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Rock formations and soil color were beautiful. Not much shade.

Quiet hike on a weekday . Super easy flat terrain . Aspens looked beautiful

Beautiful trail. Well maintained and well marked with benches placed along the trail. As other reviews mentioned as a hiker you constantly have to step off of the trail for MTBs.

I enjoyed this trail. Much of it is through the woods so shade is appreciated on a hot day. Wildflowers we’re past time so I would like to do it in mid summer. Nice walk with dogs. Not difficult.

Love this trail! Such a cool different landscape than even the Bitterbrush trails that it connects to. Was just there and it wasn't closed... not sure when this trail was marked as closed on here. They do have a permanent sign that says they close the trail if it's still muddy after 10am. So maybe that's what the closed sign on the title of this hike means.

It's also important to note that this trailhead has something like 8 parking spots TOTAL, and there is no parking allowed along the street for a VERY long way (possibly not until you get back into downtown Lyons), so we'll generally drive up here to see if there's any available parking and if there's not then we head over to Bitterbrush and do those hikes instead.

1 month ago

This is an amazing and easy trail. It is mostly shaded and runs along side the creek. We backcountry-camped a little over halfway to the waterfall back in the trees. There were signs of bears (although no personal sightings) and patches of poison ivy. No other campers were in sight although we did see backpackers at the trail head. Highly recommended for a beautiful, cool hike and backcountry camping! The shade and creek make for a blissful atmosphere. As usual, this spot requires staying highly bear-aware and responsible.

It’s a very nice trail !!

Once again you can never tell what the rating system AllTrails uses.i would say the rating of moderate doesn’t seem to fit. I would rate the climb in to be difficult. The distance to be easy and the descent technically challenging. Morning rides are less packed and 5pm everyone and their brother/sister hits it after work. High traffic for sure on weekends and evening. I’ve seen lots of people carrying their bikes up hill and going ass over apple cart on the descent. Some may say it’s the line you take. There is some truth tho that.
I would tell my friends to ride it in the morning. that it’s lots of fun on the down hill and the climb is a challenge. It’s a trail short enough to do laps. Enjoy!!!

I absolutely love this trail. Wide open plains, trails around the foothills and narrow trails through the trees up into the mountains. Riding through the foothills of Lyons is just so beautiful. I heard watch for rattlesnakes on the rocks by the trails but haven’t see any. I love it here!
IMO horses need boots or shoes for sure through some of the really rocky areas. It’s mostly smooth sailing but I still wouldn’t go without them. Parking for trailers is an easy pull through.
GPS to the trailhead was off for me it was about a mile further up ahead on the right. Almost missed the turn into the trailhead. Because I thought I had past it. I pinned it for the next time. Watch out for trail closures on the website before heading out. Closes a lot because of muddy trails after a rain. Approx 9 miles. Happy Trails!

Great workout hike. Another one of my local favorites. The first time I did this trail I did the whole loop and did the hiker shuffle back to my car. I went up the nighthawk way and looped back down. Was a solid 9+ miles and I don’t even think I stopped. Oops. The views and scenery are amazing and I really liked the switch backs. Views are breathtaking.

This is a great trail trail that remains fairly flat throughout. There is a waterfall half way in which is really nice and a couple meadows you walk through with the mountains in the background. We went early in the day and saw few people. Good hike with dogs as well!

We hiked this trail on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. The gate was closed so we parked at the side of the road. Very easy trail we hiked 3 miles in and back out. Beautiful pine forest with river always present. We stopped for a snack where the trail crossed the river. Great spot just us the breeze and the rushing river. As far as creatures, we found some pretty fresh black bear scat and some pretty fresh scratch marks on adjacent trees, some mule deer scat and a bunch of butterflies. Nice trail

nice waterfall... not too challenging ... good trail for flatlanders. nice shade, water

I had a great day with my 7 year old.! We took a couple detours due to felled trees and it was difficult to keep socks dry with all of the run off so the child decided to not care, but it was fun the whole way. Light traffic on a Friday morning.

awesome trail for hiking, running and lots of biking.

mountain biking
5 months ago

The ascent up Antelope was challenging but after a bit of climbing there's some fun flowing riding up top. All of the bikers and hikers I encountered were very respectful.

I also hiked the trail a few weeks prior to biking it and all of the bikers were respectful. I quickly recognized that the trail was primarily designed as a mountain biking trail, so I kept to the side whenever any bikes were coming... Common sense

This trail has a lot of people on it. It is great for bikers and runners.

