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10 days ago

Nice views.
Scenic drive. The trail dead ends at South end of lake so you must back track or complete a loop around the lake which isn’t very scenic.
Heads up: A $14 park pass is required to park in the parking lot. You must purchase the pass at the park office which is about 10 minute drive from the parking lot, and easy to miss. Not worth it since there are so many other free, beautiful hikes around.

I have hiked this 3 or 4 times now. A nice stretch of the legs, this out and back trail has some beautiful views. Go early, especially in warmer months, and avoid the crowds. Large parking lot accommodates large horse trailers for those lucky folks who have a horse lifestyle. Dogs on leash.

Good trail for all ages— 7 to 78 yr. We had lunch at the arch and rested on benches along the way. Very interesting rock formations and history was highlighted on story boards.

mountain biking
25 days ago

Fun. Fast. Flowy

Nice trail. Love it!

30 days ago

Hi! I took my dog and my friend/ her dog on this trail this morning… It is very easy with a few elevations, and very pleasant! We did the entire loop in about two hours or less. It is very well marked, which is very important. There are numbers around the trail head and they show you where you are in relation to the map. I highly recommend this trail for a semi-easy nature jaunt. There weren’t very many people there as well!

Fun hike! Good trails and some beautiful scenery up close and far away. Enjoyed the trail!

Went earlier in the summer and saw a lot of birds and a snake.

1 month ago

I've hiked this trail many times.The Loveland Mountain Club maintains this trail and the Nature Trail twice a year. I see that some of the reviews mention the lack of a view from the summit ... about 25 yards west of the summit there is a nice viewing area that has a beautiful view of the high peaks in the Mummy Range to the west..

1 month ago

It was a little dried up but still a nice easy walk for my pups. They loved it!

mountain biking
1 month ago

August 18, mountain bikes the trail with my 13 year old. We loved the trail, absolutely beautiful and fun. We are from Michigan so this was definitely different than what we are use too. It was a blast and I would recommend it to anyone.

Nice trail close to town with rocks and nature. Very enjoyable.

Beautiful trail. Pretty easy but the farther you go in the more rocky it gets. Went to the end of the laughing horse loop & turned around due to ominous looking weather. I gotta go back and go farther next time.

Great hiking close to town. Beautiful views and some challenging spots that make it enjoyable.

Love but be cautious of rattle snakes !

No swimming except for dogs while training.

1 month ago

Very pretty drive from Fort Collins to this great, dog-friendly trail. Nice breeze , wild flowers, birds singing, some people fishing, couple paddle-boarding...a few hikers made a really nice Sunday outing. I’ll definitely go again.

This trail is great if you want to watch people play golf. I would recommend devils backbone instead.

2 months ago

Round mountain/Sheep Mountain is probably the most underwhelming summit I’ve ever done. The trail is very steep and long for the majority of the hike. In total it’s close to 10 miles. This is a good hike if you’re looking to train for longer harder hikes or just want a killer workout. There are a few nice views along the way but nothing too exciting. Somewhere along this trail is an unmaintained trail to Stone Mountain. Apparently Stone mtn has great 360 views but I have yet to do this. Might be worth it though if your looking for something more spectacular. You can find directions online. Haven’t seen anything on AllTrails yet.

this is my very first trail I walked alone. Perfect for beginners. I broke a good sweat and enjoyed the beautiful view at the top. houses kinda "ruined" the scenery aspect of the walk but, the hike was worth it. took me maybe 20 minutes to get to the top. very short but, like I said, perfect for the beginner!

This is the Round Mountain Adventure Summit however you're climbing to Sheep Mountain so there is a name confusion there. Probably the hardest hike ever been on.... went through 2 liters of water and took us a good 6 hrs to complete (disclaimer- we just got in from Houston the day before). This is definitely 10 miles total once you counter in the entrance trail plus the 4.75 miles to the top. We were so tired once we finally made it we never looked to see if there was a log book that someone had mentioned previously and the views at top are at best less than decent... maybe we didn't walk far enough but I was trying to make sure I had the energy to make it down. 4 hrs up and 2 to make it down (clouds came so we picked up the pace on the descent). I will say it was a beautiful hike going up and down which makes it totally worth it!! Take plenty of water, and a horn for bears as they frequent the area. The journey is all that matters and after almost 10 miles and close to 3k ft elevation gain, you'll feel a little badassy!

2 months ago

Lots of climbing. Scenic, but the peak is a real let down..it is literally a large cairn..surrounded by trees. Nice challenge, but the best views will be seen long before you reach the top. I also tracked mine closer to nine miles with close to 3000 feet of elevation gain.

Great hike for all levels and ages of hikers. No shade. Be cautious of snakes. Hear they are there but in the numerous times I have been out there thankfully have only encountered one time. We stay on trail though. Its pretty heavily trafficked.

Good trail my 5yo and me being 7 months pregnant did it fine, while my 2yo walked the way back. he was carried on a toddler hiking backpack the way up. We did see one rattlesnake

2 months ago

So this is titled “Sheep Mountain”, but this is actually the same as Round Mountain trail. It is longer than it says...closer to 10. Over 2800 feet of climbing in 4.5 miles is A LOT of climbing. Hard or Moderate/Hard and offers great views with lots of flowers, butterflies, and even some raspberries :)
Its a great trail. Bring lots of water!

great when you live in the area and just need out for a bit. easy hike! great for little ones too!

Lovely on a cool morning. Easy walk with a few slopes.

Nice place to hike but I won't go again as a rattlesnake crossed the trail about 5 feet in front of me. Lots of areas with very tall grass and narrow paths with lots of places for those rattlers to be. I understand it is their home and I will leave it to them.

Good short hike for kids and all ages.

Easy afternoon hike

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