Great trail, a lot of mountain bikers but everyone was super respectful!

Gorgeous trail! Plenty of parking and has a restroom facility as well as picnic tables. I loved the changing scenery as you go further. Bring lots of water as it can get very hot due to lack of shade.

6 days ago

awesome little foothills trail. hardly ever has parking, so turning around and just going to bitterbrush is a frequent occurrence (8 spots). you share the trail with a large number of mountain bikers, mostly courteous. mild initial incline with mostly up and down walking.

10 days ago

Excellent hike. Pretty steep the whole way up. Lots of birds and wild flowers.

This is a fun trail. We’ve never seen more butterflies. There was a bit of mud after a rain the night before, but very manageable. It’s gradual in both inclines and descents which makes it more reasonable to do 15 miles. With the loops that’s where we ended up on mileage. Gorgeous views in many spots. We saw two snakes, two deer, and a prairie dog. Parking could get tough, but we waited less than three minutes at around 9:30 am.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail. No snow now. A couple wet spots. Camp Dick is open, so drive up through Peaceful Valley and Camp Dick Campgrounds to the parking area. Short walk up rough road to trail start on your right, across the river. Easy hike. Tree cover. A few bugs, but nothing much. Can stop about 2 miles up at beautiful flat rocks for lunch/snack. Turn around, or keep hiking. Lots of folks, but not crazy crowded. Most wore masks, and stepped to the side. Great day!

Did the bitter brush, Nelson loop and down nighthawk trail started early 7am, horse riders, mountain biking, joggers and we two. 95% of them masked. Birds galore, turkey and Chicks, deer and bear with two cubs. 8 miles good trail had a lunch at bitter brush, Nelson loop junction. Steady incline, quart of water used up gotta love water bladder and ice!! Since no gym (I am supposed to be upset?) this is my workout. Would do this trail again. I would do the loop counter clockwise

Excellent trail! Beautiful views the whole way. Bikes were all very friendly. Trail was almost completely dry and bathrooms at trailhead are open.

mountain biking
29 days ago

First trail on the new bike today. Weather and trial was great. Not a lot of people out. Had a great ride.

Good trail, easy to follow. Very green right now, wildflowers are everywhere. Big mountain biker trail, so be aware of that. Wouldn’t recommend wearing headphones since most of the bikers don’t let you know they are coming until they are right on top of you. Definitely go early to avoid bigger crowds and heat.

Trail is well maintained and the views along the hike are great...almost feels like you’re looking over a rainforest with as green as the surrounding foothills were. We did see a couple snakes, which unfortunately ruined the trip for us, but many more people forged ahead just fine.

Awesome trail. Lots of bikers but they’re all very friendly. Completed 10 miles with my 7 and 11 year old boys

Beautiful trail with views of Longs Peak from the Nelson Loop. Tons of mountain bikers. There is construction on Apple Valley Road right now so there's a slight detour to get to the trailhead.

Awesome trail! Lots of mountain bikes so we had to step off to the side a lot during the hike. It’s a narrow trail most of the way. Lots of beautiful wild flowers. Parking was difficult because the lots were completely full so we had to park on the side of the road. Probably need to get there either super early or later in the afternoon to get a good parking spot.

Beautiful trail from start to finish. Tons of mtn bikers to the point it was a bit disruptive to the hike

This is an easy, beautiful hike. It’s a fairly long distance, but goes pretty quick. There isn’t much intense elevation gain or too many rocky spots, so it’s great if you’re looking for a gorgeous, longer, but not strenuous hike. There are a ton of mountain bikers though, which did get a bit annoying. We were pulling off constantly for bikes ahead of and behind us.

Really nice place to hike. Nothing to hard. Some paths do not allow bikes, some are mixed use. Very dry. Flowers are starting to bloom and lots of greenery. Would go back again as there are plenty of trail options from the parking lot. Trail markings and signs are correct and very visible. Clean bathroom and nice lady in parking lot to help that worked for parks services. A+

This trail is so beautiful I did it Sunday and had to come back again Tuesday! Very green this time of year (mid-May), with tiny wildflowers along the sides of the trail and lovely vistas of meadow with foothills and mountains in the distance almost the entire way. Trail is entirely dry and in good condition. Lots of rocks on/in trail in the first part. Mountain bikers use this trail and no dogs are allowed. Not a lot of tree cover along the trail so would probably be very hot in summer. Not very steep so really pleasant/easy! Fun to see many deer and prairie dogs. Worth doing the Nelson Loop if you have time. I did Bitterbrush to Nelson Loop and back (9.5 miles) and it took me 4h40 min with leisurely pace and some lunch and snack breaks. There's a stream that cuts across trail about 2 miles in and then near the end of the Nelson loop trail (easier to access) if you're going clockwise.

Awesome trail. Lots of wildflowers starting to bloom on 5/10. Not technical at all. Lots of bikers

1 month ago

Trail still has tons of snow and water from the spring melt. We made it 2 miles in but then the trail turned to complete snow, which is brittle from the melt and fell out under our feet a lot. We did make it to the opening in the trees that overlooks the river, which was nice. Also: the road into Camp Dick is closed, so plan to walk on pavement for an additional 1.5-2 miles RT.

kinda underwhelming but a good exercise. a lot of people and so many mountain bikers

2 months ago

trail is still very snowy and flooded in spots. expect to get your feet wet so plan accordingly. still a gorgeous hike and so worth it!

2 months ago

Completed on 4/10. This trail should really be for bikers/horseback riders only. Nice area, but I will not hike this section again.

2 months ago

This trail is beautiful the way it meanders from desert to Colorado forest. Wild turkeys, deer, and stunning birds along the way. Its mainly a mountain bike trail but I didn’t mind yielding to bikers!

beautiful trail, good amount of shade, lots of bikers, which usually means lots of moving to the side.

Great day to hike one of my favorite trail. Very easy to keep 6 ft separation from other hikers. But some bikers don't have any regard for hikers and they think they own the trail. This is in the multi-use section of the trail.

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