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Great hike for all levels and ages of hikers. No shade. Be cautious of snakes. Hear they are there but in the numerous times I have been out there thankfully have only encountered one time. We stay on trail though. Its pretty heavily trafficked.

Good trail my 5yo and me being 7 months pregnant did it fine, while my 2yo walked the way back. he was carried on a toddler hiking backpack the way up. We did see one rattlesnake

great when you live in the area and just need out for a bit. easy hike! great for little ones too!

Lovely on a cool morning. Easy walk with a few slopes.

Nice place to hike but I won't go again as a rattlesnake crossed the trail about 5 feet in front of me. Lots of areas with very tall grass and narrow paths with lots of places for those rattlers to be. I understand it is their home and I will leave it to them.

Good short hike for kids and all ages.

Easy afternoon hike

The trail itself is nice but as mentioned, it is pretty developed. A great picture at the keyhole is ruined by many homes behind it. I imagine it was a great view prior to that. Definitely a popular trail though, plenty of traffic. Easy enough.

Went hiking with a few friends! We go there early (8 am) to avoid the heat & (hopefully) snakes. We didn’t run into any snakes thankfully! I really enjoyed the cleanliness of the park, wildflowers, & beautiful views!

Great views! Great weather! Beautiful flowers. Really enjoyed the hike. Did not love all the residential.

A little is a lot when ur happy with what u got

Great place to hike and walk your dog, but I won't go there again until the fall. A couple of days ago, my dog was bitten by a rattlesnake. Fortunately, she will be fine. The rattlesnake was in the grass, not too far from the trail. I didn't even hear it rattling. If you do go there during the summer months, be extremely careful, but I wouldn't recommend walking one's dog there during the summer. Too bad, because it's such a beautiful place.

Beautiful place, but watch out for rattlesnakes.

A fun hike close to town, gets pretty hot in the summer though. Little shade.

Excellent trail for kids! A stroller with large off-road wheels would also work.

Great running trail. Ran from devil's backbone to horsetooth reservoir. Lots of snakes so stay alert!

on Pinewood Lake Trail

2 months ago

Easy, yet very enjoyable hike! Great trail to bring my dog on, she loved it! Would definitely be great for all types of activities! Will be making a trip back soon!

Scenic, not difficult. I added on the Laughing Horse Loop for a total hike of 6.2 miles.

Beautiful place for walking and my dog loves it.

2 months ago

Beautiful landscape. Saw some early spring wildflowers, birds, people catching fish.

Great place to ride as a beginner in the mountain bike world cant wait to get back.

Beautiful easy hiking trail. Lots of great views. Plenty of cactus around so be mindful.
Pretty far from Denver.

Come here frequently for my evening work outs, I love this trail, lots of wildlife and beautiful views and tonight I saw a MOUNTAIN LION!! This happened on the laughing horse section of the extended trail, I noticed a herd of deer running up and over the ridge and a few seconds later I saw the lion below crouching down and moving from bush to bush! Got my heart pumping but what an experience!

It had been a long time since I had been on this trail, and was sad to see that the surrounding area had been pretty heavily developed. The trail itself is still nice, but the view of mini-mansions was disappointing to say the least. If you are trying to get way from civilization for a few hours, this isn't your trail.

Nice even terrain with decent views... looks like a great place to fish!

3 months ago

Very nice trail with beautiful views from higher up trail.

3 months ago

What a beautiful hike on Father’s Day with my kids it was. Awesome

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