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Great workout hike. Another one of my local favorites. The first time I did this trail I did the whole loop and did the hiker shuffle back to my car. I went up the nighthawk way and looped back down. Was a solid 9+ miles and I don’t even think I stopped. Oops. The views and scenery are amazing and I really liked the switch backs. Views are breathtaking.

awesome trail for hiking, running and lots of biking.

Wasn't able to do the hike. Got to the trailhead at 10am on a Monday in the beginning of May and there was no parking available. Looks like there was only room for a max of 10 cars, if that. The 2 mile road leading up to the trailhead was all marked no parking.

mountain biking
2 months ago

The ascent up Antelope was challenging but after a bit of climbing there's some fun flowing riding up top. All of the bikers and hikers I encountered were very respectful.

I also hiked the trail a few weeks prior to biking it and all of the bikers were respectful. I quickly recognized that the trail was primarily designed as a mountain biking trail, so I kept to the side whenever any bikes were coming... Common sense

This trail has a lot of people on it. It is great for bikers and runners.

Too many bikers on this trail. My GPS showed 14.6 miles and 1392 ft elevation gain.

2 months ago

Very moderate hike, fairly easy. No great views. The only plus was no bikers allowed. Took this to Nelson Loop and was about run down by bikers flying through. Predominant thought was meh, kind of boring.

3 months ago

Super muddy after yesterday's snow. Manageable with poles and extra time. Microspikes would have been helpful. Very few people out today, but the mule deer and hawks were active. And helicopters. Lots of helicopters toward Button Rock all day. Nice hike and looking forward to doing again when it dries up.

I just added this particular route to Alltrails. According to Gaia and my wifes phone app it is 6.9 miles but Alltrails automatically plugs in 6.6 miles. Bottom line is that this is an easy flat trail and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. As a hiker I can say this is the prettiest trail that I'll never hike again. Bikers take over this trail and as a hiker it's a nightmare. We had to step off the trail every 30 seconds for a biker. Although it's a multi use trail the bikers operate as though they own it. They literally run you off the trail and expect you to jump off the trail as they barrel through. I was just trying to make it out of there without being critically injured. Eventually I just starting hiking off the trail. If your a mountain biker then I'd imagine you'd love this place. For me and other hikers.... it's a shame we can't enjoy this beautiful place.

3/13/18: Did this trail today w/my 9 y-o & 17 y-o. We parked in the lower lot but the upper lot has the bathrooms. We took the Nighthawk trail. No bikers allowed on this trail. The only issue we had was when the trailed forked off with no sign. The fork off to the right is what looks like a vehicle made path (what the path had been up to that point for awhile) and the fork to the left is a thin foot trail. We went right because it seemed to be going in the right direction. It wasn't the path but still got us to the same point - where you can take Button Rock trail or Nelson Loop. They need to put a sign at that fork! We took Nelson Loop to the right (east), stopped at the settlement then took Bitterbush trail to the parking lot. Almost as soon as we got on Nelson Loop the mountain bikes started coming. With the exception of the mountain bikes, our favorite part of the hike was Bitterbrush & Nelson Loop. If we do this one again we'll skip Nighthawk. It took us just over 4 hours to hike this. I don't think I'd brave this one in the summer. Not much shade. Must be really hot in the summer. We didn't think it was difficult but the kids complained that it was too long.

LOVE THIS TRAIL but letting everyone know that it is closed currently for what looks like flood repairs :( unsure as to when it is going to open again

5 months ago

Beautiful trail, coming here early morning during the week is my favorite time because there are barely any people in the trail. After the first few miles the sound from the road disappears and it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. Such a great feeling, just you, tons of deer, and the trail. Plus it connects to thr Button Rock trail near the Longmont damn, which is always a fun place.

Absolutely gorgeous every time!! Just wanted to let people know that when I went up here on 2/7, where the Bitterbrush Trail meets with Antelope Trail, there's that gorgeous meadow and prairie dog community to look out on. My friend and I definitely saw a mountain lion walking around far from us among the prairie dogs, so please be a aware that one has been seen very recently!

