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Manitou Springs, Colorado Map

Very hard, very worth it. Don’t bring your dog, it’s too much for them. The steps take about an hour, and then it’s a nice leisurely walk down the Barr trail. Beautiful!

5 days ago

The trail is mostly clear with some icy sections towards the top,my regular trail shoes handled it just fine. We took the bar trail back down since the ice was making me nervous. But if you have crampons/yaktrax then no worries. Wasn’t busy on a Sunday afternoon. We took our sweet time and did it 2.5 round trip. Love the views and workout.

5 days ago

Hiked 12/8/18 - Conditions were great. a few sections of ice/snow but mostly dry. No traction needed...just expect to be more careful on the small sections that are ice/snow covered. Hiked it with full winter loadout and completed the incline section of the route in 54 minutes. Then we took our time going down the Barr Trail. This is a great workout hike and even better if you add a summit of Rocky Mountain to it!

5 days ago

Hiked 12/9/18 - Conditions were great. a few sections of ice/snow on The Incline as well as the trail but both are mostly dry. Maybe an inch of snow (but not icy) near the summit. No traction needed as long as your careful. Summit views are fantastic. Great little hike and summit especially when you combine it with the very fun Manitou Incline!

on The Incline Trail

5 days ago

It does need some energy to get there, but worth it!

Love it!

Amazing, beautiful worth the pain. Took my out of shape and bad knee 3.25 hours to top. Bucket list. Pace yourself. Tough trail especially when it’s icy.

Historical site overlooking the best town of all...

18 days ago

Hiked the Incline yesterday. What an incredible workout. The incline was lightly snow covered with ice underneath in many spots so Yaktrax is a must. We were happy to have ours. The Barr trail on the way down was wonderful. Will do this again. 2:30 round trip was a nice comfortable pace for us.

Hardest thing I’ve ever done- but worth it to do! I felt very accomplished. The Barr trail down was nice with lots of pretty views.

Hardest trail I've ever done

Great and amazing hike, but as it currently is, it really is putting far too much stress on Barr Trail. Looking forward to the new descent trail. Personally I enjoy descending on the Incline, but I get why many don’t.

This incline will test your cardio! I moved here a week ago from Florida and the elevation was ruthless for me. Made it to the top in 50 minutes and the view was immaculate. I highly recommend spikes for your boots this time of year, it was slippery at certain points on the stairs up and the same in the trail down. 10/10 would hike again.

28 days ago

Snow and ice on the incline, but still very doable. I would've liked my yaktraks on the way down the Barr trail. It took me 1 hr 26 minutes to make it to the top and less than an hour down the Barr trail. I've been in Colorado for about a month - the altitude was the biggest challenge.

Hard but worth it:)

It’s closed so obviously it is an absolutely terrible lack of a hike and you must definitely not do it. Or do it but don’t tell anyone, because then everyone will know you did a hike that nobody does because it’s absolutely terrible and it is closed. My dog tried to say she likes it but I wouldn’t let her.

Brutal but well worth the pain. It was awesome.

1 month ago

WHAT A WORKOUT!!! Per the placard: 2768 steps, 2K elevation gain and .88 miles.

I am definitely out of shape and completed this in 53 minutes including a plethora of of water and quick bite breaks; after the 1800 mark I did a break every 200 steps until the 2500 mark.

There was some snow and a bit of ice on the left hand side of the stair (while going up) but nothing that made for trouble with just my vans outdoor shoes.

1 month ago

Great hike!

Greatest, cleaned and well maintained. Enjoy!

1 month ago

I hiked this on 11/2/18 starting out at 10:30 and made it to the top in about one hour. I am an avid hiker and have hiked several 14ers here in CO. This hike was definitely an ass kicker even for someone that works out almost daily! Take plenty of water and be prepared for snow and ice this time of year. It’s really slippery and muddy heading down!

1 month ago

Be aware: the site CLOSED in October 2018, and it won't re-open until April 2019, so don't take the time if it's not open! You can find info on if it's open or not at elpasoco.com.

Very Short hike: 0.3 miles max. Not digging the graffiti

very cool,can't wait to make it up pikes peak

Up the incline and then a good run bombing down Barr is the ultimate Colorado workout.

This trail was fantastic but we went the day after it snowed and as the steps narrowed and got higher in between each step, the ice was thicker. It was still amazing but would absolutely think twice about hiking when icy.

It was an amazing climb. I did it for the first time 9 weeks after major surgery and cannot wait to go again. My friend and I used one shortened hiking pole which gave us extra leverage. We did it in 1:50 and we are both in our 60's. I personally thought the hike back down the Barr Trail was harder than the climb up the steps.

It is a great hike. Can't wait to do it again on the next trip out.

Very hard on the way up. Not sure if I’d suggest running down the trail. It’s fairly steep at some points.

Definitely one of the hardest trails I’ve done in relation to incline over a short distance. I would recommend not climbing down the incline as I saw some people slipping.

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