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Littleton, Colorado Map

Good trail for family’s and seniors. Bathroom facilities along the trail!

9 days ago

Really unique rock formations. Coyote song is an easy trail, some inclines but nothing crazy. If you take the Lyons Back trail towards columbine trail it gets pretty steep. You can also go off path a lil and climb up to the ridge. Views were awesome, would not recommend the ridge climb to kids or anyone unsure of physical ability. Def go again, quick drive from Denver.

Great easy trail to bring sea level guests who enjoy walking and wildlife.

This trail is definitely wrowherengly marked as a moderate trail – it’s super easy. The trail doesn’t actually go up any kind of steep incline until the very last part of the hike (I went clockwise on the trail) and even then I would say it’s nominal. It’s wise w packed down dirt – there are no boulders to come over or loose gravel to contend with and very few actual steps.. There is almost no shade so I would recommend bringing water and sunscreen and I would definitely advise against doing this trail in the height of summer when the day is at it’s hottest.. A portion of the trail runs next to heavily traversed Road where cars are coming at a high rate of speed, so keep that in mind if you were walking a least dog. I’m glad I did it, but it wasn’t much of a work out. I likely won’t be back.

Beautiful trails. One of my favorite place in Littleton.

We took the alternate route and met up w/ CT, Seg 1 @ Lenny’s rest. Stryker (my pup) and I spent the day on this trail. Beautiful aspens in the beginning feeding into quite a bit of elevation and some beautiful views. Lots of great camp sites.

This was a hidden gem that I should probably write a bad review so no more people decide to visit! Really lovely hike and close by. Every turn was another breath taking view. This will become one of our regular hikes.

16 days ago

This was one of my favorite trails. It’s close to town and has a little of everything from, wide open trails, red rock formations, foothill/mountain view’s, full city views, forest covered trail, trees with leaves changing covered trail, small overgrown trail, and a good workout...it has it all. Like others said, don’t be fooled by the strenuous sign it’s accurately a “moderate” trail. Went on a cooler Saturday so didn’t see too many other hikers but suspect it’s much busier on a better weather day. I lucked into a mostly quiet and peaceful hike though. $7 to get into the park or free with your CO parks pass. Plenty of parking and nice to have indoor plumbing bathrooms at the visitor center trailhead. I will definitely be doing this hike again sometime.

Nice quick hike. There was a large amount of bear scat on the trail, so make noise and be safe.

Beautiful views but little no tree coverage for half of the trail so wear a hat and sunblock!

Did this in Early August and whew it was hot!!! Pretty amazing all the different types of environment you see here, from rocky hill with scrub bushes, to sudden forrest, down to dusty feeling grassy plains. In peoples backyards. If you’re going to do the short loop, bear in mind 1) bears 2) there isn’t a lot of shade 3) if you want more elevation up and then a smoother down, start out on the North side and go counterclockwise!!!

Had to cut this hike short due to bears. There’s a sign at the trailhead about recent bear activity but there were a number of people on the trail so I started the hike. After passing several people warning of the bear spotted that morning, I looped over to meadowlark trail and called it a day. May want to wait on this hike for a while. (Bear was spotted morning of 9/26)

Overall an easy yet very lovely hike. I started from the visitor center trailhead and took a left at the fork for the willow creek trail, and completed the South Rim clockwise, which allows for better views in front of you as you hike back north. Trail is in great condition and fall leaves are starting to turn. Fair amount of bear scat around, so do keep your eyes pealed!

28 days ago

This trail extends way beyond what the map shows and there are tons of choices for paths to take. It’s gorgeous all year round, and it’s right next to the city for easy access. It’s a great way to feel like you’re deep in nature without a long drive OR intense inclines. Mostly flat.

Less of a hiking trail, more of a massive road.

Nice and relatively easy, with great views and dog accessible.

Completed this while I did Meadowlark Plymouth Creek and Plymouth Mountain Trail Loop.

Love this park for a fun walk with my doggie

beautiful trail. i came accross a mother dear and her fawn, heard the mice/critters in the bushes most of the way up and even heard elk in the distance at the top. wonderful trail. this park really enforces the leave no trace guidelines and it shows.
also, the signs say it is strenuous, but if you are comfortable with hiking its fine, if you hike often its a breeze. i didn't see any snakes.

Be careful how you plan your trip during the chat field construction. Many of the trails from Waterton into Chatfield were closed but if you go the other direction you can take the Highline towards Roxborough.

trail running
1 month ago

Great little beginner-intermediate trail running or hiking. The views from the top are pretty good for being so close to the city and the red rock formations are really cool too. Definitely a busy-ish trail — I ran into about 20 people on a Monday afternoon. Overall a nice little hike for after work or if you’re trying to stay within an hour of Denver. Note that the park opens at 8am and closes at 7pm. Four stars from me because you have to pay $7 to get into the park.

Short. Easy. Some good pics. Not a real challenge.

Like many of the other reviewers, I underestimated the difficulty. The good news is I downloaded the tracks so I had them available. Scrub oak was everywhere and I’ve got lots of scrapes but it was worth it. Beautiful views, several lizards and two prairie rattlesnakes were my reward.

Note to self: get better boots

No goats ... no sheep.

Good trail (road). There is not a lot of shade, so would definitely advise doing it earlier in the day. Was able to see roughly 20-30 mountain sheep, I always enjoy seeing wildlife.

Love this trail! But I prefer biking it to hiking it. I'm always hopeful to see a herd of bighorn sheep and some rams (my mother in law saw a bunch of rams by the dam a couple of months ago). I've seen a few bighorn sheep (loners) and a black bear.

Beautiful trail with several changes in terrain and scenery. Rated as moderate, but my six year old made the loop just fine. We’re definitely adding this to our list of regulars.

road biking
1 month ago

Biked this today. Good amount of people for a Wednesday morning, but was alone for most of my time out there.
I am not a mountain biker, but enjoy biking so this was a great trail.
Saw a few small sheep and a dead snake.

Great place for dogs. Almost which I were one to enjoy it as much as the dog I took. She absolutely loved it. She ran around exploring and jumped into the pond. She played and played and played until she couldn’t anymore! It was a joy watching her enjoy herself. When it was time to leave, she refused. She didn’t want to get in the car. She plopped herself down on the ground and refused to budge. That’s a testament to how much she enjoyed herself. The fees, $8 day pass- $70 year pass, $2 dog day pass- $20 dog year pass.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I’m pretty happy we found this area. We have hiked it and have bikes it. The scenery is absolutely beautiful; you might even spot some sheep on the side of the mountain. It is easy walking it biking.

Let’s get one thing straight - this isn’t the type of trail a guy and his wife should hike on a weekend. For one, there are no views. Second, it gets very narrow and treacherous and probably isn’t the type of thing you will want to do. I’d recommend the Colorado trail for hikers.

For the mountain bikers - if you aren’t an experienced and in shape biker you may want to avoid this. Honestly, if you complete this without having to get off and walk your bike then I envy you! I had to walk maybe 20 times because of large rocks, roots, or just plain too steep. I consider myself a decent cyclist and this beat me up! Make absolutely sure your bike has great brakes, tires are in good shape and your gears work because you will be beating them up! At the end of the trail I think my arms hurt more than my legs, and that’s saying something.

Overall, this wasn’t personally my favorite bike trail but that doesn’t mean that an expert mountain biker wouldn’t completely love it. Just my $0.02.

1 month ago

Fun hike, great view at top.

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