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loved it absolutely worth it very intense

Train for this hike. For your below average hiker, it is a beast. It is not a "walk in the park". It is long and steep. For the hiker, the hike was difficult but satisfying. The boulder field was a great challenge. Know the weather because it change on a dime. We got caught in a hail storm. Shuttle service stops during storms. In our case, we had to hitch a ride down with a Ranger. She was cool and very helpful. The whole experience was amazing and I will do it again in a year or two. However, this time I will train harder.

it was definitely challenging! I'm somewhat athletic and I had a difficult time doing it. by the time I got to the top my legs were so tired! stairs get steeper as you go and they get wider and higher in spots. go early in the morning. we went around 1130am and it started raining, thundering, and lightening around 1215pm while still on the incline. took me about an hour to do it. the trail is way longer to take back, wish we just took the stairs down. definitely worth it, views are amazing, and it's a pretty cool experience overall

I’m from Northern CA, elevation 700, and had 3 days to adjust to the higher elevation. My husband and I started at 5:55am, it took 85 minutes up. I took my time due to the elevation... and my slight fear of heights. We jogged the trail down, which took 60 minutes. It was a challenge but totally worth it. Start early, lots of water, and enjoy the beauty this adventure has to offer. Anyone in good health can accomplish this trail, pace yourself, everyone was super friendly on the trail. One of the best adventures!

It became very difficult by the time I got to the last few hundred steps, but it was so worth it! I’m glad I did it! Take lots of water. I drank all 2 liters out of my hydration pack just before the summit. Saw lots of cute chipmunks on my way up!

4 days ago

Amazing workout! This one is TOUGH! But felt like a great accomplishment when you hit the top. Be sure to bring water. Did this one with my kids 13 and 16. We all loved it.

5 days ago

I love how challenging the incline is! I did it back in November when I was in town and it was even better this time (mainly because I wasn't fooled by the false summit!!). I coincidentally started after the thunderstorms went through which was nice since it cooled it off and cut down on the dust. Shout out to the guy behind me who kept me going at a pretty challenging pace! Enjoy the challenge, it's 110% worth it!!

5 days ago

What a workout! Take it slow and steady. Start very early, or you'll get baked by the sun. I started at about 520am and the sun was already eating at my back halfway up. Take as many breaks as you need to catch your breath. Felt the pulse from my neck around step 1700 or so. Towards the top my goal was to take 20 to 25 steps between breaks. Made it to the summit in a decent 1h 16m then took Barr Trail down. Lots of runners (both directions) and a few mountain bikes to contend with, making it a little dusty. Not very well marked so keep this app handy, however most side trails lead back to the main. Barr Trail has tons of small rocks. If you so much as drag a toe, you'll have rocks in your socks and shoes. I plan on doing this trail more, so gaiters are a good idea. You get humbled real quick when some people blow by you up the incline!

Amazing trail. Very challenging, but well worth it.

7 days ago

Hard hike and great workout. Literally straight up. Sometimes I had to get on all fours to keep climbing. Beware the false summit! The view at the top is awesome and you feel like a badass after completing. Definitely take the shuttle and don’t try to walk back down the steps. So hard on your knees! Just take the trail down, it’s more fun!

A great workout, and definitely worth the challenge to get to the top. I would suggest starting earlier in the day to avoid the heat. There is always a steady crowd of people, regardless of the time of day, and most are supportive and encouraging.
I would strongly suggest taking the free shuttle from the park, as parking is not free, and can be challenging.
Great bucket list item to check off.

8 days ago

first time doing this trail and it's hard but awesome

Most definitely the hardest trail I have done. just make sure you brings lots of water and have some protein snacks to keep you going. If you have trouble, there is a dipout trail at the halfway point. Don't be discouraged by the false summit, once you hit that, you're nearly there!! You don't have to be in incredible shape to do this, though it's recommended. But there were a ton of people in better shape than I quitting.
Once you get to the top, you feel so relieved, and the view is absolutely gorgeous, and don't worry, you don't have to go down the way you came up. There is a trail that takes you back down, though it's about 45-90 minutes to get down.

