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2 hours ago

Definitely a difficult and rewarding hike. It was a real challenge for someone coming from sea level, I'm glad I was somewhat acclimated. Not really much to see at the top or on the way down but feels like a big accomplishment when you make it to the top! It was pretty cool to hike it with the mountain mist, couldn't see very far up or down so we couldn't see our destination.

absolutely loved this hike. It was very difficult climbing the incline which made it very rewarding when we got to the top. I definitely reccomend going back down using the trail as the steps can be rough on the joints going down.

Leg day, sauna day, and ass kicked all at once! Time for pizza.

23 hours ago

Beautiful quick hike!

This was a bit difficult for me only being at this elevation for less than 24 hours but the hike was well worth it. My 14 year old son had no trouble at all. Very light traffic which was very nice, however, we ran into some very nice people along the way. Just the right distance for me to some beautiful views!!

Challenging yet epic climb with amazing views that make the suffering worth the journey.

We were going to take our three kids up the incline. Two decided they’d rather throw themselves on the ground and play in rocks instead. Took a solid 2 hours to reach the top with a 1 year old on my back, but I did it. Don’t forget sunscreen and plenty of water.

Loved it so much I did it the next day! Not easy either time but absolutely stunning. I take time to do this hike each time I swing through. -iowa native

3 days ago

Awesome hike, the Barr Trail is well maintained. The Barr Camp is an excellent place to stay the night and relax. Just remember to bring plenty of warm dry clothes.

5 days ago

I did this with my 5.5 month old strapped to me. It kicked my ass. Took me forever but I’m happy I did it. One hell of a workout with amazing views. Bring lots of water

It's worth every step!

Wow. holy shit. Basically you climb up "hundreds" of stairs. I think anbody can make it to the top, just pace yourself. You will get a very good feeling of accomplishment. Bought a magnet to go on the fride!

I really enjoy doing this hike multiple times. Nice workout

Hard af

Awesome hike. Definitely not for beginners. Make sure to have lots of water.

Awesome hike, best calories burner for time taken. I got 34:34 my first time up, will definitely do it again! Big thumbs up to anyone and everyone who does this!

the incline is a very tough trail definitely hard if you're not in a good condition with that been said my advice is bring water, take small breaks or set small goals for example I want to get to that point then take a break and pick another one, you'll see people passing by don't get discouraged the only that you need to beat is yourself the most difficult part will be heading your breathing at a pace that doesn't get you tired so try to work on that and do it at a pace that you can breathe without exhausting yourself pretty quick

when you come please bring a trash bag :) trail is expected to open in July

This trail is closed

Loose rock

New plant growth at risk for damage from hikers

Sharp pieces of metal. Not safe for dogs or clueless hikers

High risk for danger and low chance of rescue + heavy prosecution

Do not disturb the neighborhood attempting to go here

Allow this beautiful place to heal and respect the rules. They are there for a reason. Don’t be that guy who gets hurt and further shuts this place down even more.

My gawwwd! This kicked my butt! I met my challenge! I completed this in an hour and 20min my goal next time is 40min.

Love doing this monthly!!

Done the trail several times now. My three year old conquered it half way this weekend. Definitely a hard hike and only would do with a child if they really like the outdoors and want to climb. Steps got to her waist at times so help was needed. She had a blast and so did I. No bathrooms except bottom of the trail. Views are great!

Awesome trail. Very steep and rough/hard to follow in a couple places. The views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding Peaks is amazing pretty much the whole way up. We did this one after work, but would recommend a weekend hike for the sake of time and to be able to relax a bit on the trail.

I would recommend not using Barr Trail to access this trail because connecting to the main trail from Barr can get difficult. We paid to park at the Incline and walked up Ruxton ave until it turned into a dirt road; we walked though two gates at the end and about a quarter mile up there is an opening to the left with a tree that branches across the river. After crossing the river you’ll go up to the COG tracks and directly across them is the well built trail. Follow our recording if needed

Definitely one of the hardest hikes I've ever done. Take it slow and easy. Enjoy the views. Get your picture of the last step. It has the 2744 on it. Congratulations.

21 days ago

Still awesome. They did an excellent job with repairs, the stairs are intact all the way to the top. No snow either direction.

Did this trail on 05-05-18. Great weather but the last three miles were heavily snow covered making it hard to see the trail. We were exhausted at the end and hitched a ride back down.

The rating is accurate; this is difficult. As many others have mentioned, it isn't exactly a trail as much as it is "stairs" on the side of a mountain. it's busy but everyone I encountered was polite and there was an encouraging vibe there. Don't feel discouraged if you need to stop or go slow! The view at the top is amazing and there is a bit to explore once you get to the top. I took the Barr Trail back down for a different view and to save my knees. I saw many people without water; as it heats up outside make sure you are drinking because you are exposed most of the time.

Hard as hell. Very rewarding to complete and an impressive workout. Pro tip: DONT do leg day the day prior.

24 days ago

I’ve done this every year since I was 7 now an adult it’s a passage into our family. Best time was just at an hour but my brothers can do it in under 40 minutes. Just push threw and enjoy a light run back down on the Barr!

25 days ago

Do not underestimate the incline. It’s all mental.

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