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Hiked 1/5/19: Very beautiful/easy short hike with a few side overlook trails! This is a very busy trail with all ages but surprisingly had the most wildlife I’ve ever seen on a hike! I saw deer, rabbits, birds and TWO BABY BOBCATS! There was quite a few people who witnessed the two babies but the mother was nowhere to be found. A gentleman in the crowd said he would let the ranger know! Also, once park capacity hits it’s one car in one car out. It was at full capacity by noon. $8 park fee! Totally worth it!

18 days ago

I love this easy hike for short winter days, when you really want to get out but don't want to deal with ski traffic in the high country. The trail was really quiet today except for a few out-of-towners. Folks please remember to pack in and pack out your trash. I noticed a few used Kleenexes and food wrappers tossed along the side of the trail. The scenery and wildlife here is too beautiful to be so careless.

Easy peasy with nice views. Gentle trail running.

Pretty views on a clear day...deer were abundant today. Be aware of them running across the trail.

Wear hiking boots during the winter. Paths are icy...

Great spot and so close! Only did a short loop just under 2 miles. Nice nature house with bathrooms. I heard you can call ahead and reserve a golf cart to take the seniors on a ride around

Very icy on the west side of the loop on the inclines. Many people were falling/struggling. We hiked clockwise and that seemed to work out better so that we hit the ice downhill. Gorgeous hike as always with 60° temps mid December.

1 month ago

I don't have a dog, but on my hike, I noticed this dog park. It was fun to watch the pups off leash running and playing. We designed to allow the dogs plenty of freedom. The views are amazing and the paved trail makes it easy for all visitors to enjoy.

1 month ago

Trail is in good shape. There is some snow on ice on the trail but easy to manage. The visitor center suggested that spikes may be necessary. I thought I would give it a shot, and that I could always turn around. I made it to the peak with no problem and was awarded with spectacular views. The trial is labeled as strenuous, but I felt it was moderate. I am a flat lander and found the hike as moderate.

Started about 9am. The woman at the entrance said it was a "little icy" on the trail. It was very icy for most of the way. It was doable without traction but we had to slow down a lot. It was rated as strenuous but was a gentle incline, it would be a good challenge for someone out of state but pretty easy for someone in good shape. Good mix of forest and views of the park below. It was windy at the top but clear views of the mountains and the rock formations. On the way down the ice had started to melt so there were patches of ice and deep mud. Definitely bring waterproof shoes and traction just in case!

Started early about 8am. Trail was very muddy in sections but was frozen on the hike up from cold overnight temps, but was starting to thaw on the hike down. By mid-day will be very messy. Several sections of ice but we did not put on our spikes as the sections were not too long or steep. Freeze-thaw conditions in sections, but dirt and clear trails for most of the hike.

This was a beautiful and scenic hike. It was EASY and great to bring kids for a “hike”, more of a walk for adults. This trail reminds me a lot of “Garden of the Gods”. Lots and lots of beautiful rock formations. There were many easy trails to venture out and do as well.

2 months ago

Really pretty park! This trail was super easy and not crowded. Perfect for us with our energetic 3 year old! I loved how the trees hung over the trail ... made it very peaceful.

Fantastic trail for a quick hike that (including travel time to get there and get home) will only take a few hours from Denver metro. Brought our almost 4-year-old and 3-month-old with us and they did very well being carried, though it was a bit long for carrying. Recommend strollers if the very young kids can't make the distance. We went counter-clockwise on the loop, and I thought that was perfect. Walked through the valley first, got to see the overlook second and towards the end of the trail, so it was very rewarding.

Beautiful trails. One of my favorite place in Littleton.

3 months ago

This was one of my favorite trails. It’s close to town and has a little of everything from, wide open trails, red rock formations, foothill/mountain view’s, full city views, forest covered trail, trees with leaves changing covered trail, small overgrown trail, and a good workout...it has it all. Like others said, don’t be fooled by the strenuous sign it’s accurately a “moderate” trail. Went on a cooler Saturday so didn’t see too many other hikers but suspect it’s much busier on a better weather day. I lucked into a mostly quiet and peaceful hike though. $7 to get into the park or free with your CO parks pass. Plenty of parking and nice to have indoor plumbing bathrooms at the visitor center trailhead. I will definitely be doing this hike again sometime.

Nice quick hike. There was a large amount of bear scat on the trail, so make noise and be safe.

Beautiful views but little no tree coverage for half of the trail so wear a hat and sunblock!

Overall an easy yet very lovely hike. I started from the visitor center trailhead and took a left at the fork for the willow creek trail, and completed the South Rim clockwise, which allows for better views in front of you as you hike back north. Trail is in great condition and fall leaves are starting to turn. Fair amount of bear scat around, so do keep your eyes pealed!

Love this park for a fun walk with my doggie

beautiful trail. i came accross a mother dear and her fawn, heard the mice/critters in the bushes most of the way up and even heard elk in the distance at the top. wonderful trail. this park really enforces the leave no trace guidelines and it shows.
also, the signs say it is strenuous, but if you are comfortable with hiking its fine, if you hike often its a breeze. i didn't see any snakes.

trail running
4 months ago

Great little beginner-intermediate trail running or hiking. The views from the top are pretty good for being so close to the city and the red rock formations are really cool too. Definitely a busy-ish trail — I ran into about 20 people on a Monday afternoon. Overall a nice little hike for after work or if you’re trying to stay within an hour of Denver. Note that the park opens at 8am and closes at 7pm. Four stars from me because you have to pay $7 to get into the park.

Great place for dogs. Almost which I were one to enjoy it as much as the dog I took. She absolutely loved it. She ran around exploring and jumped into the pond. She played and played and played until she couldn’t anymore! It was a joy watching her enjoy herself. When it was time to leave, she refused. She didn’t want to get in the car. She plopped herself down on the ground and refused to budge. That’s a testament to how much she enjoyed herself. The fees, $8 day pass- $70 year pass, $2 dog day pass- $20 dog year pass.

4 months ago

Fun hike, great view at top.

Breathtaking views, and very well groomed path. Two thumbs up! Definitely recommend this trail!

4 months ago

What's not to love about this dog park! My Husky loves coming here and it is a great spot for off leash training! It's well worth the $2/day ($20/year) pass (plus park admission.)

4 months ago

Great trail! Watch out for mountain lions, rattle snakes, and bears. We saw two piles of bear poop. After 1.8 miles the trail get narrow and over grown brushes. Trail was pretty quiet. Saw only 4 hikers. Loose rock wear proper shoes. Trail mostly in full sun. No dogs allowed on trails. Too dangerous with all the rattle snakes

4 months ago

The view at the summit is just spectacular! Don’t let the strenuous sign steer you away, it’s really not a difficult trail. There is a small section of switchbacks but the straight path toward the end is hardly elevated and serves as a nice stroll through the shade. I had the summit to myself at 9am on a Saturday. Plenty of people were coming up after me though. Overall, this is the perfect trail to get your heart rate up a bit with the reward of a gorgeous 360 view. Climb the rocks and get a good look!

4 months ago

Despite the elevation gain, this truly is a moderate hike. Stunning panoramic views from the top.

This is always my first hike of the summer. It's easy, with some beautiful views--Perfect for when you want to just relax.

Very beautiful scenery

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