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Even though Adam reads the All Trails reviews about wearing pants, hiking boots and carrying poles and gloves, Adam hikes the Goat Mountain trail in running shorts and his legs get eaten up by the thick vegetation. Ascending the very steep Goat Mountain Trail, he slips and slides in his running shoes. Don’t be like Adam.

Addendum: The trail is rather challenging, but rather fun. Didn’t see one other soul after leaving Waterton for Goat Mountain.

Good local trail. Cool view of Denver! A little harder than I thought it would be.

Trail closed and no signs as to why and for how long. What’s with the guys hanging out in their cars in the parking lot watching each other? Two hooked up while we were there. Creepy. Bathrooms are stinky. Trail next to main road, noisy. As you might gather, if you read this far, we were very disappointed with this place.

Saw 2 deer, 1 rattle snake and either a bobcat or lynx last night. Be vigilant.

trail running
5 days ago

Easy track for a nice run with pretty views! It has very little incline; my watch said only about 70 ft. elevation gain. Also there is close to zero tree coverage so be sure to keep that in consideration!

mountain biking
7 days ago

The sun really beats down on you and there isn’t a view that you are making a goal towards to see. But it is nice to be next to a river and also to sometimes see Big Horn Sheep.

Easy hike once you get past the canyon. It was very! Hot! Biking in the canyon even at 4:30 in July. There are several nice campsites at 8.5 miles and I did not see the bear.

The trail is poorly marked, especially on the west side.

Very pretty hike. Not very hard at all. Note for dog owners - there is no stream or waterfall this time of year. Do not plan on any water for the pets on the trail. Bring plenty for them with this heat. Good hike, good views - nice and close to town.

14 days ago

Great off leash trail for dogs! Lots of spots for pups to get in the water. Definitely a 5!

Hiked this trail in the evening, and we had the whole trail to us. Since it’s so close to the city, this one is totally doable at any time in the day. Took my not-so-athletic dog with us and he had no problems hiking the whole thing. Decent amount of shade throughout the trail that protected us from the rains in the evening. Great views of the city once you reach the Plymouth Mountain trail.

trail running
14 days ago

More of a dirt road than a trail. Well packed but plenty of room for bikers and walkers/runners. Would recommend getting here early as it does start to become very popular around 8-9am. I got here about 7:15 and it was perfect!

16 days ago

You want sunscreen, good boots, hiking poles, and water to make the best of this hike. It's more intense than it let's on to be with all of the false peaks, but the views along the way make the whole hike worth it. Not sure why no one posted in here yet, but the gamble oak will shred the hell out of your legs if you don't have decent pants. weather and conditions were great in late March, no snow this weekend. To get to the trailhead (unmarked), take the main road to the pipes that cross above the main road; take a hard right after the first pipe that leads under another pipe (that runs parallel to the road), this is the trailhead- it is a pretty loose and steep incline (expect this for most of the hike). The hike goes on to a handful of false summits but ends at Goat Mountain where there's a metal pole and cement marker noting your end destination. The views have housing in most of the background, but it's still pretty, and on a clear day the views of Denver's skyline are great. Take your time on the way back down. We got lost once since there are a few animal trials that bleed into the main trail. Not busy at all on a Sunday (we saw 5 people total in 6 hours). enjoy!

Beautiful place

trail running
18 days ago

nice wide trail with good views.

Good long hike, we saw butterflies a lot of meadows and gorgeous views! There were some “where am I” times but when in doubt just walk down hill.

Didn’t have a chance to hike it. Mountain lion reported on trail in the middle of the day!

Parking lot is back open

21 days ago

Perfect amount of incline and distance for a beautiful Sunday. Park calls is difficult but it’s definitely moderate with just over 6 miles round trip. Start early on these hot days!

trail running
21 days ago

Great trail. Paved and gravel run parallel for most of the way! There are also places to jump off on trails that get you closer to the platte! Pretty flat and easy. To and fro is a nice distance to get in some marathon training too!

definitely a hot hike! best at sunset or early morning. not much shade. but very pretty and easy for kids

Easy hike.

Beautiful views, gentle slope, easy access!

25 days ago

amazing view at the top with a place to rest. wish the trail was a little wider for the overlook part but overall pretty great. saw my second deer in the park on the way back.

Great for families

beautiful scenery

Great hike but I wish I could bring my dog.

it's never open anymore. we've gone there 3 times and they have locked the gates.

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