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on The Incline Trail

21 hours ago


1 day ago

Great hike, great workout. View at the top is worth it. Took our group around an hour to get to the top of the stairs and another hour and twenty minutes to hike back down Barr trail.

Worth the effort! My legs will burn tomorrow!

End view is a Five Star. Good short workout for a Saturday Morning!!

best starter hike in colorado

It may have taken me 1 hr 52 minutes but I did it! First time .. I thought I was in decent shape but this 1 mile incline will test your will to keep going. The views as you go up are incredible! I did the Barr Trail down and it was spectacular as well.
Will I do the incline again .. absolutely!

Do not drink a lot of water before you go .. especially if you’re not use to the elevation. I saw a handful of people puking.

So and steady wins the race .. the journey is worth it!

Challenging but great fun!!

Didn’t make it all the way to Barr camp but still great hike and beautiful views all the way up!

Mentally and physically challenging!! Don’t give up, best reward is to get to the top!

on Red Mountain

12 days ago

Good hike, good views. Did miss the sharp left turn at the big rock. Looks like trail goes straight between big rock and a tree but goes straight up and into confusing and slippery gravel. There is some rocks across the wrong trail but not enough to make it clear. We put a stick there also . Hope that helps.

15 days ago

Don’t give up! It is the best feeling ever when you get to the top❤️

this was a 40th birthday present to myself and a non scale victory, I climbed this losing -210lb to get to the top and take the trail down! what a view & workout!

Love this hike!!

Had a blast! Jogged up in around 40 minutes
Jogged down the stairs in 32. Out and back in 1:12 hour(s). The stairs vary in steepness and height so it’s tricky to run down, I learned from watching other people to turn sideways. Take breaks, wear sunscreen and drink lots of water

So much fun!!!

If you aren't used to the altitude or a high cardio work out, this is a ass-kicker.

Amazing views all the way up! Perfect weather at the summit and clear skies made for a memorable experience. Now to crack open a cold one and recover from today!

26 days ago

This trail was a fun family activity. Narrow path, have to move to side of path even to walk by people. Most dogs are off leash, not a fan and dog poop on trail. We went off marked trail and got on another side trail which led to some great views, which was the highlight, so I guess we're rating 4 stars to the off trail route.

super hard but definitely one to add to your "completed" list

Hiked via Barr Trail on 9/23/18. We had perfect conditions, with the morning being cool and the temperatures never getting to high even though it was a 100% sunny and clear day. This was our first 14er and we are not regular hikers. We were on trail at 5:20 am and reached the summit at 2:50 pm. It was amazing, beautiful views and a great challenge for us. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen will be needed once your past the tree line. You can refill or supply at both Barr camp and get water at A Frame, I recommend traveling light if your not an experienced hiker and your attempting this. We brought too much food and a larger pack than was necessary. We hitch hiked down the mountain which shouldn't be too hard, but making more reliable arrangements down are a good idea if you aren't going to hike back down the mountain.

Very tough hike!
Definitely one I will not forget

Love this hike!!

trail running
30 days ago

Just spent 4 hours trail running and mapping this route out. I found it in my Pikes Peak Atlas. You have to go off trail for about half a mile at the end to summit the peak. There is evidence of an old ladder at the end, so I'm certainly not the first one up here. Posting this to hopefully share with my fellow Pikes Peak Forest fanatics. The Rocky Mountain Peak is honestly to date my favorite trail run i have ever done. The 360 degree viewpoint from the peak was just incredible. I had fun seeing the range from another perspective and mapping out other trails and peaks. I will be back out here rebuilding the offtrail section as soon as i can. It is extremely easy to navigate, just overgrown. You can see evidence of a legacy trail that is clearly years and years old. I guarantee you will rate this a 5 star if you scramble up that 20ft boulder and sit on it at the end. Cant wait to get back out there.
P.S. I mapped out two ways to get there. I went up from Barr trail to the Manitou Incline overlook and continue up into the forest. I found a lightly traveled trail that led through a cave and overlooked the Barr Trail. On my way back I came down Barr trail fully. It'll be 8 miles total if you go up and down via Barr Trail. 10 Miles if you go up and down my custom path through Barr / Manitou Incline Overlook / Barr Trail Overlook path. Or 9 miles (what i did) if you do one of both.
The overlook of Barr trail with the cave was really fun. Enjoy!

30 days ago

Great workout, lots of people doing the incline today, young and old. Positive vibes all around!

Hiked on 9/20/18 started late on the day and was able to do half way only . The trail is very well maintained and easy to follow but the elevation gain is the hard part . If you can tolerate the elevation gain this is an awesome fourteener. I will attempt again next summer .

Hiked the Barr Trail Tuesday Sept. 18. This was my first 14er. Started at 4:30am and reached the the summit at 2:40pm. The last three miles were steep and just went on forever. I was very happy we had made arrangements with My Rock Mountain Ride to pick us up at the summit and return us to the trailhead..

Two friends and I did the trail on Saturday 9-15. We started at 6:30am and finished at 2:30pm. I agree with everyone that the first four miles are tough and the last three miles are rough due to elevation and slope grade. Bring more water than you’d expect. Other than that everyone is friendly on the trail and it was not as populated as expected for a beautiful Saturday.

The incline is a quad burner but so is Barr trail if you run down. Be careful though if you do. I had a few slips because of loose scree. Overall, if you take your time the are great views. You'll definitely feel accomplished when you're back to the trailhead.

Your heart rate will skyrocket as soon as you start. It's a sufferfest, but I love it every time. Be sure to plan out when you go. It can get really crowded. Be sure to have enough water too. The views from the top are totally worth the effort. Type 2 fun at its best.

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