Great challenge!! I would advise being in pretty great shape before attempting this, I clocked over 24 miles from where I started in the parking lot. 24 miles is a long ways to go on your feet not to mention the 7,200 or so ft of elevation gain. I did the whole thing up and back with my 1 year old dog and it was exhausting but great! Started at 4:30am. Watch the weather and start early. Wear good shoes! Kinda sucks seeing all of the tourists at the top after you did so much work to get there haha but it is what it is. Cut the trip in half if you can catch a ride down from the top which is what most people do.

it's hard. bring plenty of water. take lots of breaks. don't look up,don't look down, just take it one step at a time.

13 days ago

I love the incline! Best therapy for whatever life throws at you! One step at a time. Pace yourself. Water!!! I attempt this once a week or so and at one point I was doing it 1-2 times a week. That view at the top is absolutely breathe taking.

15 days ago

I haven’t been in the best shape lately but still decided to hike this trail and needless to say it was a struggle but I managed to get to the top in 78 minutes. I had a lot of fun and felt that everyone I came across was very friendly and motivating. The trail was such a positive environment and seemed to be taken care of very well.

I would recommend starting very early because it gets hot quick. Take lots of water and don’t discouraged when you hit the false summit and see there is more! You got this.

Awesome! I was fairly early but It quickly got to 100 plus degrees, but it was still fun. A lady behind me got heat exhaustion, so be careful.. bring a lot of water and sunscreen, and hat because it is very exposed. If you have health issues or physical Limits, be very careful, as folks have died trying this. I would go as early as I can. Parking can take time, as it was very busy.

The steps are
Numbered every 100,
And that helps to pace yourself.
The top is 2768 approx.
Dogs are not allowed. I think it’s the best idea, even though I hated leaving my sidekick at home.
There is not a lot of shade esp on the second half. The back half is steeper. There is a false Summit. Then, the top is not too far From There. You can take the Barr Trail down for a few
Miles with switchbacks and great views or go back down the incline. I did the trail this time to grab some Shade.

19 days ago

Definitely the most difficult trail I've ever done! Once you're at the top though, you'll get the best feeling of accomplishment, along with a fantastic view!
Start early, because the heat of the day will get to you quick. ☀️ BRING WATER!

I've personally frequent this trail at least once a week.....

22 days ago

Wow. It took me 1 hour and 28 minutes to climb and one hour to go down on the dirt trail. I think I’m in fairly decent shape, but the quick gain in elevation got me! I had to stop every 30 seconds to catch my breath. I am very glad I did it, but 99.9% sure I will not do it again. I feel it was torture and my knees are killing me today. Stay positive!

22 days ago

This trail is a "check the box" trail. It ain't easy; but if you persevere, you'll make it to the top. In my case, 1 hr 24 min. Beautiful coming down the Barr Trail!

Leave early - 6:36 am. Later in the morning, it's not only busier, but the relentless sun will beat down on you.

Bring water and food for energy. #beast #insane

We started Manitou Incline at 8:20 PM. Reached Barr Camp at 1 AM. Your map really kept us in the Barr Trail during hiking at night. Thank you!

I have no cell service at Pikes Peak now. But I can see where I am in the map since I downloaded the map

Extremely difficult. Start early. lovely views. Keep positive thoughts.

This trail is addicting. As you are doing it you wonder why you are putting yourself through it but the views along the way and the comraderie among the hikers on the way up is amazing. Once you make it to the top it is one of the most satisfying feelings and you can’t wait to do it again. The trail is maintained very well and has outhouses and a brick and mortar restroom in the gift shop/coffee house at the bottom of the trail. One of the best experiences I have had in CO so far.

24 days ago

Great hike & a fun run coming down the incline, be prepared to get drainage in sweat. Nevertheless it’s a great workout.

Great challenge but ran into a brown bear right near the end of Barr Trail.

One of my all time favorites! If you are healthy and like to challenge yourself, this is a phenomenal hike. If you or your hiking buddies have bad knees, please pick a different trail. There are too many others to choose from that won't stress health limitations.

28 days ago

Very crowded, but also some awesome type 2 fun!

It’s not fun while you are doing it, but once you get to the top it’s worth it! The views the whole way are breathtaking.

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