Too many bikers on this trail. My GPS showed 14.6 miles and 1392 ft elevation gain.

I just added this particular route to Alltrails. According to Gaia and my wifes phone app it is 6.9 miles but Alltrails automatically plugs in 6.6 miles. Bottom line is that this is an easy flat trail and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. As a hiker I can say this is the prettiest trail that I'll never hike again. Bikers take over this trail and as a hiker it's a nightmare. We had to step off the trail every 30 seconds for a biker. Although it's a multi use trail the bikers operate as though they own it. They literally run you off the trail and expect you to jump off the trail as they barrel through. I was just trying to make it out of there without being critically injured. Eventually I just starting hiking off the trail. If your a mountain biker then I'd imagine you'd love this place. For me and other hikers.... it's a shame we can't enjoy this beautiful place.

3/13/18: Did this trail today w/my 9 y-o & 17 y-o. We parked in the lower lot but the upper lot has the bathrooms. We took the Nighthawk trail. No bikers allowed on this trail. The only issue we had was when the trailed forked off with no sign. The fork off to the right is what looks like a vehicle made path (what the path had been up to that point for awhile) and the fork to the left is a thin foot trail. We went right because it seemed to be going in the right direction. It wasn't the path but still got us to the same point - where you can take Button Rock trail or Nelson Loop. They need to put a sign at that fork! We took Nelson Loop to the right (east), stopped at the settlement then took Bitterbush trail to the parking lot. Almost as soon as we got on Nelson Loop the mountain bikes started coming. With the exception of the mountain bikes, our favorite part of the hike was Bitterbrush & Nelson Loop. If we do this one again we'll skip Nighthawk. It took us just over 4 hours to hike this. I don't think I'd brave this one in the summer. Not much shade. Must be really hot in the summer. We didn't think it was difficult but the kids complained that it was too long.

LOVE THIS TRAIL but letting everyone know that it is closed currently for what looks like flood repairs :( unsure as to when it is going to open again

Maybe my favorite Boulder County open space. There are a lot of places where it feels more like plateau country than Front Range. Bike traffic is a big detractor for hikers on the Bitterbrush but it's often worth it due to the awesomeness. Especially love the rock garden area and it's fun to watch the more skilled bikers who can really ride it. A lot of the summer, this trail is a bit too hot. The mule deer here are not particularly afraid of people and especially when they have fawns and will often stand their ground when you meet them on the trail.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

If you just want to hike this is not the trail you want to be on. There were so many mountain bikes. Too many to count, very frustrating.

Beautiful hike. Set out at 6:30 AM and didn’t see anyone the whole way up and back. Hiked in 4 miles on the trail to the Wilderness boundary. Hiked out on the 4 WD Road. The road was a bit sketch as there were numerous icy sections, should have stayed on the trail both ways. Take your spikes if you take the road.

Nice hike on a beautiful Saturday. Arrived about 8:30 am to plenty of parking and didn't encounter much traffic on the way up, but friendly bikers thronged the trail both directions on the way down. Encountered a rattlesnake on the trail within sight of the parking lot, but it wouldn't budge, so I backtracked and took Nighthawk Trail the rest of the way. This is a good moderate hike for diversity in terrain and inclines, and it has some nice but not spectacular views. Take a brief detour to Sleepy Lion Trail at the top for some really beautiful views of Longs Peak and the Ralph Price Reservoir in Button Rock Preserve.

Great easy hike with kiddos. Did it early to avoid the heat of July.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Fun hike with the kids! We hiked in a few miles - the river was beautiful, there were many boulders for the kids to scramble up on, and my daughter was thrilled with all of the wildflowers.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great easy beginner hike. It's only 3.5 miles to where Buchanan Pass Trail starts and it's another 7 or so to the lake. We only did the first 3.5 but there is lots of water for dogs. Park at Camp Dick and the trailhead is close to the parking lot about 300 m or so. Great hike that is relaxing and not strenuous.

Friday, July 14, 2017

This is a very easy hike with very little elevation, so it's great for beginners. We hiked it with our dog, and it was nice because there is a stream most of the way, and a TON of shade coverage. Great for hot days, between the shade and the water. We started at Camp Dick, and the trail head is all the way at the back of the camp grounds. The trail is about 300 feet from the parking. The Camp Dick part of the trail gets you to the start of buchannon pass, and it's another 6 miles or so to the glacier lake. The first 3.5 miles are very flat, with lots of shade and water for dogs.

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