ourselves all day! The view at the top is absolutely incredible.

Spikes will help or snow shoes

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