Great hike or trail run spot. We arrived on a Sunday at 8:30 and as the other reviews state, parking lot was full so we parked and 3/4 of a mile up the road. It added some nice distance and a little incline on the return. The first 2 miles of the trail are on the steep side with great shade. Look out for the arrows as you arrive at a few places where it appears the trail ends. Even though the parking lot was packed, the trail traffic was fine. Beautiful views!

ohv/off road driving
1 day ago

Fun trail...couple smaller obstacles....nice area to kick around...camping areas...good stuff

Dirt road, not so much hiking.

Great hike, following the creek!! I got there 8:30am on Sunday and the lot was full so I parked up on the road. Only added another 5-10 minutes of walking. I took the Sleepy lion trail which gives you some shade, nice incline up to the top where you get the view of Longs Peak. Green fields, wild flowers, rock formations, beautiful clear water! Part of the trail is a dirt road. Lots of signs for keeping the dogs in the leash. And there is a weird sign in the beginning that says one dog person. I was in single person with two dogs and I had no issues. I passed multiple rangers and no one said anything to me. Nice little workout, lots of sun, good view, not far!!

Lovely trail. It was busy at the lot when we arrived about 10am, but by then folks were coming off trail and parking spaces were opening up. We waited maybe 3 min for a space right at the trailhead. For as busy as the lot was, there didn’t seem to be that many people on trail. Shade started at the sleepy lion trailhead about 1/2 mile up and from there felt like a hike and was nicely wooded up to the dam. A couple different lookouts had nice views. The second half of the loop was flat and on a wide dirt road with no shade, but the rock formations and water along the way made up for it. Easy trail, good for families and dogs. Wide enough to social distance and the majority of people were honoring distance and wearing masks as they passed.

1 day ago

Headed out about 7:30a today and the parking lot was half full. By the time we left at 9:30a they were doing a 1 for 1 on parking and the trail was busy. Nice hike, my 9 year old had bo issues but very busy!

Awesome trail. We parked at a small turnabout that served as a small parking lot since the main lot was full and it took about .6 miles to hike to the trailhead. Great views and lots of wildflowers along the way.

My friends and I arrived around 8:30 am and the lot was already filling up. We walked past quite a few people, but everyone was virtuous, kind, and socially distanced. This trail was super lovely and we all really enjoyed it! Perfect blend between running water, boulders, open fields with wild flowers, and mountainous views. Highly recommend, just don’t forget sunscreen and lots of water as we roll into these hot summer months!

Great hike. When you get to the split, I went on the left trail. It’s 2 miles and a little nice cardio workout. Then come down on the dirt road trail. Have fun.

2 days ago

Get there really early if you want to get a parking spot otherwise you’ll add almost 2 more miles parking at the next available parking space. Other than that, it’s so beautiful. For as full as it was we didn’t run into people to much, it’s spread out pretty well.

When we got there around noon, it was 1 in, 1 out for cars. But once we got off the main road, we only saw a handful of people. It was pretty, but not a ton of shade, so I’d recommend going early if you have a pup!

Good trail, easy to follow. Very green right now, wildflowers are everywhere. Big mountain biker trail, so be aware of that. Wouldn’t recommend wearing headphones since most of the bikers don’t let you know they are coming until they are right on top of you. Definitely go early to avoid bigger crowds and heat.

Arrived around 7:30am on a Sunday morning, and lot was 2/3-3/4 full. We did the clockwise loop. Nice hike, south route (an actual trail through the woods) was easy to moderate, and quite nice. North route (the dirt road) was easy, and also nice (and about mile shorter I believe). Saw many people, but didn't feel like it was too crowded. Overall, nice hike, good for families, easy social distancing on the road...a little harder on the trail.

Pretty hike. Not too difficult. Get there early. Parking lot was full at 9:15 so had to park at the top and walk down which add almost two miles to the hike.

Really busy but people were pretty spread out arrive early if you wanna guaranteed spot they were turning some people away from the lot when I got back down

Went last weekend and it was pretty busy but totally worth the views. Highly recommend.

Really pretty hike! Got to the parking lot around 850 and there were plenty of spots and the Trail was pretty empty as well. The reservoir and dam are beautiful as well

Trail is well maintained and the views along the hike are great...almost feels like you’re looking over a rainforest with as green as the surrounding foothills were. We did see a couple snakes, which unfortunately ruined the trip for us, but many more people forged ahead just fine.

Started at about 5:30 pm and only saw four other hikers on the trail. Great workout and beautiful views.

Awesome trail. Lots of bikers but they’re all very friendly. Completed 10 miles with my 7 and 11 year old boys

Nice not too busy will develop trail. If you go clockwise on the trail there is minimum shade in the beginning but the views towards the middle of the trail is amazing

Beautiful!! Nice, gentle elevation gains and flows right beside the river

off trail
7 days ago

Lovely loop, lots of variety in birds and native bees, saw mammals and a big beautiful bull snake. Popular area but if you’re there early you get the best of it. I prefer to yield to bikers because it’s easier for me than them, plus they are very nice!

Start at the point when the dirt road turns off to button rock dam/sleepy lion pass. Starting around the dam to only button rock dam made it difficult to see the sign of where to turn around to loop back. The sign faces your left and back and we never looked left or back and got to the top where it turns into a lumbar yard. Realizing that something was wrong we went back a mile and saw the sign because it was facing us at this point!

8 days ago

great variety of terrain. nice meadows with boulders strewn about

Always love doing the full loop. Veered off the dirt road to enjoy the scenic route. Got there around 5 and crowds were just leaving, not too many people on the trail itself. Weather was beautiful, not too many bugs, and got to even watch some beavers on the walk back to the car.

Tough time parking, don’t park on the street, but good hike easy road walk and the Lyons trail from the dam is a better way to walk than the road

Absolutely loved this trail! The reservoir was just stunning on a warm spring day.

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