Beautiful hike, did the Antelope to Bitterbrush to the Nelson Loop, then back down Antelope. We got here about 8am and saw more then 50 deer and 10+ bucks on the hike. Might go a little earlier next time to avoid the influx of mountain bikers we encountered after the half way point. Also, if you get to the Nelson loop, go clockwise to get the best views of Longs towards the top.

7 months ago

This is the bike-free alternative to the other trails at Hall Ranch, which is a mecca for bikers. I ride too but sometimes it's nice to get away from that energy. It's also just generally less crowded than most of the trails in BoCo.
We hiked this trail a lot last early spring to get our legs and lungs ready for summer.
There are some nice views but imo it's not as pretty as bitterbrush, or antelope.
If you're hardcore enough you can connect to Buttonrock. We are not that hardcore.

Maybe my favorite Boulder County open space. There are a lot of places where it feels more like plateau country than Front Range. Bike traffic is a big detractor for hikers on the Bitterbrush but it's often worth it due to the awesomeness. Especially love the rock garden area and it's fun to watch the more skilled bikers who can really ride it. A lot of the summer, this trail is a bit too hot. The mule deer here are not particularly afraid of people and especially when they have fawns and will often stand their ground when you meet them on the trail.

7 months ago

We didn’t make it the whole length of the trail but it was a gorgeous day. The trail was in great shape. We saw some deer and a golden eagle. Lots of friendly folks along the trail and a couple on horseback too. Perfect hike if your looking to avoid a long drive into the mountains and winter hiking conditions.

7 months ago

No dog allowed. Hate figuring this out once I get to the trailhead.

8 months ago

We really enjoyed this as a late Fall hike. I imagine this is probably the best time of year to do this hike; the summer would probably be pretty hot because of the lack of shade. Hall Ranch is a very popular mountain biking spot, but you'd never know from this trail, as it's closed to bikes. It's a very quiet trail - far enough away from the highway and bikes on neighboring trails. Lots of deer. Good length, but not too hard. Nice views of Longs/Meeker/Twin Sisters at the end!

9 months ago

Good front-country hike with lots of red sand and desert sage. Not much shade except for a brief jaunt through a pine grove. Beautiful sweeping views, wide open meadows, and a steady climb. Bikes are not permitted, but horses are.

If you just want to hike this is not the trail you want to be on. There were so many mountain bikes. Too many to count, very frustrating.

Nice hike on a beautiful Saturday. Arrived about 8:30 am to plenty of parking and didn't encounter much traffic on the way up, but friendly bikers thronged the trail both directions on the way down. Encountered a rattlesnake on the trail within sight of the parking lot, but it wouldn't budge, so I backtracked and took Nighthawk Trail the rest of the way. This is a good moderate hike for diversity in terrain and inclines, and it has some nice but not spectacular views. Take a brief detour to Sleepy Lion Trail at the top for some really beautiful views of Longs Peak and the Ralph Price Reservoir in Button Rock Preserve.

heads up for mountain bikes
good cool weather hike

Great easy hike with kiddos. Did it early to avoid the heat of July.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Loved this trail! We did about 4.5 miles in from the parking lot. Next time we are shooting for the overlook! Total of 9 miles and there were wonderful things to see the whole way, wildflowers, birds, bees, rabbits, butterflies, views, and the moon was even visible. Relatively gentle incline for people that hike regularly. Nice elevation gain making it still a good challenge. Sensory overload in the best possible way. Lots of bikers on the trail with everyone being courteous with each other along the way. First 2 miles does not offer a lot of shade in the summer months so sunglasses, hat, and SPF are a must. Breaks into trees throughout after. Did some jogging as well, not a lot of loose rocks to slip on as I tend to do. :D

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Great trail but too many bikes. they were all polite but it was still a nuisance.

Hall Ranch is fantastic for train running.

One error on the Wildlife section; the deer are mule deer, not whitetail.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Terrible parking, lots of biking traffic. But it was still great! Though we had to stop for a lot of bikers, they were all friendly, the view was beautiful, and we got in a good workout that wasn't too killer. Very close to the town of Lyons, as well.

I go here often, especially in fall, winter and early spring. It's possible to hike from the main TH off Hwy. 7 west and connect with Buttonrock Preserve trails. I have seen lots of wild turkey on this trail. Watch for rattlesnakes in summer.

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