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Challenging, but completely worth it. I'm in shape, but my lungs struggled to keep up. Recommend being acclimated to altitude before you go. However, the rewards (waterfalls) are AWESOME if you stay motivated and don't give up.

11 hours ago

great views from multiple points in the hike. cave is closed most of the time, so if you were looking for caves and bats, check elsewhere.

One of my favorite places on my road trip to Colorado this year! So gorgeous and easy trails to relax but enjoy the outdoors. Warning it is very crowded!!! Fun places to boulder or even rock climb!

I’d like to resonate Amanda’s comment about the trails difficulty. I would say this is moderate leaning on the harder scale, but I believe the reason why it’s rated hard is because of the elevation gain (which actually is fairly gradual). The hike was beautiful, and the views of golden are quite nice. This hike did get a little busy since we did this midday on a Sunday, however, when we arrived there was ample parking. Be vigilant when hiking this trail because it’s narrow throughout the majority of the hike and mountain bikers can be hard to see/hear.

This was a nice quick hike! We brought along our doggo and there were many shaded areas to stop and rehydrate.

Great little hike! The views from the point are breathtaking. First portion is easy, filled with wildflowers and lots of shade. The trek up to the point was more rocky but not too steep. Light traffic for a Monday morning!

Excellent. Variety of options to veer off. Beautiful terrain. Kids 9 and 13 handled it.

15 hours ago

Went to the rocks for the first time today and it was a great hike. I just moved to the area so I’m still not quite use to the elevation. I got winded a few times but it wasn’t hard. It’s a great view from either side of the rocks. Highly recommended!

Nice easy trail. Saw 2 deer at TH parking lot near Molas Lake. Hiked RT from Molas to Little Molas and back. Highway noise, but started pretty early so not too bad. Nice scenery!

Fun hike, good views, fairly easy.

Great hike with some difficult parts. Great views at the top. Highly recommend good hiking shoes....not tennis shoes, chacos, or sandals.

21 hours ago

Super easy, lovely trail for a leisurely walk out of doors. Trail circles around Cottonwood Creek Park, which is a great park for all ages. Mostly paved, part of the loop is gravel. Popular for running, cycling, walking, dogs, kids, stroller-friendly.

22 hours ago

Simple hike with a clear path and beautiful views at the top. There's a place to sit and overlook the whole city if you continue on and over some rocks. Doesn't take long to summit!

23 hours ago

Perfect moderate trail for just enough challenge and beautiful views at the top. The trail is well marked and features minimal obstacles besides the greater difficulty from the steepness near the top. I went on a Saturday morning (summited before 9am) and only saw a few other people on the way up. I had a good 10-15 mins to myself before seeing one runner at the summit but that's it. Highly recommend!

short, but nice.

Good hike and close to Boulder. Start early - you can either do out and back (starting clockwise) or loop (starting counterclockwise). First .5 mile of counterclockwise is flat, wide, gravel. The rest of it is a lot of switchbacks and exposed, so wear sunscreen and start early.

I usually don't have to stop and I took a few breaks this time. Great workout and doesn't take too long. Start early!

Completed this trail 9/17/17

Short and sweet. Good, healthy climb. You’ll find yourself in front of stellar views, enveloped in an aspen glade, then towering evergreens soon thereafter. Wonderful. Would rate this as moderate instead of hard.

Very hard when you do the loop clockwise. 1 mile of non stop steep climbing. Rest of loop is much easier. The view from the top is worth the effort.

climbing in the beginning, then in the woods but not much exciting to see.

We were here on the Tuesday after Memorial day and it was pretty busy. The path was paved, and is very scenic all along the trail. However, it is quite steep in the first ~0.3 miles, so I would say it's moderate instead of easy. Ranger recommends the meadow trail for easier path up.
Wild flowers in bloom right now are the bluebells and the dandelions.

I mean it was a decent hike. but the climb up, while physically challenging, was honestly boring. it's just dirt and gravel everywhere, there's no shade, and when we went (mid August) there were bugs swarming at our faces and biting our necks. it felt like a desert. the view was nice, though. and yeah there are a lot of mountain bikers, but there's usually enough room to let them pass.
probably wouldn't do it again for fun, but for exercise it's good

1 day ago

Such a fun hike! Lots of rocks you climb up, it does get steep. It’s not a paved path at all which we loved. It can get crowded at the top with people trying to get pictures but it’s well worth it. We’d do this hike again in a heartbeat.

Had a lot of fun with our dog (kept her on leash). Went past the 7th bridge up a bit more towards Jones park but didn’t quite make it. Will definitely come again.

mountain biking
1 day ago

A very good trail for a north/south route to cycle through the city safely while avoiding traffic. Pretty well maintained, though the further south you go, the more numerous the homeless camps become. For the most part, a side from their trash, I've never had any issues with any of the transient population. A big improvement would be if there were a connecting trail from the Greenway Trail to the Centennial Campus of PPCC. The only ways there now involve dangerous traffic on roads with minimal shoulder space.

Great network of trails right in town! You could really put down a lot of miles if you wanted to. Deducted a star only because from a hiking stand point, we had to be on guard for mountain bikers. Speaking of which, I will certainly ride these trails myself in the near future!

1 day ago

I will fully agree with other reviewers on the crazy hard to find branch-off! I must have stood in that clearing a good 5 mins trying to find the dang thing. It’s unmarked, while the other main trails are all marked. However, it’s difficulty in locating made it nice and unoccupied for the most part part...only ran in to one couple with a pup. The peak has some stunning views of the Springs, with peeks at the Broadmoor and Will Rogers Shrine on the way up and from the top. Fairly easy, some loose gravel here and there, so watch your footing.

To you people who labeled this hike “kid friendly”, who are your kids? Rambo and Wolverine? This hike should be labeled hard, not moderate, due to very steep dropoffs throughout the Chavez section and some most definite rock climbing involved that is not appropriate for small children. This is NOT a kid friendly hike in any universe. Beautiful scenery but some nasty surprises as you near the creek. Will gladly do this again solo with my husband. Very much regretted taking my kid!

Awesome trail!

1 day ago

Nice hike, though the loop as shown on AllTrails actually appears to be a loop of the Ponderosa trails, three sisters trails, and the brothers lookout spur. we're unaware of an official brothers lookout loop other than once you've already made it to the top. the views were great, but get there early. We parked off the road since the trailhead had long ago filled with mountain bikers and early bird hikers.

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